The Best Match/C2 The Best Match - Teaser Alert
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The Best Match/C2 The Best Match - Teaser Alert
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C2 The Best Match - Teaser Alert

Conjugal relationship builds upon four important pillars; trust, loyalty, friendship and love. It takes more efforts when two strangers decide to associate in the said bond. It becomes a rollercoaster ride with hysterical emotions concluding to either a bane or blessing. Sometimes, the faith and the fate; both fails people whereas many times circumstances weaves them in an irremediable pact that will not get them anywhere.

Monogamy for a person holds different meaning than for other person. One could believe in the institution for all her faith and one could only resort it as a redeeming bait. This where emotions have to play your cupid and heart your companion. Love is not easily won but distress, frustration and distance can. The equation that we seek will be so different but worth waiting and the tale that had never the possibilities of coping up paves up from the various constants of love to fulfill the requirements of being the best match.


"If you'd not met me, would you have married Bharat?" His question slipped my smile of my face. I frowned, confused at his question. "What?" Where is it coming from? "What do you mean?"

"I just asked a simple question. I don't think it's too hard for you to answer that." He stiffed, and I understood that the situation was getting out of hand.

"What relevance does it hold anyways? We are already married." I reasoned, "Why are you even asking it?"

"You said he does well, well-bred, perfect husband blah blah blah. So I just asked a simple question, would you-"

"You are stupid. Why will I marry him when he is already married?" I certified, "When we are already married."

"Given if he wasn't, would you have?" He was persistent. "Given if we were not, would you have?"

"Abhimanyu, do you even realize what you are asking and to whom?" I seethed, "I am your wife and he is your friend."

"I don't see why you are so petulant." He presented me a look. An unabashed, unmistaken, disbelieved look. "I believe I haven't asked anything that is alleging and hard to answer."

"This is an allegation, Abhimanyu." I contradicted, "Trying to force me to know if I had married your best friend is an allegation."

"It is an allegation only if you've some ulterior motives." He groaned. I couldn't believe his mood swings. We were fine just a second ago and now, he was indisputably skeptical of me. My patient was hanging by last thin thread.

"What? Are you for real?" I was a second away to blow up, "Why would I have any ulterior motive with your best friend?"

"You may know the answer well." He scoffed looking at me just like my wedding night; I couldn't perceive what was hidden behind his umber orbs. I drew a sharp breath and swept my hairs back.

"Okay fine. I am sorry. I was just teasing you to know if you get jealous or not. I was trying to know if my association with any other man makes you uncomfortable or not." I looked down on my feet. "I am sorry for that. Now can we..."

"My question is still awaiting the answer, Shree and the more you delay, the more it makes me..."

"You are insulting me." I gulped the painful lump in my throat.

"I asked something."

"Fine." I said, calmly, "I don't know. I might have been if only my..." My sentence was stuck in my throat as he halted the car near the pavement with the screech. I jerked forward due to the impact and looked at me, puzzled.

"Why are we..."

"Step out." He said through his greeted teeth. Firstly, I didn't believe that I heard that but when he repeated the same words. I found it hard to breath. "Abhimanyu, I was joking."

"Step. Out. Of. The. Car." My eyes burned with tears.

"Abhimanyu, I...I am sorry. I just....I was teas-"

"Shree get out of the car before I do something stupid!" He roared, making me flinch. Wordlessly, he shut the door and zoomed out, leaving me alone on the secluded street in the middle of night at wee hours. It took minutes to register to me that I was all alone with no transport and no money, for my satchel was left in the car.

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