The Ancient Zombie Emperor/C20 Fifth in the Inner Sect Zhao Chu
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The Ancient Zombie Emperor/C20 Fifth in the Inner Sect Zhao Chu
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C20 Fifth in the Inner Sect Zhao Chu

Xiao Mu's footsteps paused, he suddenly turned around and looked at puffy teenager expressionlessly, and sneered: "Is there something wrong with your head?"

When these words came out, the followers behind puffy teenager were immediately angered. puffy teenager laughed, his laughter mixed with a hint of gloominess.

"Do you know who I am? I am the nineteenth ranked Huang Zhang, I think you want to be thrown into the Forbidden Ridge to be fed to fierce beasts!"

The inner sect disciples were all shocked. The nineteenth rank in the inner sect was enough to show how powerful this puffy teenager was.

"It's him, Huang Zhang. I heard that his strength has reached the large success stage of Fighter 3-dan. The one who has the highest chance of breaking through Fourth Stage Warriors within a year is none other than him!"

"Isn't that Ye Fei? When he just entered the inner sect, he was forcefully charged a protection fee by Huang Zhang's little brother, and was even beaten up." One of the inner sect disciples pointed at Ye Long and voiced out his grudge with Huang Zhang, "From then on, this Ye Fei joined hands with the inner sect's bullied disciple to fight against Huang Zhang together."

Someone looked at Xiao Mu with a pitiful expression and said, "He must be an ally that was pulled over by Ye Long. It's such a pity, he might not know just how terrifying Huang Zhang is, and he'll soon become a cripple."

Huang Zhang looked at his little brother.

One of his lackeys understood, and his body erupted with a berserk spirit energy. He rushed towards Xiao Mu, his hand reaching for his eyes. If it was carried out, Xiao Mu's eyes would turn into bloody holes, showing how ruthless and merciless his intentions were!


Xiao Mu suddenly disappeared from his original position, and when he reappeared, he kicked his leg fiercely on his little brother's chest.

With a crack, the sound of bones breaking could be heard. This person fell to the ground at an even faster speed. His body curled up into a ball as he started trembling from spasms.

The crowd looked over and saw that more than twenty of his bones had been broken. The pain of having his bones broken caused him to faint on the spot.

Huang Zhang's eyes flashed with a cold light, and he shouted angrily: "How dare you! How dare you hurt a laborer!"

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew over. A strong aura exploded out like a mountain flood, destroying a mountain. It was unstoppable!

Huang Zhang was startled, and avoided Xiao Mu's attack, but both his eyes suddenly shrank back.

Not good!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xiao Mu was like a tiger entering a flock of sheep, pulling them apart with ease, scaring Huang Zhang's little brothers to death. When a few sounds of fists and legs piercing into flesh rang out, they had already been sent flying, fiercely smashing thirty feet away.

Their legs were broken and they couldn't walk for three months.

"You!" Huang Zhang pointed at Xiao Mu and bared his teeth in anger.

To teach his subordinates a lesson in front of him was equivalent to slapping him in the face. But this time, Xiao Mu was really going to slap his face.

An afterimage quickly swept past. Xiao Mu's limbs and bones shook, and a wave of tyrannical power suddenly exploded outwards, as if a heavy mountain was pressing down on him, its power was berserk and terrifying. When a fist was punched out, it was at least 2500 jins of strength!


After Huang Zhang and Xiao Mu exchanged a blow with each other, their bodies violently trembled. After taking three or four steps back, a hint of shock flashed past their eyes.

What a tyrannical fist force, such terrifying strength!

After receiving a few more punches, his arm would explode.

Xiao Mu's figure dashed forward once again, carrying the power to collapse a mountain, sweeping horizontally. Huang Zhang was fearful in his heart as he hurriedly dodged this strike. However, there was a wave of bone shattering pain on his waist.

Ka-cha! *

His waist was suddenly hit by Xiao Mu's kick, and his waist bones immediately fractured, as a layer of shocking blood droplets leaked out.

Xiao Mu threw another punch, like a piece of divine iron smashing onto his body. Huang Zhang's internal organs trembled intensely, and after spitting out a mouthful of blood, he smashed onto the ground, looking dejected, his eyes filled with disbelief.

"Impossible, impossible, how could I lose!?" Huang Zhang roared, it shook his internal organs so badly that he spat out another mouthful of blood.

Actually, Huang Zhang's strength could not be underestimated. If they really were to fight, Xiao Mu would definitely not be able to defeat him so easily. The reason was because he was afraid, facing the cold and imposing manner of Xiao Mu, he was intimidated and lost, step by step!

In the arena, the sound of people inhaling cold air rose and fell.

The inner sect's nineteenth Huang Zhang had actually lost, who was this youth? There didn't seem to be this face among the inner court experts. Could it be that he was a new inner court disciple?

Someone recalled a name and exclaimed, "He ? could it be Xiao Mu? "

The name Xiao Mu had become extremely famous recently, and everything he did shocked everyone. Defeating Xu Zhou, heavily injuring him, and completely offending a member of the inner sect deacon branch!

The more they thought about it, the more likely it seemed.

However, this was too astonishing. A new budding inner disciple defeating an expert who was at the top of the inner sect in a row, this was simply too unbelievable.

"I am sure, he is Xiao Mu!" The inner sect disciple who had witnessed the battle between Xiao Mu and the other day looked at Xiao Mu's face and spoke with certainty.

Everyone was once again shocked. Speculation was one thing, being verified was another.

Ye Fei stood behind Xiao Mu and opened his mouth wide, not saying anything for a long time.

The shock Xiao Mu gave him was too big, breaking his last line of knowledge time and time again, and he didn't know what to say. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as a thought emerged in his mind, quickly but firmly.

When he recalled this idea many years later, he secretly rejoiced in his heart.

Suddenly, the crowd stirred.

A graceful young man wearing a golden silk robe appeared in front of training tower. He had a noble temperament and looked extraordinary.

What an extraordinary youth!

Even Xiao Mu revealed an expression of surprise.

"It's Senior Brother Zhao Zhu, who's ranked fifth in the inner sect. He actually came to training tower!" The female disciples screamed out first, their eyes filled with fanatical worship.

Xiao Mu's pupils suddenly constricted. He could not be more familiar with the name Zhao Zhu these few days, he was Inner Sect Manager's only son!

Zhao Zhu had a warm smile on his face, making people feel relaxed and comfortable.

He met Xiao Mu, but when he saw Huang Zhang lying on the ground like a dead dog, he was slightly shocked.

Behind Zhao Zhu, his eyes were wide open as he walked out, pointing at Xiao Mu, he said fiercely: "Senior Brother Zhao, he is Xiao Mu!"

Xiao Mu!

Hearing this, Zhao Zhu's eyes narrowed, as he carefully looked at Xiao Mu, who he wanted to teach a lesson, but had never expected time and time again. Against all of their expectations, Zhao Zhu did not flare up, and instead chuckled. "You are Xiao Mu?"

Xiao Mu looked at him coldly, and did not answer.

Everyone present couldn't help but shiver, as they had a premonition that there would be an inevitable conflict today. And no matter how stunning this Xiao Mu was, it was impossible for his to be a match for the fifth place inner sect Zhao Zhu.

Inner court's number five was not something to be said.

Zhao Zhu's cultivation had already reached the large success stage of Fourth Stage Warriors, and was very close to the fifth stage.

Ye Fei looked at Zhao Zhu. Somehow, both of his legs felt like they were filled with lead, unable to move an inch.

On Zhao Zhu's body, an aura as heavy as a mountain burst forth, pressing towards him.

Xiao Mu's body sank, and a faintly discernable black light flashed, dispersing the aura.

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