The Arrogant Wife of CEO/C1 I'm worth 2,000?
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The Arrogant Wife of CEO/C1 I'm worth 2,000?
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C1 I'm worth 2,000?

Early in the morning, Hai Xiaomin stretched her back. She woke up from an unfamiliar bed. She turned her head and the tip of her nose lightly slid across a man's thin lips.

Hai Xiaomin was suddenly very shocked. She immediately sat up and immediately, her entire body was filled with soreness from below.

Without waiting for her to suspect anything, the sheets slid down. There were many green marks on her body. Those marks represented a crazy night, instantly bringing back memories that she couldn't bear to look back on.

She had played too much.

Hai Xiaomin scratched her hair dejectedly. After a while, she secretly glanced at the man beside her.

Her aesthetics after getting drunk was not bad. This man was very good-looking. His eyebrows were sharp and his facial features were handsome. Under his tall nose were thin lips that emitted a strong sense of abstinence.

However, she still wanted to see this person. Because she felt that he was very familiar.

Hai Xiaomin bent down to look at him carefully. Unconsciously, her hair slid across the man's face and collarbone.

Suddenly, they looked at each other.

His eyes were very attractive.

He woke up?

Hai Xiaomin was shocked and took a step back. That man sat up, tilted his head and raised his eyebrows at her. He said provocatively, "Do you still want to try?"

Try what?

Hai Xiaomin saw his reproductive organ. She remembered what happened last night. She was so scared that her legs went soft. She grabbed the bed sheet to cover herself and shook her head violently. "No need."

Yesterday, because of some matters, she was very angry and went to drink. Hai Xiaomin clearly remembered that when she was half drunk, she found a man with a very delicate figure and appearance.

In the entertainment area, good-looking men came out to play.

Borrowing the alcohol, she boldly walked up to flirt with him.

At first, his attitude was very cold. But she was already drunk. Not only did she not feel bored, she even wanted to tease him. In the end, they had sex.

When Hai Xiaomin thought of this, she did not even have the strength to be angry. From a certain point of view, he was the victim.

After Hai Xiaomin hurriedly took a shower, she came out and put on her clothes. She could not help but ask, "Are you still not going to put on your clothes?"

Just now, she accidentally pulled open the blanket and saw this man's naked body. But this man was too calm, and he didn't panic at all. He casually leaned against the headboard and sat down.

However, his figure was indeed very good. It was just that his shoulders were wide, his waist was narrow, and his legs were long. The contours of his muscles were clear, without a trace of fat.

"I'm not in a hurry." The man replied in a calm tone.

He was not in a hurry? What was he waiting for?

Hai Xiaomin suddenly understood. She grabbed her wallet and found 200 yuan. She looked at the man and decisively put down the wallet and picked up the phone.

"What's your Alipay account number?"

The man was very surprised, but he didn't say anything. He casually took the phone by the bed, clicked a two-dimensional code, and handed it over. Hai Xiaomin took a look and transferred 2000 yuan to the man.

This man had over 100 million yuan in assets. So 2000 yuan was not worth mentioning to him.

The man smiled and said: "Am I worth two thousand?"

"Did I give you less?" This was the first time Hai Xiaomin had done such a thing. She had no experience at all. She just felt that this man was very outstanding. He was definitely worth more than 200 yuan. Just as she was about to transfer more money over, she heard him say, "I'm not a person who makes money by having sex with women."

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