The Arrogant Wife of CEO/C2 I underestimated you!
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The Arrogant Wife of CEO/C2 I underestimated you!
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C2 I underestimated you!

Nowadays, there was actually a woman who took the initiative to give him money after sleeping with him. Ling Yao really wanted to laugh. He swept his gaze across Hai Xiaomin's little face, which was trying hard to hide her panic and pretended to be calm. He continued to remain calm and collected.

He was not doing it for money. Then he came out to have fun?

Hai Xiaomin came to a realization and immediately put away her phone and smiled calmly. "Sorry, I misunderstood."

They were all adults, so she knew a little about sex partners. For sex partners, physical and mental pleasures were the most important. After sex, they usually wouldn't interfere with each other.

As for the two thousand yuan that had been transferred, Hai Xiaomin did not lack that bit of money.

Hence Miss Hai quickly tidied up her makeup and politely smiled at him, "I was very happy last night."

Ling Yao's thin and cold gaze glanced at her. "Me too."

"I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first. I won't see you again!" Hai Xiaomin grabbed her purse and didn't wait for Ling Yao to reply. She forcefully endured the discomfort in her body and pretended to walk towards the door in a carefree manner.

However, the moment she opened the door of the hotel, her figure immediately stopped.

In the corridor outside, there were people passing by. When she opened the door, she happened to bump into them at the door.

It was a man and a woman. The man had a slender figure and wore a shirt and pants. He had a dignified appearance. The woman had a hot figure. She held the man's suit in her arms and intimately held his arm. The two of them chatted and laughed. One look and one could tell that they had just come out of the room.

They met face to face and stopped at the same time.

"Hai Xiaomin?" The man exclaimed in surprise.

Qiao Tianqi, she actually ran into him here. What a melodramatic coincidence!

Hai Xiaomin clenched her fingers by her side and then loosened her grip. Suddenly, her beautiful eyes curved and revealed a cold smile. She greeted, "So it's Young Master Qiao. What a coincidence!"

When she said this, her smiling eyes swept across the woman beside Qiao Tianqi.

Qiao Tianqi frowned and looked suspiciously at Hai Xiaomin and the half-closed door beside her.

"Darling? This is?" The woman beside him looked at the two people who clearly knew each other and asked coyly.

She was a model. It was not easy for her to use the opportunity of attending a business event to hook up with this young General Manager of Qiao's. As she had not been with Qiao Tianqi for a long time, she had never heard of Hai Xiaomin.

"I am not an important person. I am just his fiancée." Seeing that Qiao Tianqi did not intend to explain, Hai Xiaomin generously answered on his behalf.

"Ah?" The woman was shocked. Very quickly, embarrassment and fear appeared on her face, as if a mistress had seen the man's original wife. She was able to match Young Master Qiao's status. She was obviously not someone a small character like her could afford to offend.

Before Hai Xiaomin could appreciate her expression enough, Qiao Tianqi pulled out his arm and pushed the woman. "Go to the car and wait for me!"

The woman saw that Young Master Qiao's expression was not right. She sensibly took the suit and jacket and left first.

Qiao Tianqi walked closer to Hai Xiaomin and a faint smell of alcohol entered his nose. "You drank, and you spent the night here?"

"Yes." She casually moved her feet and blocked the gap of the door. It was this action that made Qiao Tianqi's eyes turn sharp.

"You spent the night with another man?"

"This has nothing to do with you, right? What are you doing?" Qiao Tianqi suddenly pushed her away and barged into the room. Hai Xiaomin hurriedly chased after him.

Fortunately, the scene inside was not too embarrassing. The man had already gotten up and put on his pants. However, Qiao Tianqi wasn't a fool. At this point, he already knew what had happened.

His face was filled with anger. He pointed at Ling Yao and gritted his teeth as he questioned Hai Xiaomin, "Who is he? You were fooling around with him last night?"

"Him?" Hai Xiaomin said honestly, "I don't know him."

Qiao Tianqi waved his hand and slapped Hai Xiaomin. He roared fiercely, "Hai Xiaomin, I really underestimated you. So you are so despicable. You sleep with him as long as it is a man?"

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