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C4 Chapter 04

After a drive of around 45 minutes they reached the wedding hall where the function was taking place .Arunash parked the car in the parking lot and went inside with Kiara and Vikram.

The trio reached their destination. It was a large wedding hall decorated with beautiful white and pink flowers. It was really crowded. Children were playing and running from one corner to another .Some people were serving refreshments to the guests .

People were dressed up in traditional attires.

The trio were warmly greeted by Sia and her family members .

Sia was their classmate and good friend of theirs .

It was her sister's wedding

Sia said in a happy voice ,”Thanks a lot for coming.”

Kiara said ,” No need of saying thanks ,Sia .Infract We should say thanks to you for inviting us “.

Sia said with a chuckle ,” Common .You are my friends “.

Sia informed the trio that other classmates were also invited to the wedding .

She was talking to Arunash, Vikram and Kiara but then suddenly one of her relative called her so she excused herself and went to the person calling her

The bride and groom were sitting at the pavilion performing rituals .

Other classmates of theirs were also present at the wedding .

Kiara and both the boys also emerged with their class friends .

They all were chattering about some random stuff.

Then a boy named Uday came there wearing a traditional attire with round frame glasses on his .He was also the boyfriend of Sia .He came and stand beside Kiara who was standing near Arunash and Vikram .Uday shook hands with both the boys and looked with a deep intense at Kiara.

Uday said in a sweet voice ,” Kiara, I must say you are looking really beautiful as always. But this attire just looks perfect on you”.

Arunash and Vikram both know what type of boy Uday was .He was a full flirting package who just opened anywhere.

Both Arunash and Vikram looked at him with narrowed eyes .Kiara was trying her best to ignore Uday.

His creepy stare was making her uncomfortable.

Arunash controlled his temper and said with a fake laugh,” Seriously, Bro!Are u kidding ? Just go to an eye specialist and ask him to give a extra number of spectacles for you as your vision is getting weaker day by day .

Vikram also joined Arunash and said ,”I agree with you ,Arunash.”

Uday said ,” I am not kidding but you both are kidding. Just look at her man.Not even me, everyone is saying this.”

Kiara was having enough of this shit now. Her mood had completely deteriorated Because of Uday’s cheap talks and now both her friends were getting on her nerves .

Kiara said,” Thanks ,Uday.” And excused herself from there .

She just left from there as the group of girls were calling her .On leaving she threw a deathly glare towards Arunash and Vikram .

As Kiara leaves the boys alone Uday also starts to leave from there .

Arunash and Vikram grabbed him by his shoulder forcefully.

Arunash said in a fake sweet voice ,” Wait, Where are you going ?”

Uday gestured towards some of his friends and said ,”Just going to meet some other friends.”

Vikram pressed Uday’s shoulder tightly ,”What’s the hurry, Man? Few seconds ago you were talking nonstop and now you are leaving .It’s not fair to talk to us as well.”

Uday winced in pain .He said ,”No, I have to go .I will meet other friends.”

Arunash straight Uday’s collar and said in a calm yet anger filled voice ,” Listen Uday, Very carefully. We both have been seen how you are drooling over Kiara and we know you are trying to approach her .But I swear to God from next time if we saw you near Kiara we gonna rip your head .”

Vikram said in the same threatening voice ,”So Just be in your limits and focus on your girl.”

Uday was in full sweat at this time after hearing their dreadful yet calm anger voice .

Uday mustered up some courage and said, “Okay, I will not go near her from next time. I am sorry.”

Uday instantly left from there leaving both the boys behind.

Kiara was gossiping with her friends. After the rituals finished everyone started to give the present to the newly wedded couple . Kiara bought a gift for the couple but boys have nothing to give them and they forget about it completely.

Vikram looked at the gifts in everyone’s hand and said,” Is it necessary to give gifts at weddings ?”

Arunash said ,”I think so.”

Both the boys approached Kiara and tapped her shoulder from behind .Kiara looked at them and asked in an irritating tone, “What happened now?”

Vikram and Arunash both masked a baby face and said in an innocent tone ,”Kiara, We don’t have any gift.”

Kiara just shrugged it off and said, “So, What? Just sit here .I am going to give them a gift .I will be right back.

Arunash said in a sad voice ,”It’s not fair ,Kiara .We also want to go on the stage.”

Kiara said ,” But you don’t have any gift .I have just this one.”

Vikram's mind rushed with an idea .He said ,”I get an idea.”

Kiara asked confusingly, “What?”

Vikram takes the gift from her hands and takes out a pen from his pocket and writes his and Arunash name along with Kiara on the front section slip on gift .

Vikram said with a proud smile, “Now this gift belongs to all of us.”

Arunash said in a praising tone ,” I am proud of you, Vikram .’

Vikram said in a full confident tone ,” Thanks brother.”

Kiara looked both the boys in a shock and said, “You are impossible.”

Vikram winked at Kiara and said, “Thanks for the compliment lady.”

Some of their friends went to the stage. They clicked pictures while giving the gift to the newly wedded couple.

They went to the stage .Handed the gift to the bride and groom and congratulated them .Then they took pictures .

It was a long day and they were hell tired and hungry now .They all went towards the catering section to have food .

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