The Ancient Zombie Emperor/C9 You think you are worthy of it
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The Ancient Zombie Emperor/C9 You think you are worthy of it
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C9 You think you are worthy of it

In the dark sky, a continuous stream of fine rain continued to hit the ground, dying the stone ground wet. The disciples of the Flowing Moon Sect were in a hurry as they passed by.

On a small path, the leading disciple led Xiao Mu as he introduced the inner sect's situation expressionlessly. Xiao Mu looked around him. Between the tall and lofty mountains, a stream was flowing between them, forming a small lake.

Boundless grandeur, it's not like he was in the mood!

The inner sect disciples' environment was indeed much better than the outer sect disciples'. The Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth here was more than ten times richer than the outer sect disciples'.

"This is your lodging." The leading disciple stopped in front of a separate house.

Immediately after, the leading disciple extended his palm.

With a startled expression, Xiao Mu suddenly realised that he was going to tip them. Just that, although Xiao Mu had entered the inner sect as the champion of the preliminaries, with a Level Four Cultivation Method, there was no other reward, and he would definitely not be able to afford the tip.

"Senior, I did not ?" Xiao Mu said indifferently.

The leading disciple didn't wait for him to finish before turning around and leaving. Before leaving, he said coldly, "Newbie, pay attention to one thing. Although this inner sect has a better cultivation environment than the outer sect, the competition between inner sect disciples is also more brutal. If you're not careful, you will regret it for the rest of your life."

Xiao Mu gently shook his head and entered the house.

Inside the bright and spacious house, Xiao Mu took out the Level Four Cultivation Method impatiently. With excitement in his eyes, he caressed the yellowed letter and started to read it carefully.

After a long while, Xiao Mu finished digesting the blood and put down the letter.

Level Four Cultivation Method ? ? Mountain Splitting Palm!

This was a rather exquisite cultivation technique that used the spirit energy of the heaven and earth to open up more than ten meridians in a martial artist's hands. When channeling his energy through his meridians, his palm was as firm as a divine iron's. With a palm that could shatter divine weapons, it was a very suitable technique for Xiao Mu.

The Ten-Thousand Corpse Mantra used corpse qi to temper the body, and under the premise of being at the same level, Xiao Mu would have a power that far surpassed the same level. If he were to cultivate this Mountain Splitting Palm to assist the Ten-Thousand Corpse Mantra, Xiao Mu would be extremely excited.

Without further ado, Xiao Mu began to cultivate the Mountain Splitting Palm.

Xiao Mu closed his eyes, his mind and body empty, his mind devoid of thoughts, he entered the state of drawing in the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

After a while, the rich spirit energy of the heaven and earth turned into roiling spirit liquid and wildly surged into Xiao Mu's body. The black pearl in the middle of the medicinal field released a dark glow, devoured a portion of the spirit energy of the heaven and earth, and gained a faint trace of luster.

The other portion of the nature spirit energy flowed through the strange meridians and veins of the human body and flowed into Xiao Mu's arms. A wave of intense bone-piercing pain spread across his entire body. Xiao Mu's brows did not even furrow, and directly attracted even more of the spirit energy of heaven and earth, turning into a violent wave and rushing into the meridians in his arms.

This was a battle to the death!

If someone saw this scene, they would call Xiao Mu crazy. The spirit energy of heaven and earth was so violent that it could open up the meridians in both arms. If one was not careful, both arms would explode and become crippled.

However, Xiao Mu was not afraid of such consequences.

Weng ~

With a violent tremble, a layer of blood droplets seeped out of Xiao Mu's arms. More than a dozen meridians were also opened in an instant, turning into more than ten spirit vortexes that crazily devoured the spirit energy of heaven and earth. In the blink of an eye, Xiao Mu's arms were filled with an seemingly limitless amount of power.

Xiao Mu roared with laughter, his eyes filled with wild joy. It was a good thing that this was the inner sect disciples' residence area, unlike the outer sect disciples. Every inner sect disciple's residence was separated by quite a distance.

Thus, he did not alarm anyone else.

It had already been three days since he started cultivating the Mountain Splitting Palm. During this time, Xiao Mu forgot to eat and sleep, and without tidying up his clothes, he rushed out with disheveled hair, then fiercely swung his palm under a thousand pound boulder!

The spirit energy whirlpool within his meridians burst forth with a power that could split mountains!

BOOM! Ka ka!

The thousand jin boulder cracked open and numerous thick cracks appeared on its surface before it shattered with a bang!

Xiao Mu held the broken stone in his hand as he rejoiced in his heart.

The power of this Mountain Splitting Palm far exceeded his expectations. With a mere fifty percent of his strength, he was able to split a thousand kilogram boulder. After being refined by the corpse qi, the amount of energy contained within the body was actually this great, causing the strength of the Mountain Splitting Palm to increase by at least ten times!

After a while, Xiao Mu returned to his room and started to wash up and tidy up his clothes. When he put on a black robe, he saw a graceful young man with a slender figure and a resolute face, exuding a heroic spirit.

After opening the door, a slender and beautiful figure appeared before Xiao Mu's eyes.

The one who came was Zhen Tingting, she looked haggard, her fair and pretty face had a hint of paleness.

The beautiful lady stood by his side for a long time. Her pair of misty eyes looked extremely pitiful, causing the man to unconsciously feel protective and pitying.

However, Xiao Mu's face was expressionless, and there were no ripples at all in his heart. As if he was looking at a stranger, Xiao Mu lightly said, "It's cold outside, come in!"

Zhen Tingting's eyes flashed a trace of a smile. In the end, Xiao Mu was still that Xiao Mu, the Xiao Mu who treated her as a treasure.

Without waiting for Xiao Mu to speak, a fragrant wind blew across his face, and Zhen Tingting took the initiative to jump into his embrace, hugging him tightly. When the soft fragrance entered her body, Xiao Mu's heart released a ripple, and was immediately extinguished by him.

"Let go, men and women shouldn't be so intimate with each other!" Xiao Mu's cold and emotionless words made Zhen Tingting feel as if she was struck by lightning. Her entire body shivered, and after she let go of her hand, her tears began to flow down.

"Xiao Mu, why did you do this to me?" Zhen Tingting cried.

She took the initiative to throw herself into his arms, but Xiao Mu actually rejected her ruthlessly. Whether it was in terms of figure or self-esteem, it was a ruthless blow to Zhen Tingting.

Xiao Mu chuckled, and said: "Sorry, that Xiao Mu from before died when he was still in Forbidden Ridge."

"Xiao Mu, I know it's my fault, I shouldn't have abandoned you. But I'm a weak girl, if I want to survive in this survival of the fittest, I have no choice." Zhen Tingting clenched her teeth, and said with a glint in her eyes: "I know you still love me, right, we..."

Unexpectedly, Zhen Tingting took off her clothes on her own accord. Her soft breasts were half naked, and her delicate and pitiful appearance, snow-white skin, and exquisite collarbones made all the men's blood boil.

However ? In Xiao Mu's eyes, the look of despise was even more obvious.

"Put on your clothes. This is the place for inner court disciples. An outer court disciple like you trespassed in. I don't want to investigate your mistakes. Please leave." Xiao Mu tried his best to sound calm.

Zhen Tingting clenched her teeth, and in her heart, she decided to not leave no matter what Xiao Mu said. Ever since Zhu Heng died, Zhu Heming's Dantian was crippled, and he was expelled from Flowing Moon Sect. Without a backer, her days became more and more difficult, and the outer sect disciples who had been respectful to her no longer looked favorably upon her. Some of the damned outer sect disciples even started to think that they were underestimating her.

"Xiao Mu, let's get back together." Zhen Tingting pleaded.

"You want to reunite with me? Are you even worthy of that?" Xiao Mu's eyes released a sharp light that was as sharp as a knife. It pierced through his heart, causing his body to tremble and he couldn't help but take a step back.

Zhen Tingting's eyes were wide open and disbelief written all over her face. Xiao Mu had actually said such a thing, a look of hatred appeared in her beautiful eyes, then she gouged out Xiao Mu with her eyes and left while slamming the door.

"Xiao Mu, you will regret this!"

A voice filled with hatred reverberated in the room, dissipating along with the breeze.

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