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C6 Chapter 06

The wedding function came to an end .All guests started to leave. The trio also decided to leave from there as it had been a long time now.

Kiara , Arunash and Vikram came out of the wedding hall after bidding bye to their friends .They went to the parking lot where the car had been parked.

They got into the car .After driving for 20 minutes the car stopped due to some engine issue.

Arunash parked the car at the clear side of the road .

He got out of the car .

Vikram who was at the backseat was still inside the car along with Kiara.

Vikram peeked out of the window and asked Arunash ,"Now, What will we do"?

Arunash took the phone from his pocket and dialled his cousin and asked him to come pick them up .

The car of Musa was parked just at an instant distance from them on the other side .The four were still waiting for Khalid to come out of the landlord's office .

Kiara and Vikram also get out of the car .They were in direct sight of Musa's car but they were not able to see his car.

Amina inside the car kept wandering the out scenario .As Kiara dropped out of the car she spotted her .On seeing her she squealed loudly .

On hearing her loud squeals, Haider and Usman shifted their attention towards her .

Haider and Usman both asked Amina ," What happened"?

Musa was busy on his phone checking some business emails and notifications .

Amina turned towards both the boys and said," Look at that girl in the wine dress. Her dress is so pretty and she is looking so beautiful ".

Haider and Usman moved their attention where Amina pointed and they found the girl beautiful as said by Amina .

Haider said while looking in the pointed direction ," She is beautiful ".

Usman said ," Yes ,She is beautiful ".

Musa was still busy on his one and didn't pay any attention towards their conversation .

Usman turned his attention towards Musa and said ,"Musa, look at that girl in a wine dress ".

Musa was still busy on his phone and said," I am Not interested in looking anywhere ".

Haider and Amina also said ," Brother, Please have a look at her ."

Musa sighed defeatedly.He looked up from his phone towards their pointed direction .

As his eyes set on the girl in a wine dress his breath got stuck in his throat and he forgot to blink his eyes even .

He has seen a lot of girls who tried to seek his attention but he was not interested in them .But the girl he saw today was very much interested in her .

His heart started to beat at a very fast speed and he was dumbstruck .

He just whispered one word ,"Wow".

Haider ,Usman and Amina didn't expect this reaction from him .He was gazing at the girl in front of him without blinking his eyes .They all smiled to each other and they knew what Musa was feeling .

Kiara and the boys were waiting for the car to come .

Vikram irritatingly said ," Arunash, You must have looked over the car before the drive ".

Arunash turned to him and said," It was fine but I don't know what the hell happened to this car at a sudden moment ".

Kiara also joined their conversation and said," Relax Vikram ,it's not a big deal. Shubham is coming to pick up in a few minutes ".

( Shubham was cousin of Arunash)

Vikram said," I don't have any problem Kiara but I have urgent work to do at home".

Kiara let out a small laugh and said in a teasing tone ," Don't tell me your important work is to call one of your girlfriends because you have divided the whole day calling for a long time to your girlfriends ".

Arunash also joined Kiara and said ," Yeah you are right Kiara . Whenever I try to call him, his phone always gets busy ."

Vikram started to cover up and said," It's not like that What you both are thinking .I have just to finish my assignment which sir gave us on Friday ".

Arunash on hearing the name of the assignment got shocked and said," Man, I completely forgot about the assignment.Kiara , please send me the notes of the chapter from which sir asked to prepare the assignment ".

Vikram also said," Please send me the notes as well ".

Kiara said with a relaxed face," Don't worry .I will send you both the notes as well as the assignment material".

Both the boys relaxed on hearing this and said thank you to Kiara with a wide grin.

A few distance away Musa was still gazing at her continuously without uttering a single word .

He was finding her each feature utterly gorgeous and amazing .

Usman kept a hand on Musa's shoulder and asked him," You liked her"?

Musa without turning his attention towards him and fixing his eyes on her said," I Love her".

Amina and Haider shouted really loud in happiness on hearing this that made Musa come out of his gazing session .

He didn't even know when and how these words came out from his mouth and he didn't even regret those words .

Usman was also very happy on hearing this and said," I am so happy for you Musa ".

Haider said in an exciting tone," Musa Brother is completely whipped now ".

Meanwhile Khalid came and got into the car as well .

He said in a very boring and defeated tone ,"I can't find him, maybe he left .He knew that we were coming here".

Usman said with a wide grin turning towards Khalid and said," Leave the landlord brother .We have found our sister-in-law".

Khalid didn't get his word and was confused .Seeing his confusion Haider said ," Look at the girl in the wine dress straight there " .

Khalid saw Kiara and was amazed by her beauty as well .

Amina said,"She is our soon to be sister-in-law .Musa Brother just fell in love with her right now ."

Khalid was very happy for his friend and congratulated Musa.

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