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C3 Chapter 03

Kiara had her breakfast made by her mother .She hurriedly rushed to the washroom and took a shower .She looked at the clock and it was showing 11:45 am.

Kiara get ready in a wine colour beautiful dress which consists of a mid long frock type shirt and a full flair trouser. She wore Long earrings in her ears and does a middle partition in her hair having braids on both sides.

Her hair were opened which fall freely her till waist length .She was wearing same colour pearl footwear with dress .

She applied moisturizer and another little touch up on her face. She applied her lip balm and perfume and She was ready to go .She doesn’t believe in makeup as it smudges on her face and she finds makeup a waste of time for her .Truth to be told She didn’t know how to do it .

Kiara was a girl of 5” 4” inches height. She has brown eyes which always beam with happiness .Her waist length hair swayed on her back. She was having a mole on her chin .A mole on her neck and collarbone was also present.

Around 12:00 pm Arunash came to Kiara’s house .He parked the car and went inside the house .He was warmly greeted by Kiara’s mother .She used to see both Arunash and Vikram as her son .

Arunash said in a sweet tone, “Hello! Aunty.”

Sushmita hugged Arunash like a mother and said, “Hello! Dear, you are looking Really smart. Be alert from girls as they will not be able to move their eyes from your charming face.”

Arunash was a smart boy .He was in his teen years .A boyish smile always spread on his face which was enough to melt someone’s heart. He was around 20 years old, nearly the age of Kiara .

Arunash was dressed up in a black and white formal suit looking really smart .He has a very beautiful smile with dimples on both cheeks .

Arunash said while buttering up his looks ,” Aunty, Seriously I am getting irritated by all these girls. They kept drooling over me.”

Meanwhile Kiara entered the living room all dressed up .She heard Arunash’s self praise act .

Kiara said ,”Yes, They kept drooling over you because they never saw a donkey like you before.”

Arunash made a face and said ,”Shut up! You are jealous of my beauty.”

Kiara looked at Arunash and said in disbelief, “ Stupid! Boys are always recognised as smart and handsome, not as beautiful.”

Sushmita stopped them and said ,”Keep this silly fight of yours for another time .You are getting late at this moment.”

Arunash said in his defense, “I am quiet, Aunty .She is the one who is arguing with me.”

Kiara rolled her eyes and said in a sarcastic tone ,”Yeah ,Yeah . You are such an innocent person.”

Vikram called Kiara and informed her that he was ready and coming in 5 minutes.

Vikram was 20 years old .He had a well physique body in his teen years as he had a craze of gym and other body building things .

Vikram was dressed up in formal clothes and looked really smart.

All of them get into the car. Arunash was driving the car .Kiara was in the seat beside him and Vikram was in the back seat .

Kiara was busy scrolling through her phone .

Vikram suddenly said ,”Kiara ,You are looking like a new phone in this dress.”

Kiara didn’t understand his words and asked him in a confused tone, “ What do you mean?”

Vikram said ,” I mean You are looking like a new phone .You see how a new phone shines .You are also shining in this dress.”

Kiara made a disgusting face on her friend remark and said ,” Vikram ,Firstly learn how to give compliment or else learn how to do flirt properly .Who gives a cheap compliment like you ?”

Arunash laughed .

“Why are you laughing ?” Both Vikram and Kiara said at the same time.

Arunash said, controlling his laugh, “Seriously, Who gives a compliment like this ?”

Vikram said in a defensive tone,” So ,What?”

Kiara smacked Vikram’s head and said, “That’s why not a single girl comes near you.”

Vikram said ,” Excuse me ! Whole college girls drool over me .”

Arunash also added himself in the conversation and said ,”On me also”.

Kiara looked out of the car window and said ,” In your dreams boys .”

Arunash and Kiara were best friends from childhood when they were nearly around 3 years old .They met in the kindergarten and the bond of friendship emerged in them which get stronger day by day with the passage of time .

Vikram was Kiara ‘s friend from 6 years. He moved to Kiara’s place 6 years back due to his father’s transfer. His house was directly in the opposite direction to Kiara’s house.There house faced each other. Vikram and Kiara introduced as normal friends in the beginning but become best friends in these years .Arunash also met Vikram when he visited Kiara’s place .The trio get closer to each other and become like a family .

All of them shared each and every secret with each other .They are the companions of each other in happiness or sadness. They can't think of living without each other.

Arunash lived at a distance from Kiara’s house .Vikram and Kiara went to college together. Arunash always met them in college .

Both the boys cared for Kiara a lot .They didn't even let anyone come near her which was beyond the comfort level .

Sushmita and Pawan never worried for their daughter’s safety when she was with her best friends. Her brother Advay also knew that his sister was safe. Arunash and Vikram always tried their best to keep Kiara away from any problem and bad people as she was some bit a source of attraction for boys because of her looks and personality.

Both the boys always give Kiara first priority.

Everyone admired their friendship because it's really hard to find friends who follow their friendship with heart rather than benefits .

Though they kept fighting over silly things. They always remain together in college. They used to hangout.

The trio just kept fighting the whole ride over small things and after about a 45 minutes ride they reached the function .

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