The Arrogant Wife of CEO/C4 He's so Unlucky
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The Arrogant Wife of CEO/C4 He's so Unlucky
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C4 He's so Unlucky

Qiao Tianqi swung his fist at Ling Yao's face. Ling Yao's eyes turned cold. He turned his body sideways and swung his leg. The aggressive Qiao Tianqi was thrown out like a bag of sandbags. He groaned and fell to the ground. He did not get up for a long time.

"You are indeed a weakling. Your fiancée cheated on you. You deserve it!" Ling Yao's words were full of ridicule.

"You..." Qiao Tianqi was not willing to give up. He clenched his fist and slowly got up. However, a young master like him could only scare others. He could not beat an expert.

Fortunately, the pain made his mind calm down a little. He knew that he was not a match for that man. He said coldly in the blink of an eye. "Hai Xiaomin, you are so capable. You and your adulterous husband beat up your fiancé. If this matter were to spread, your parents would definitely feel ashamed."

Hai Xiaomin frowned. Just as she was about to say something, Ling Yao's slender legs elegantly took two steps forward. He lifted his leg and kicked Qiao Tianqi's half-kneeling shoulder, kicking him down cleanly.

"Fiancé? You know you are not married yet. Even the law can't control people's premarital sex. You still want to care who she has sex with? She's willing to climb into my bed, and as for whether I want to have sex with her or not... I'll think about it myself, don't worry about it" The bright leather shoes stopped in front of Qiao Tianqi. He was like a king, high and mighty. "So what are you shouting for? This matter has nothing to do with you from the start!"

He was so mean!

Hai Xiaomin was surprised that under this man's elegant and callous appearance, there was actually such a mean heart hidden.

At the same time, his entire body emitted a murderous and decisive dark aura. It was especially shocking, making people's souls tremble, making people not dare to rashly approach him.

Qiao Tianqi's expression was ugly. He stared at the two of them with incomparable hatred. His nose was about to go crooked from anger. Sure enough, they were both shameless people, and they were good at speaking nonsense!

However, who was this man? Why did he feel like he had met him before?

At this moment, a woman's scream sounded at the door. "What are you doing? Why are you hitting people?"

Lin Nana waited in the garage for a long time but did not see Qiao Tianqi go down. His phone rang several times in the pocket of his suit and jacket, but she did not dare to answer it casually. She could only take the phone and come back again. However, she saw Young Master Qiao lying on the ground with a painful look on his face. A tall man stood in front of Young Master Qiao with his back to her. Young Master Qiao's fiancée, on the other hand, was watching coldly from the side.

She didn't know what had happened, but when she saw that something had happened to her sponsor, she subconsciously called for someone outside the corridor.

When Hai Xiaomin saw the situation, in front of Qiao Tianqi, she pulled up the adulterer and ran away.

A taxi stopped outside the hotel and the two of them got into the car.

Hai Xiaomin closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She adjusted her breathing and in the next second, she giggled. Her facial movements affected the swelling on her face. She grimaced and could not help but laugh.

This was too awesome!

She laughed so happily?

Ling Yao looked at her from the side. The sunlight shone through the window and onto Hai Xiaomin's body. A twenty-year-old girl's smile was clean, as if it would slowly blend into the sunlight. He subconsciously reached out and grabbed her arm.

Hai Xiaomin retracted her smile and looked back at him strangely.

Ling Yao suddenly realized that he had lost his composure. He stopped his hand and naturally opened his mouth, using words to cover it up. "Is he really your fiancé?"

"Yes, what do you think?" Hai Xiaomin smiled sweetly and indeed did not care about his actions.

"He is really unlucky." Ling Yao whispered to himself. He suddenly felt sympathy for Qiao Tianqi. His fiancée was cheating on him. He was beaten up by the adulterer and his fiancée was taking pleasure in his misfortune.

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