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C9 Chapter 09

It was like a usual day .Kiara was sleeping .She jolted in her sleep when her alarm rang .She wanted to sleep more but if she slept then she got late for her college.

She was blaming in her mind for sleeping late at night as she watched the series.

She somehow dragged herself to the washroom. She washed her face firstly with cold water to vanish her sleep which worked a bit .

Kiara gets ready for college. She ate her breakfast .Vikram was waiting for her in his car outside her house.

Around 9:30 am, Kiara and Vikram went to the college .

Arunash met them in college .

College was crowded with a number of students. Students were going to their classes.Teachers were heading to their classes as well for lectures.

At 10:00 clock the trio went into their classes for a lecture.

They all were studying in one of the prestigious colleges. Arunash and Kiara had done the same schooling from primary .Vikram joined them in secondary years.

Musa was fully bent on searching for the girl in any way .He can do anything to reach out to that girl .

Last night was very dreadful for him as he was not able to sleep because of Kiara's thoughts.

Next day ,He woke up early and did his normal routine.

Usman and Khalid were also with Musa in searching for his girl.

Musa went to his office and was waiting for Usman and Khalid .After 10 minutes they both entered the office.

On entering they both greeted Musa and handed him a file .

Usman said," Musa, We get to know about the details of that car owner ..

Car is registered in the name of Arunash Kapoor .Maybe he was one of them . He is a student at St. Xavier College .

On hearing this Musa said,"Then what are we waiting for .Let's move to the college ".

Both the boys smiled on seeing the impatience of Musa .

Khalid said," Musa, Wait one of our employees is coming with the college students' details. From there we can find that girl with the help of Arunash's name ."

After 10 minutes an employee entered the office and handed Khalid a pendrive .

He attached the pendrive to the laptop and searched for the name Arunash Kapoor .

On searching for him , Arunash Kapoor's profile was viewed with his picture .

Usman saw the picture and said ," Is he the same boy on that day"?

Musa answered with a frown on his forehead ," I don't know ".

Khalid said,"If you have lost sight of that girl, don't see anyone else."

Usman laughed and Musa ignored their teasing remark .

Khalid checked Arunash's class and he started to search for a 3rd year students list .

As he was scrolling down Musa instantly said,"Stop Khalid! HERE SHE IS".

Khalid viewed her profile .

On top there was a picture of Kiara and below the details are mentioned .

Name - Kiara

Age - 20 year

Father - Pawan

Mother - Sushmita

Phone no . - ****00***00

He was repeating her name continuously in his heart and it gave him peace.

Musa saved the profile of Kiara .

The boys were very happy .Musa was happy because he found his love and Usman and Khalid were happy for Musa.

Then they exited the office and went to the college.

As they reached the college everyone was gawking on them .

Musa's fitted suit was giving his body a smart look .He was having brown orbs and black hair .His face was having a well shaved stubble and a pointed jawline.All these features made him look like a Greek god.

They completely ignored the looks of the students and went to the Head office .

They were warmly greeted by the head because of Musa's coldhearted nature and his position .

Then the head told them the classes of 3rd year are going to be off at 1:00pm .

They came out of the office .Usman saw his watch and said,'' Musa it's around 12:45 now. Let's wait for 15 minutes " .

Musa agreed and they went to the entrance .At 1:00 pm the bell rang and students started to come out of their classes .

Kiara came out of the entrance with Vikram and Arunash .

As the eyes of Musa spotted her in the other students his body felt a sudden stroke of emotions .

Kiara went to the parking lot with Vikram and Arunash .Both boys went to get the cars and Kiara was standing at a farther distance .

Musa along with his friends followed her .

He stood behind her .Usman coughed intentionally to withdraw the attention of Kiara .

As Kiara turned towards them .

Musa's heart started to beat rapidly .

He was having the glimpse of Kiara at such a close distance for the first time.

He was mesmerised by her beauty .

As he was gazing at her facial features .His eyes struck at her mole that was on her chin just below her lips .He just wanted to touch that mole.

Kiara was feeling uncomfortable with his gazing .

On seeing her discomfort Usman asked ," Excuse me , Can you please guide us Where is head office is ?"

She replied ," First floor ,left side, room no.34".

As Musa heard her voice he badly wanted to hear his name from her mouth .Musa was finding her voice no less than a music to his ears .

Just then Vikram and Arunash came with a car . Kiara settled in the car and went away .

Musa again tried to stop her but Usman and Khalid tapped his shoulder and said," Wait for some more time Musa .Haste always makes waste" .

Musa half-heartedly agreed with them . They also went to their car .

Khalid said," Our Musa and Kiara will look great together " .

Usman agreed with him and both the boys were squealing like girls .

Musa's patience was at its peak now. It was just a day ,he saw Kiara on the road but he was restless in such a short span of time .

He wanted to have Kiara at any cost and he was ready to reach any limit.

Musa made a promise in his heart and said, "SOON MY LOVE , YOU WILL BE MINE ".

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