The Ancient Zombie Emperor/C5 the power to intimidate people
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The Ancient Zombie Emperor/C5 the power to intimidate people
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C5 the power to intimidate people

Seeing Zhu Heng fall, the Knife Horned Beast took advantage of the heat and pounced towards him. Its pair of sharp claws carried a cold light as it rushed towards Zhu Heng, while Zhu Heng closed his eyes as if resigned to his fate.

Today, he actually broke down in here. Before he left, Zhu Heming repeatedly reminded him to not go near the center of the cave.

It was because that was the location of the Knife Horned Beast's lair, yet he was not an ordinary person. It was also because Xiao Mu had stolen his edge today and vowed to become the most outstanding person, which was why he came here without a care, and did not even hesitate to shake off Zhen Tingting.

In the end, his life ended here. Regret surged into his heart, but there was nothing he could do.

"Buzz ~ ~ ~"

Xiao Mu's right foot stepped, and the Dragon's Roar on the ground flew up into the air, he grabbed the sword hilt, and thrusted towards the Knife Horned Beast's forehead, its speed as fast as lightning.

The Knife Horned Beast saw his aggressive attitude and actually hid behind him, not daring to attack him.

On the other side, Zhu Heng did not feel the expected pain. Instead, he heard the humming of the Dragon's Roar and the sounds of fighting.

He opened his eyes, but he was even more afraid, he could not believe his eyes, not far away, there was a figure holding onto a dragon cry sword, fighting against the Knife Horned Beast.

"Xiao Mu?"

"Y-Xiao Mu?!"

At that moment, Zhen Tingting had also gotten used to the light, and hearing Zhu Heng call out his name, she subconsciously looked over, but she did not think that it was actually him.

"So you're saying... The person who just saved me, is also him! "

She stared at the figure that was jumping non-stop not far away, yet had huge waves in the bottom of her heart. She did not expect that there would actually come a day when Xiao Mu would save her.

Zhu Heng, who was at the side, was also in a state of shock, but when he turned around, he saw Zhen Tingting standing not far away.

Zhu Heng had always been proud and unordinary, how could he be willing to lose face like this in front of the girl he loved?

At the moment, the Knife Horned Beast was fighting with Xiao Mu, and Zhu Heng was coming from its back. Zhu Heng saw that he was getting closer and closer to the Knife Horned Beast, but who knew that its tail would suddenly swing.


had already been severely injured, but now he was directly sent flying. He, who had not been lightly injured in the first place, became even more miserable at this moment.

"Big brother Zhu, be careful!"

Seeing that Zhu Heng was injured, Zhen Tingting immediately went forward to welcome him.

Although the Knife Horned Beast had yet to fully awaken, it knew that Zhu Heng was sneak attacking him, causing it to turn red and look at Zhu Heng and Su Yun. Seeing that, Xiao Mu could not help but frown, he immediately flew up, and fiercely thrust the Dragon's Roar into the side of the Knife Horned Beast.


The Knife Horned Beast wriggled its body in pain and the huge centrifugal force immediately threw Xiao Mu out.

Xiao Mu landed on the ground, luckily he had a strong physique and was not injured, following that he shouted at the two of them: "Get the hell out of my way, don't fucking get in my way!"

These words were naturally meant for the Zhu Heng duo, it was already difficult for him to deal with the Knife Horned Beast, but these two were still causing trouble, he was extremely furious.

Hearing that, Zhu Heng's face became even more ugly, he had been the center of attention ever since he was young, and now that he was being treated as trash, how could he not be angry, but he did not have any strength to fight, and could only leave.

Zhen Tingting helped Zhu Heng up, and asked with concern: "Big Brother Zhu, how are you?"

"Nothing, Tingting, let's go." Zhu Heng got up, gritted his teeth and said, but at the moment, preserving his life was the most important.

Hearing that, Zhen Tingting nodded his head and was about to leave, but then stopped. Turning his head, he saw that Xiao Mu was holding onto her sword to fight against the Knife Horned Beast, his eyes was firm and determined, her heart was filled with mixed emotions.

Had I made the wrong decision?

Initially, Zhen Tingting thought that Xiao Mu was a mediocre man with no future, which was why he was so ruthless and cut off all contact.

She suddenly felt some regret.

had also seen the change in Zhen Tingting's expression. He could not help but clench her fist, and then she pulled Zhen Tingting's hand and pushed him out.

Following that, Zhu Heng threw a black ball above the cave. The moment the ball touched the stone wall, it exploded with a loud bang, causing a loud sound.

That was the thunder fireball that Zhu Heming used to defend himself. He was blinded by the Knife Horned Beast's attack just now and had forgotten about this life-saving treasure.

Xiao Mu was entangled with the Knife Horned Beast, he never thought that there would be such an unforeseen event.

Seeing that, Zhu Heng's face was covered in a dark smile. He wanted Xiao Mu to die here forever, he wanted Zhen Tingting to follow him, completely dead set.

Finally, the rock completely sealed the cave entrance.

Zhen Tingting didn't know what Zhu Heng was doing, she only thought that it was an accident. He looked at Zhu Heng, then looked at the sealed cave entrance, the ripple in her eyes calmed once more.

Although Xiao Mu risked his life to save her, a dead person was of no value. Zhen Tingting lowered her eyes once again and followed Zhu Heng.

Outside of the cave, there were already many people who had left the cave and were waiting for the first trial to end. Most of them had left the cave after killing the rank 1 beasts, but there were also some who didn't kill the beasts but chose to stay alive and went out instead.

"Rumble ~ ~ ~ ~"

While the crowd was still waiting, the huge mountain started to collapse from the middle with dust flying everywhere. In just a few short breaths, the entire mountain had collapsed. Everyone was astonished and rejoiced that they had made it out of the mountain earlier.

On the other hand, Zhu Heming's expression was currently not looking good. He thought that Zhu Heng should have walked out long ago, but he had not seen it for long, so a change immediately occurred. He understood Zhu Heng's personality and could not help but worry. This is such a bastard! "

Zhu Heming was still considering whether he should suggest to Qin Yi that he should rescue the disciples that had yet to come out of the cave.

"Quickly, look. Who is that?"

"It's Zhu Heng, and, there's also Zhen Tingting."

Zhu Heming's eyes lit up when he heard it, the stone in his heart dropped to the ground, but the scene that followed made him frown, he saw Zhu Heng covered in wounds, with a swollen face, he walked out, in a sorry state.


Zhu Heming gasped. He knew that Zhu Heng had definitely not listened to him. Inside the cave, the only person who could injure him to such an extent was the Knife Horned Beast.

Zhu Heng then half knelt on the ground, and said with a bit of self-blame: "If this disciple wasn't talented and was unable to kill the Knife Horned Beast, I could only escape by luck."

While he was speaking, Zhu Heng took out a beast tablet from his bosom. There were two white lines on it;

"Oh my god!" Zhu Heng was actually able to escape from a Level 3 Ferocious Beast, and even kill Level 2 Ferocious Beasts.

"It took us quite some effort to kill a rank 1 Fierce Beast. He was actually able to fight against a rank 3 Fierce Beast."

"Zhu Heng, the number one disciple in the outer court, fully deserving of his title."


Huge sounds of discussion burst out from the disciples of the examination. In this examination, only Zhu Heng had killed a level two beast and created such a huge commotion.

Seeing that, Zhu Heming nodded his head in satisfaction, his son had also given him a pleasant surprise, although he knew that he was no match, he was not afraid of battle, and was still a good man, and the undisputed number one person in the test.

Seeing that, Qin Yi looked at Zhu Heng with a deeper gaze. This guy had killed Level 2 beasts, so he could fight against Level 3 beasts, which was not bad.

Just that, when Qin Yi's gaze landed on the cave again, the figure did not appear. No one knew what happened, based on his previous display of fighting strength, he should be able to kill a Level 1 Ferocious Beast, but why had he not come out yet?

"Alright, I announce the end of the first stage. There are a total of 47 people who advanced, and the person who obtained the Spirit Recovery Pill is Zhu Heng!"

Zhu Heng was overjoyed that Zhu Heng was able to keep up with his expectations.

Qin Yi was a little speechless. He anxiously asked: "That disciple called Xiao Mu still hasn't come out yet, who has seen him?"

Zhen Tingting trembled upon hearing that, but just as she was about to speak, she was pulled by Zhu Heng.

She looked at Zhu Heng, somewhat at a loss of what to do, only to see him gently shake his head, signalling her not to say too much.

"Elder Qin, that fellow's temper was both reckless and good. Perhaps he didn't kill any Fierce Beasts and secretly ran away because he felt ashamed." Zhu Heming replied with a smile.

Qin Yi glanced at Zhu Heming and thought it was ridiculous and funny. Xiao Mu was just a mere outer disciple, but if he could slip away right under his nose, then he really wasn't fit to be an inner sect elder.

Qin Yi said in a stern voice: "If that's really the case, then what is the point of having us in charge of the selection? "Even a puny level 1 fighter can't stand it."

"This ?" Zhu Heming did not think that Qin Yi would be so serious, and panicked.

He had already predicted that it was very likely that Xiao Mu wouldn't be able to come out, since the cave was filled with fierce beasts.

Boom ? ?

Just as Zhu Heming was suspicious, the mountain once again shook, which was even more intense than before.

Moments later, a huge object flew out from the center of the mountain, and rubble flew in all directions.


Only then did the crowd clearly see that it was the corpse of a Fierce Beast.

The famous Knife Horned Beast!

"Look over there!"

Suddenly, someone pointed to the sky, and a figure suddenly shot out, like a god, he descended from the sky and steadily landed beside the Knife Horned Beast's corpse, with a smile on his face, he was extremely confident and proud.

"Xiao Mu?!"

"How is this possible?"

"Knife Horned Beast, Xiao Mu killed Knife Horned Beast!"

Even Zhu Heng lost to the Knife Horned Beast, how is it possible for Xiao Mu to do that?

A wave of discussion broke out from the crowd.

As for Xiao Mu, he completely ignored them. With a casual toss, two Rank 2 ferocious beasts' beast tags unerringly landed on the Knife Horned Beast's chest.

Two of them were level two, while the other was level three!

The surroundings instantly quieted down.

Everyone was shocked. From this moment onwards, no one would mock or insult them anymore. What replaced it was a deep sense of reverence!

Xiao Mu's gaze swept across the two of them, causing Zhu Heng's heart to turn cold, "Impossible, how can he be alive, he can't be alive!"

At that time, Zhu Heng purposely destroyed the cave to trap him to death, but Xiao Mu suddenly came to a realization and used the Knife Horned Beast's body to help him resist the stones, and then used it to open up a path from above, and only came out.

However, Xiao Mu was well aware of his killing intent.

At that moment, Xiao Mu no longer held any sympathy towards this kind of person, Zhu Heng had to die!

Qin Yi's eyes lit up, the young man had surprised him even more, with his own strength, he was able to kill Grade Three Vicious Beast s, even if it was in the inner sect, no one could do that!

Qin Yi stroked his beard and thought that it was very interesting, "Let's just directly enter the finals, this little guy is a little interesting."

Zhu Heming's face was gloomy, his eyes filled with killing intent.

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