The Beauty of Love/C4 Chapter 4
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The Beauty of Love/C4 Chapter 4
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C4 Chapter 4

They were on their way back home when Justin suddenly stopped in front of a Wal-Mart.

The event that took place at his parents' place still stunned Justin. He wanted a breather, so he took off to Wal-Mart without telling her. He left Fiona alone in the car and entered the store, explaining nothing to her, making her frown. He was aware that it was a wrong move on his part. But it was his impulse reaction, which he has been doing more than ever lately.

Doing better than nothing, Fiona got out of the car and followed Justin inside the store. But she took a different direction, went towards the books section, and started checking them out. She picked up a few of them, which she had been longing to read for a long time, and walked towards the payment counter.

When she came to the counter, she saw Justin carrying dozens of packets of different kinds of chocolates. It came as a shocker to her that the CEO of one of the leading companies in the industry was obsessed with chocolates.

Well! That's something.

After paying for his chocolates, he gave his card to the counter woman for Fiona's books, but she soon interrupted him as she quickly gave her own credit card. “I am paying for it...”

Before he could intervene, she told him coldly, “I am capable of paying for my own stuff. You need not worry.” Leaving him speechless once again.

Well!! That went great. Fiona walked towards his car, happy that she had shown him that she didn't need him. The nerve of him to treat her like that. She would be damned if she allowed him to push her around.

Justin was out of words once again. First at lunch and now here. Well, he was definitely wrong to judge her, but you can't blame him. He was aware of the fact that she had married him for a reason. But, like a jerk, he thought it was all of his own money. Because she works for her father's company, her pay will be good, and her father admires her, so he will not force her to marry a woman who is obsessed with money. Of course, he should have thought about that before, but being brought up in a family with a good financial background makes you wary of every situation. And it isn't easy to trust people around you. You never know who might back-stab you.

Justin knew that he didn't have any right to shout at her. Like a douche, he didn't even show up on their marriage night because he was pissed at the fact that his father had blackmailed him into marrying Fiona. So instead of spending his night with his beloved wife Fiona, he stayed in his office and engrossed himself in work.

Justin had a sneaking suspicion that she was listening in on his conversation with Grace when he called her a gold digger behind her back. It was his gut feeling, and most of the time, his intuition was correct. But to make the matter worse, he said lots of bullshit about her, which now he honestly regrets saying. And when he threw the plate, Grace explained to him that Fiona had bought the tray of food in his room because she had asked her to and not by her own will. However, Justin still could not forget her scared face when he snarled at her. She was pale and was trying hard to control her tears. And that look on her face made his heart clench.

It stunned him when he learned from his dad that Fiona had been working from home for the past week. The presentation she was working on was very important for the company. Because of her presentation, they could crack a big deal with one of the most promising companies. He himself saw that presentation, and it was brilliant. But he didn't know that she was the one who made it. Justin definitely mistook her.

One thing he didn't understand: why the hell did Fiona marry him if not for money?

The car ride back to his apartment was again filled with uncomfortable silence.

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