The Ancient Zombie Emperor/C4 Level three berserk beast Saber Horn Beast
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The Ancient Zombie Emperor/C4 Level three berserk beast Saber Horn Beast
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C4 Level three berserk beast Saber Horn Beast

Xiao Mu frowned, and muttered: "It's her?"

Before his voice fell, Xiao Mu had already rushed forward, and struck the giant bear in the back with a fierce fist, causing the giant bear to suddenly fall forward as it let out a roar.

"Eh? "He's pretty resistant to being beaten up."

Xiao Mu laughed as he cursed, the giant bear's defense was extremely strong, although he did not use his full strength in his punch just now, if it was the Bat Beast, they would definitely not be able to live.

At this moment, the giant bear only staggered a few steps; it didn't feel painful at all.

Being attacked, the giant bear's anger grew even stronger, it immediately gave up on attacking the woman, and shifted all of its hatred onto Xiao Mu instead. Its huge body quickly rushed towards Xiao Mu, and fiercely swiped its claws towards Xiao Mu.

Boom ? ?

Xiao Mu leaped up, dodging the attack. When the bear claw hit the stone wall, it made a loud noise, and the stone shattered into pieces.


Fortunately, Xiao Mu had extraordinary eyesight, and was able to see through everything in the darkness. Otherwise, if the bear claws touched him, even if he didn't die, he would be severely injured.

"They're both second-level vicious beasts, but the disparity is this great!?"

Xiao Mu frowned, this giant bear was hard to deal with, but it had its weakness, which was its slow speed. Xiao Mu constantly dodged the giant bear's attacks, and at the same time, looked for its weakness.

"Found it, here it is!" Xiao Mu's mouth revealed a slight smile filled with confidence.


That was its weakest spot, and Xiao Mu had also used eighty percent of his strength in this punch. The huge bear's nasal bone instantly ruptured, and half of its face fell with a loud bang.

Under one attack, the rank 2 berserk beast that was famous for its strength and defense was actually beaten to death!

Xiao Mu calmly took out the giant bear's beast medallion, while the giant bear continued to sway about, and then fell onto the ground, becoming a pile of rotten meat.

After a while, the dark red Qi appeared again and Xiao Mu absorbed it all. This time, the death qi was completely different from last time.

The quality of the Dark Red Death Qi was actually comparable to the effects of a Spirit Recovery Pill! Wouldn't that mean that endless slaughter could take place!?

Thinking about that, Xiao Mu vaguely remembered the scene in the Forbidden Ridge, where the white-haired man fought the golden armored god alone!

How awe-inspiring and spectacular was that!

"Big brother Zhu, you're finally here to save me."

Zhen Tingting, who was originally hiding in a dead end, now felt that the danger had disappeared and dared to make a sound. She knew that she had saved her life, and that giant bear was incomparably fierce.

Of course, because there was no light inside the cave, she couldn't see the bear's attack, otherwise she wouldn't have lost so miserably.

The reason why she was so certain that the person who saved her was Zhu Heng, was because in the world of martial artists, if there was nothing to do, no one would be so kind as to give away carbon in the snow, not to mention that the giant bear was so ferocious.

Xiao Mu looked at Zhen Tingting who was slowly approaching him with a cold and helpless expression.

However, three years ago, his father, Xiao Fenglin, had disappeared for no reason. He had once again become a well-known good-for-nothing, and the Zhen family had unyieldingly and unyieldingly proposed to end the engagement.

In terms of looks, Zhen Tingting was the most beautiful woman in the outer sect of Flowing Moon Sect, and her figure was so beautiful that it seemed to explode. In the past, Xiao Mu had given her the only Spirit Concentrating Grass he had left for her in order to help her smoothly break through into the First Stage of the Warrior.

In the end, she only got a single sentence to end the engagement.

He had once kneeled in front of the Zhen Clan's gate and begged only to see her once. At that time, he felt that Zhen Tingting must have kept away from him because she was pressured by her clan, and that it was not her own intention.

However, after witnessing her together with Zhu Heming's son, Zhu Heng, Xiao Mu realized that her heart had already changed.

When he saw Zhen Tingting again, there were no longer any waves in Xiao Mu's heart. The past went with the wind, and he didn't want to have anything to do with her anymore.

It was just a coincidence that he didn't bother to explain the misunderstanding. Furthermore, he didn't want to pester her any longer. He turned around and prepared to leave.

Unexpectedly, Zhen Tingting suddenly pulled his sleeves back.

"Big brother Zhu, wait for me. Don't let me go alone, okay?"

She had gotten separated from Zhu Heng and met a Level 2 Giant Bear. She thought that he would definitely die, but in the end, he had come to save her, causing Zhen Tingting's love for Zhu Heng to increase even more.

Xiao Mu was a little speechless. Although he had already lost interest in Zhen Tingting, to call him Big Brother Zhu in front of him, this was just too embarrassing.

"I'm not Zhu Heng. If you want to leave, cut the crap and follow me." Xiao Mu deliberately lowered his voice.

Zhen Tingting froze on the spot upon hearing the voice. This expression was indeed not Zhu Heng's, and she thought that it was a little familiar, but she never thought that she would know such a powerful person.

It wasn't Zhu Heng who saved her, but instead, he saved her. A ripple surfaced in Zhen Tingting's heart, how was she supposed to repay for saving her life? But right now, walking out of the cave was the key, so she could only grasp the corner of Xiao Mu's clothes even more tightly.

"Thank you, you ?" "What's your name?"

Xiao Mu knew that Zhen Tingting did not recognize him and he felt relaxed instead.

"Xiao ?"

Zhen Tingting was speechless. How could there be such a coincidence in the world? Since she had gotten involved with someone surnamed Xiao, that person once again surfaced in her mind. She was a little suspicious as to whether the person in front of her was Xiao Mu or not.

No, that's impossible. Forget about Xiao Mu saving her, with his strength, he definitely wouldn't be able to defeat the giant bear. Everything was just a coincidence.

Zhen Tingting firmly believed in her thoughts, and immediately said: "Thank you for saving me, Young Master Xiao. My name is Zhen Tingting."

Xiao Mu twitched his mouth when he heard his, and thought: "How could I not know that your name is Zhen Tingting?"

The two of them walked together, Zhen Tingting carefully followed behind, but somehow felt at ease. The man in front of her, was as if he was sent by heaven to save her, and in that moment, Zhen Tingting had forgotten about Zhu Heng's existence.

"Dong, dong, dong ~ ~ ~"


On the stone wall, a movement could be heard all of a sudden. Hearing the movement, Zhen Tingting threw herself into Xiao Mu's embrace in fear, seeking protection.

At the moment, Xiao Mu could not care so much, there were dangers everywhere inside the cave, he had to be careful.

"Buzz ~ ~ ~"

The sound that followed was deafening, even Xiao Mu felt uncomfortable, but Zhen Tingting's face suddenly changed.

"This is ?" The Dragon's Roar Sword is Big Brother Zhu. "

The Dragon's Roar was a sword that Zhu Heming had painstakingly found for him. The sword was unsheathed, the dragon roared, and the dragon's roar was a characteristic unique to it that Zhen Tingting was extremely familiar with.

Boom ? ?

Before he finished speaking, another loud sound came out from the cave, the stone wall next to Xiao Mu and Yue Shan suddenly exploded, it was fortunate that Xiao Mu was fast enough, and had already brought Zhen Tingting to a place a few metres away.

Shards flew in all directions, the stone wall was broken, but above the cave there was an opening, the light beam that shot in from above, the cave immediately became bright, Zhen Tingting's eyes were suddenly dazzled by the light, and was simply unable to open. Xiao Mu, on the other hand, quickly adapted to the light beam.

Not far away, there was a ferocious beast. There were three white marks carved on the beast plate, and it was the only Level 3 ferocious beast in the cave, the Knife Horned Beast!

Initially, Zhu Heng thought he had the strength to fight. But now, he realized that he was too naive, with a level three beast, even his father, Zhu Heming, did not dare to touch it lightly!

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