The Beginning of Chaos/C1139 The Withering of the Source of Life
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The Beginning of Chaos/C1139 The Withering of the Source of Life
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C1139 The Withering of the Source of Life

Nature Elf King, who was hundreds of thousands of years old, advocated the peace and quiet of nature. His state of mind was like the water in an ancient well. However, Yun Fei's situation had stirred up a huge storm in the heart of the Nature Elven King.

The Child of Life and the Child of Chaos were the same person! The Child of Life was the crownless king of the Nature Elf Clan, and the Child of Chaos was the crownless king of the Night Elf Clan.

This was simply the combination of the fortune of heaven and earth and the destiny of all living things. This young human with abundant qi and blood was truly the beloved child of the entire world!

At this moment, this beloved child of heaven and earth had come to this place. Could it be that this was the will of heaven?!

"Young Master Yun, please keep this Darkness Crystal carefully and move to Elf King Palace. After I invite Brother Dark Night here, we will help Young Master Yun to calm down and wash the dust." Regarding Yun Fei, Nature Elf King had already put down all his pride and invited him respectfully.

"I accept your invitation with utmost respect. Thank you for your kind hospitality, Your Majesty." Yun Fei hurriedly cupped his hands and returned the greeting. After saying that, he casually put the Darkness Crystal back into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

However, Yun Fei casually collecting the Darkness Crystal still made Nature Elf King feel uneasy. After hesitating for a moment, he reminded, "Young Master Yun, the Darkness Crystal is too violent, and there are so many of them. Young Master Yun should be careful with storing them. Don't be careless."

"Yun Fei understands. Thank you for your concern, Your Majesty." Yun Fei nodded and said casually. Yun Fei would naturally keep such precious "strategic resources" carefully.

Yun Fei's attitude made Nature Elf King speechless, but thinking that Yun Fei could not be judged by common sense, he understood. With the highest etiquette unique to elves, he made an invitation.

"Great, Mr. Yun Fei, when you come to my house, I will take you to the Ten Thousand Garden. It is filled with the flowers and plants I planted. It is very beautiful." Linger flew to Yun Fei's side and said.

After that, she flew to Prince Qing's side and held his arm as she said, "Brother Qing, can you come with us?"

Yun Fei and the Elf Clan had become sworn enemies. The happiest person was not Princess Linger.

Before, Princess Linger was stuck between Yun Fei and Elf King, and Prince Qing. Princess Linger was in a dilemma, and she begged for forgiveness from Prince Qing. Now everything was gone, and she was back to being a carefree and happy little elf.

She saw Nature Elf King, whom she respected, and Linger, who was happily holding her arm. Prince Qing's dissatisfaction and resentment towards Yun Fei were also thrown to the back of his mind. Furthermore, after this incident, he felt that Linger was closer to him than before. He felt a little grateful towards Yun Fei in his heart.

Between the green water and the mountains, there was a beautiful palace that was surrounded by spiritual energy.

Yun Fei sat in the middle. Divine Dragon Jin Zhong transformed into a small dragon about a foot long and sat on Yun Fei's shoulder. Nature Elf King, Night Elf King, and a few old elves sat on either side of him.

Ever since Yun Fei followed Nature Elf King back to Elf King Palace, Yun Fei had been pursued by a group of proud elves, especially the older and stronger elves. They respected Yun Fei even more.

Later, Night Elf King received news from Nature Elf King and rushed over through the teleportation formation. Not only did Yun Fei not investigate the two family treasures that Yun Fei had destroyed, but he also respected them even more.

Even though Yun Fei had experienced many great storms and witnessed many great scenes, all of them were Late Period of Divine King Cultivation Expert, and they were all seniors who were hundreds of thousands of years old. Being surrounded by them, he couldn't help but feel nervous and reserved.

"Seniors, it's just that Yun Fei's physique is a little special. The kindness of seniors has frightened me, and I can't bear it." Yun Fei cupped his hands and said to these Divine King Expert.

"Young Master Yun, the Chaos Qi at the beginning of the birth of all living things. It contains the life force of thousands of living creatures. It is the purest and most sacred existence in this world, and it is also the purest and most sacred existence. Talent! It was favored by both chaos and life. Please forgive me for offending and disrespecting Young Master Yun." Nature Elf King said.

"Young Master Yun, you are the son of Chaos, and also the crownless king of our Night Elf. In the future, if you need anything from me, you can just ask me. I will do my best, and I will do my best! "Night Elf King said, cupping his hands.

"Junior is terrified. Thank you, your majesty!" Yun Fei was delighted and was about to ask about the Delicacy Heart.

Nature Elf King and Night Elf King looked at each other and suddenly got up and knelt down on one knee at the same time to Yun Fei. They bowed and greeted, "Frightened." Yun Fei also got up quickly.

"Young Master Yun, Brother Dark Night and I represent the Elf Clan and plead for Young Master Yun's help. I hope Young Master Yun will agree to it." Nature Elf King said.

"Seniors, please get up quickly. How dare you do this to me? Senior, please tell me. As long as I can do it, I will do whatever I can to help you!" Yun Fei stepped forward and supported the two Elf King.

After the two Elf King got up, they slowly told Yun Fei about the matter.

It turned out that in the center of Jade Delicacy Star, there was a pond with a circumference of ten thousand miles. The pond was called the "Life Source." There were countless lotus roots growing in the pond. The lotus flowers, lotus leaves, and lotus seeds were all connected together.

The reason why this pond was called "Life Source" was because of every newly born elf. Whether it was the Night Elf or the natural elf, they had to be 100 years old. They would pluck a ripe lotus seed and consume it. Furthermore, this type of lotus seed... After leaving the Life Source, it would dry up and rot.

For some reason, over the past thousand years, large amounts of lotus roots within the Life Source had withered, and the number of ripened lotus seeds had gradually decreased. According to the rate at which they withered, after several hundred years, all of the lotus roots within the Life Source would wither, and at that time, the lotus seeds that had yet to mature would also be picked.

"The withering of the Life Source would cause all the descendants of the Elf Clan in Jade Delicacy Star to die prematurely when they were a hundred years old.

If this continued, the Elf Clan would slowly "disappear" from the Jade Delicacy Star.

"Your Majesty, have you found out the reason why the Life Source withered?" Yun Fei asked.

"Brother Dark Night and I have snuck into the Life Source countless times over the past few hundred years. And... We have explored the bottom of the ___ in detail, trying to find the reason and solutions. However, all of his efforts were in vain. " Nature Elf King shook his head and said helplessly.

"All the lotus roots in the Life Source were born from the same root. However, the life force in the root is rapidly flowing away to an unknown place. This is the reason why those lotus roots withered." Night Elf King continued.

"Young Master Yun has gathered the life force of the son of life and the life force of the son of chaos. He is the only one among the trillions of quadrillions of living spirits. It is the will of the heavens that has emerged in Jade Delicacy Star. The fate of our Elf Clan is now in Young Master Yun's hands." Nature Elf King bowed once more.

"Your Majesty, even the Divine King seniors can't do anything about it. I'm just a tiny Profound God, I'm afraid..." Yun Fei quickly bowed and returned the greeting.

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