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C13 Robbery

She didn't mention how to settle the marriage with Qiao Tianqi. But when it came to her aunt's one-year-old child... She talked about Hai Xiaomin's loving brother and sister-in-law. She envied others for being a grandmother so soon. But she didn't have a grandson.

Hai Xiaomin wanted to say something but she was worried that it would affect Hai Xiaomin's mother's good mood.

She absent-mindedly accompanied Hai Xiaomin's mother to a few shopping malls and bought a lot of expensive things. The two of them returned to the parking lot and just as they put the things back in their seats, two people suddenly rushed out from the side!

Hai Xiaomin heard Hai Xiaomin's mother's panicked cry and quickly turned around. She saw Hai Xiaomin's mother who fell onto the ground. She was hit by someone and flew out of the car door.

She hurriedly stood up. Before she could react to what had happened, someone suddenly started to snatch her bag.

She subconsciously grabbed the bag and raised her head in shock. She met a masked man. He was snatching her bag, and his partner quickly put the things in the car into the bag.

Did they encounter a robbery?

Hai Xiaomin's face instantly turned pale. But at this moment, there was no one in the parking lot.

What should she do? They definitely couldn't beat these two men.

She should give up money to protect herself.

Just as she was about to let go, a dazzling car light shone in.

Someone was coming!

Hai Xiaomin was very surprised. She did not want to fight back but let go of her grip even more quickly. But it was too late.

When the man saw that someone had come, he panicked and lost his mind. He grabbed her and stuffed her into the car: "Let's go!"

His partner in the car heard the sound and quickly ran to the driver's seat. The criminal also jumped into the car in a panic, leaving Hai Xiaomin's mother screaming for help outside the car!

"Hand over the car keys!" After the criminal got into the car, he immediately fiercely snatched Hai Xiaomin's bag. Seeing that she refused to let go, he fiercely pinched her neck and threatened, "You still don't want to let go? I will kill you!"

Hai Xiaomin's mind was in a state of panic. She only knew that once she was taken away by them, it was very likely that she would not be able to survive. She could not care about anything else. She desperately protected the bag and did not let him take away the car keys.

They only fought for a short while, but she had a feeling that the time was incomparably long. So she was very nervous.

The car door was opened. The criminal who had pounced on her was dragged out by a man's collar. He was beaten up. The other man quickly got out of the car to save his companion.

Unfortunately, only one person got out of the car. It was very difficult for him to fight two criminals at the same time. The two of them didn't dare to continue fighting. Once they found a chance to escape, they would escape.

"Xiaomin, are you alright?" A familiar person took a deep breath and said with concern.

Hai Xiaomin's hair was messy as she curled up in a corner. Her pale face was filled with fear. When she saw Qiao Tianqi, she came back to her senses.

It turned out that she also had such a weak side to her. Qiao Tianqi frowned and bent down, wanting to carry her out. However, Hai Xiaomin rejected him. She stubbornly came out.

Qiao Tianqi could only help her out.

"Xiaomin! How are you?" Hai Xiaomin's mother rushed over worriedly. When she saw Hai Xiaomin, she was about to cry.

"Mom, I'm fine." Hai Xiaomin smiled with difficulty.

The security guards at the mall called the police. Unfortunately, they did not catch the two criminals. This case was defined as an accidental robbery.

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