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C9 Fatal Flaw

He's got a thin layer of red on his face, not sure if it's because of the lights or because he just drank two mouthfuls of wine. He looked away unnaturally and nodded lightly: "You're very pretty today"

He secretly cast a glance back and Tang Xuening received it. She shouted in her heart, yES!

"Thank you." Hai Xiaomin did not notice the interaction between the siblings and only treated his words as polite praise.

She continued to chat with the Tang family siblings and found out that the main character of today was not present yet. Hai Xiaomin went to the washroom midway. When she came out, she found that the people who were originally scattered in twos and threes in the hall were almost all gathered together.

What were they doing?

Tang Xuening was still sitting alone at a spot not far away. She shook the red wine in the glass cup, took a sip and looked coldly at the crowd.

Hai Xiaomin walked over, "Where is your brother?"

Tang Xuening pouted at the crowd and did not say anything.

"Are they cutting the cake?"

Tang Xuening almost spat out a mouthful of red wine without caring about her image. She also admired Hai Xiaomin's ignorance. "They are cutting people! The main character is here."

"Your blind date?" Hai Xiaomin instantly understood. She curiously looked into the crowd. "Looks like he is very popular. How do you feel?"

"I have already seen him twice before. He is very handsome and has a good figure. His IQ and EQ are very high and his status is very high."

"You're not humble when you praise him, but it seems like you're not satisfied with him. Does he have a fatal flaw?" Hai Xiaomin turned around and Tang Xuening's negative emotions were all displayed on her face.

What fatal flaw? He clearly did not have a flaw!

"He is too outstanding!" Tang Xuening deliberated for a moment and used this adjective.

Too outstanding? This was also the reason why she rejected him?

Hai Xiaomin could not keep up with her good friend's tempo this time.

But Tang Xuening's face did not show any signs of joking, "Xiaomin, do you know what it is like for a person to be too outstanding? He is perfect in every aspect. You can't even find fault with him. A person without flaws is boring and very scary! "

Hai Xiaomin was confused. Are you sure you are describing a human?

"All in all, when I am with that person, I feel uncomfortable all over. However, my brother refused to give up. He heard that the person's family was urging him to get married, and he was also going around on blind dates. Now, all the socialites in H City who heard the news are getting restless." In the end, Tang Xuening said a very important piece of news.

This time Hai Xiaomin was really curious. She tried her best to see the man inside through the gaps in the crowd.

Unfortunately, she could only see the top of his head. She could not see his face.

At this time, the crowd moved a little and left a gap. A handsome face instantly entered her eyes.

Why is it him?

Xuening was praising this man just now?

Impossible, how could he be perfect? At least he was shameless!

Hai Xiaomin suddenly woke up and quickly turned around to ask, "What is his background?"

Tang Xuening was stunned, "You are too ignorant and ill-informed. You did not watch TV. When you watch Korean dramas on the internet, you didn't take the time to browse the city's news? He's Ling Yao, the person in charge of the LY Empire's branch in China!"

In Hai Xiaomin's mind, some scenes and content gradually overlapped.

This man was really Ling Yao...

"Xiaomin?" A voice called out to her.

"Yes, what's wrong?" Hai Xiaomin came back to her senses.

"My brother is calling us over. Don't be in a daze. I'll bring you up close to admire him!" Tang Xuening laughed and pulled Hai Xiaomin over without any explanation.

Hai Xiaomin realized that she was about to face Ling Yao face to face and her expression immediately became interesting.

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