The baby contract/C3 Chapter 3
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The baby contract/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

" Mom, I told you I will work on it " Liam closed his eyes, already tired of his Mom's endless talk.

" It's been two weeks, Liam and this is what you keep saying " Diana's voice trembled a little, " Please son, just do what your father asked and you'll be fine. I'm not happy with the rift this issue has caused between you and your father "

" I've heard you Mom. Okay, I promise you that by this time next week , I would bring my girlfriend over to your place " He vowed, not liking how unhappy his mother was one bit.

" Okay son, I love you "

" I love you too " Liam replied and disconnected. He sighed. Now that he had made a promise to his Mom, he must fulfil his promise because he was a man of his words.

He picked up the telephone and called Amanda Saunter, his personal assistant over to his office. The door opened a few minutes later and Amanda came in.

" Sir? "

" Have a sit "

Liam shared his attention between Amanda and the files before him which he had to go through. He didn't know how the changes was going to sound to Amanda and also didn't know how to break the news to her. She had been his P.A for just a month and he felt the work didn't suit her, that she was better off in the Marketing team. He took a deep breath and finally spilled the beans.

" You're going to be transferred to the marketing team ". At first, she didn't move or say anything. She looked too shock to speak and the next thing, she jumped and screamed happily. It was a dream come true for her. She thanked him profusely.

Then Liam asked her to post a vacancy online, hiring a graduate with the necessary credentials as his new personal assistant. He was relieved that she was happy and not the other way around. Amanda readily nodded in affirmation and left for her office with a big smile on her face.


Carla was scrolling through her phone when she came across a vacancy for the post of a personal assistant in B&L Inc. She was happy that the post was still vacant.She jumped up in excitement and quickly went ahead to fill the form again. She attached a passport and did all the necessary things. Later in the evening that same day, she checked her Gmail and her joy knew no bounds when she was asked to come for an interview at 8am prompt the next day. She quickly called Jenny to tell her the news. Her friend was of course, happy for her and wished her good luck.

Carla was having second thoughts about watching Netflix now. She had to wake up very late the next morning so she finally decided to go to bed early. She slept that night hugging close the image of her working in a beautiful and spacious office. Carla woke up the next morning feeling optimistic. It was 5:30am. She went into the adjoined bathroom, did all the necessary things and the only thing left was her outfit. She chose to go with a button-down long sleeved top and a black penciled skirt. She matched her clothes with black heels. Then she sat at her dressing table and as she combed her hair, she suddenly thought of her mother and her heart went out to her. She would be all alone, if not for their next door neighbor, Mrs Smith, who made it her duty to take care of her.

Carla sighed, she wished time would turn back the hands of the clock. Things had been going well for her family, at least that was what her mother endlessly talked about, until the death of her father. Things then changed drastically for them. Almost all her life savings had been spent on her relocation to Mexico city. Now, she barely had enough to eat and get by.

She sighed again and muttered, " What a wonderful life I'm living " she said with sarcasm. She added a little lipgloss on her lips, took one last look in the mirror, grabbed her bag and left the room. She went to the station to wait for a bus. On getting to her destination, she opened her mouth agape. She was too shocked to talk.

" Wow! " Was the only word she could utter when she stood in front of B&L Inc. It was as if she hadn't been there before. The truth was, she was too blinded by her worries to notice. The massive company stood proudly in the middle of the city. She proceeded inside and immediately felt she was in another world entirely. It was even more beautiful than what she saw of it outside. People scurried past her, carrying files. She looked on, lost as to which direction to go. She then looked around in search of the right person to ask. Carla finally found the perfect person a middle aged woman coming in her direction.

" Excuse me ma'am " she smiled

" Hello, how may I help you? "

" I'm here for an interview " Carla stated.

" You'll have to go up to the executive floor. Take the elevator over there to the second floor and stop at the receptionist's desk to ask for more directions "

" Oh okay thank you.... Thank you " Carla repeated, sounding grateful.

" Yeah you're welcome. And good luck " The woman said over her shoulders, already walking away.

Carla took the elevator to the second floor. When she got to the second floor and the elevator door opened, she felt like she just stepped into heaven.When she got to the second floor and the elevator door opened, she felt like she just stepped into heaven. The whole place was breathtaking. It was designed in a modern classic way. She was enthralled with the whole place. She walked up to the receptionist at the desk. It was a different lady this time.

" Good morning " she said with a smile.

" Morning " the lady, Marvel answered, smiling too.

" I'm here for an interview. Please, which way do I go from here?

" Oh" Marvel looked at her from head to toes before replying. " Turn left and knock on the first door "

" And one more thing? " Marvel looked up at Carla, her gaze unwavering.

" Good luck " she finally said and continued with the files she was sorting out. Carla thanked her and went towards the door she directed to her.

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