The Arrogant Wife of CEO/C6 You Did Something Wrong!
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The Arrogant Wife of CEO/C6 You Did Something Wrong!
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C6 You Did Something Wrong!

She took a deep breath, adjusted her mind, and went home.

There was a group of villas in the Eastwood Area of H City. Hai Xiaomin's home was there.

When she entered, she combed her hair to cover her face.

"Second Miss, you're back." When Madam Hui saw the maid at home, she put down the work in her hands to welcome her. She wanted to say something but stopped.

"Madam Hui, what's wrong?" Hai Xiaomin casually asked.

Madam Hui softly reminded, "Master and Madam are waiting for you in the living room. Eldest Miss was also there. Be careful when you go in. Master is currently angry."

" Do you know what's going on? "

Madam Hui shook her head awkwardly. "I am not sure. In the morning, when the old master went to the company, he received a phone call. Then, he got angry. "

He was waiting for her? Is this a call from the Qiao family?

Their actions were really quick!

"I got it. Madam Hui, you go and do your work. " Hai Xiaomin smiled.

She would have to face it sooner or later. It was good that she could resolve this matter as soon as possible.

When she went in, she saw three people sitting opposite each other on the sofa.

"Dad, mom, sis, are you all there?" Hai Xiaomin walked over with a smile.

"You're still laughing!" Hai's father was very angry when he saw the mischievous Hai Xiaomin. However, his expression was clearly even gentler than when she entered the room.

"What are you doing? Why don't you let me laugh?" Hai Xiaomin sat beside Hai Xiaomin's mother and hugged her arm. She pouted her lips in grievance, "Mom, look at Dad."

She still dared to complain?

Hai's father widened his eyes and was about to scold her. But Hai Xiaomin's mother motioned for him to stop.

Hai Xiaomin's mother said worriedly, "Xiaomin, what happened between you and Tianqi?"

"What did they say?" Hai Xiaomin picked up a grape from the fruit plate on the crystal coffee table and asked casually.

"The people from Qiao family called and said they saw you with another man. Did you still call Tianqi? " Hai Xiaomin's mother carefully considered her words and did not want her daughter to be too embarrassed.

After Hai Xiaomin heard her mother's words, she calmly looked at the young woman opposite her. That was her older sister, Hai Lanyin, who was one year older than her.

"The matter is like this." She did not want to hide what happened this morning.

Her father and mother were instantly unhappy. "So, you really found a boyfriend?"

A boyfriend?

It had to be said that they thought too well of things.

But Hai Xiaomin did not have the courage to tell her parents that she did not know that man.

They were only willing to have sex.

"Yes. We just met." Before she could finish, Hai's father slammed the tea table.

"You are doing something wrong!" Hai's father stood up angrily and said, "You and Tianqi are already engaged. You can book a date at any time. But you did it. How can I explain it to them?"

Hai Xiaomin's mother said worriedly," Xiaomin, you are really too reckless this time. "

She knew that it would be like this. Hai Xiaomin gently rubbed the space between her brows. Finally, she seemed to have made some kind of decision. She looked up and said: "Since we cannot stop all of this... Then let's end the engagement"

Hai's father didn't expect her to cancel the engagement. He was very angry. He was prepared to hit her, but Hai Xiaomin's mother quickly stopped him. She comforted her husband while asking Hai Lanyin to bring her upstairs.

"I know, mom." Hai Lanyin pulled Hai Xiaomin up and ran upstairs.

After Hai Lanyin left Hai Xiaomin's room, she gently said, "You go in first. Father is angry now, I will go and take a look."

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