The Best Match/C7 The Walking Cliche
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The Best Match/C7 The Walking Cliche
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C7 The Walking Cliche

"I make mistakes; I know I'm not perfect. That's why I'm thankful for the true friends who stick by me knowing how I am."

"You said you will introduce me to this guy today. So?" Rhea barged inside my cabin when I was working and demanded. I didn't even spare a glance at her but I saw her snatching the nearby chair and perching upon it through my peripheral gaze. "I am asking you something. You need to focus here, Shree."

"I heard that." I waved my hand dismissively at her, "In lunch break. I'm working now, shoo!"

"Whatever!" The recent program was giving me headache and that had some loopholes which needed to be fixed immediately but Rhea had some other things in mind. She dwindled on the A4 sheet lying on the table and hummed a tone.

"If that bulldog sees you in my cabin, he will sue us both." I reminded her once before focusing back on the screen. Her vindictive laugh poured in my ear as she scoffed. "And, I am afraid of him. I feel that he would've been a wimp kid in the school or a frustrated teen if he gets excited by torturing innocent employees." She explained her analysis making me shake my head. "Anyway, you know what Mrigank told me."


"He said that perhaps bulldog is planning to take us on a trip via office after the meeting with Mittal Group as it proposed to his dad." She appraised, vibrating in mirth and shook me hard. "I can't believe we're going to spend two days in Ooty. Yay!"

"That's actually great but why?"

She jerked her hair back from her shoulder, "Basically what I understand by this is the next two months are going to be extremely hard on us until the project gets over with clients and a few things here and there."

"Wait, we are going on a trip after two months and you're excited as we're going tomorrow." I huffed and mentally abused her rolling my eyes.

"So what if it is going to take two months that's still worth it if we're going to Ooty." She argued, selling her thought to me.

"You are mental."I certified, "These two months will be under his command and he will turn us in bulls."

"And, you are the pessimistic one." She twitched her lips, slapping my shoulder.


"Where is he?" Rhea constantly tapped her foot on the wooden flooring of the canteen while I was amazed at her desperation. This was a first.

"Aren't you behaving overexcited? It's looking creepy to me." I finally blurted out to her. She found a pause on her tap dance and cleared her throat, catching herself. "There's nothing like that. You've instigated my instinct. I am fairly curious."

"Curious? He is not a specimen of Homo Cerebrals." I reminded her and she plastered a faux smile on her lips, "Shut up."

"But what I said...finally." I breathed inaudibly I saw Akshat trolling inside and he waved at me. Rhea followed my gaze as I waved back at him.

"Who is he?"

"The person you were awaiting impatiently." I smirked.

"Hey, you ordered or should I?" He asked, mischievously at me before settling on the chair vacant seat.

"I am sorry for that day!" I bit my lips extremely embarrassed.

"That's fine; I was kidding." He smiled politely.

"I believe you are never going to get bored of teasing me with that."

"Yes, never." With that, our conversation heated up and since, we got so engaged that I literally missed a fuming Rhea beside me who was glaring me, offended of being neglected.

"Yeah so that- owe!" I winced as she hit my leg beneath the table and Akshat looked at me concerned, "Are you fine?"

"Um...yeah." I faked a smile, glaring Rhea and cleared my throat. "Btw, she's Rhea. My best friend; and Rhea, he's Akshat, my new friend."

"Nice to meet you." They did the handshake and I could feel both of them growing nervous. As prophesized, both of them clicked and not just clicked, they clicked very well. Our conversation flowed on the plains of professionalism to the outfall of personal and intimate anecdotes.

"Shree, um...that guy, I mean Akshat. He's good!" Rhea started meekly when we returned to our cubicles and I passed her a knowing look. "Yeah I know!"

"No, I mean he's cute." She blushed and I laughed, "I believe you again but don't tell it to him, for I think boys don't like when called cute."

"Shut up!" She hit my forehead and groaned, "You will not understand."

"I've known it enough to realize that you are having tingles. Isn't it?" I tipped her chin and she widened her eyes, slapping my arm. "Shut up!"

Soon, enough Mrigank knocked on the half open door and peeking inside, "Am I interrupting?"

"Not at all. Please come!" I beckoned him and he looked around, appreciatively. "Your cubicle is much tidier than mine."

I flaunted a smile. "Thanks a lot."

"Why don't you both share?" Rhea butted in, embarrassing me and I elbowed in her ribcage, clearing the air awkwardly. "Don't mind her!"

"So are you ready for the trip?" He asked, totally disregarding Rhea's banter and I gave him a knowing look, "Kind of. Do you think bull... umm... Mr. Devesh will be easy on us for next two months? He will make sure that we're not even sleeping until the meeting is over."

"Of course, this project means a lot to our company. It can give us a boost and hike as well." He nodded, pondering. "But still a trip would be good and refreshing."

"Where are we heading to, anyway?" I propelled.

"Ooty!" He enunciated.

Rhea guffawed, brashly, "I had told you the same thing Shree but I think Mrigank makes a difference."

"Shut up." I groaned and Mrigank chuckled, heading out followed by a rolling Rhea.


"Dad!" I gleamed when I reached home and hugged him, almost spilling tears. It had been two weeks since he was outstation and I, being close to my dad, couldn't hold my tears anymore.

"Now don't cry Butu!" Dad chuckled, patting my back and I retreated, pouting and rubbing my eyes. "I am not crying."

"So, how's your office going?" He asked, ruffling my hair and settled on the sofa. I fell next to him, "Going good, dad."

"Di... I've got news for you." Siya hushed in my ear when everyone was settled to watch a movie with popcorn and few snacks on our lap. I wiggled my eyebrows at her questionably but dad seemed to notice it because he immediately glared her.

"Siya... Stop doing this else I'll have to sequester your existence in your room only." He frowned and she clammed up, puffing her face. I was intrigued to know but her silence wasn't helping me.

"When you've been already scolded, I think there's no harm to spill what you know." I whispered, encouraging her.

"No, I'll be quiet and I should really stop doing this."

"But why did you make me eager to know." I tried to sound hurt but she gave me a look.

"Do not forget that I'm being scolded because you are the one whom I was trying to tell something." She passed the back on me.

"Do not blame her; you got that treatment because of you." Dad said, fixing his eyes on the television. I put my hand on my mouth to muffle the betraying chuckles trying hard to escape, looking at Siya's face.

"Dad, I want to see that movie." She whined when dad changed the channel.

"This is also your punishment." Dad said again, not retiring his gaze.

"Daddy!!" She whined, on the verge of crying as this was those rare moments when she was getting scolded by dad.

"No, I think I've given enough liberty to think there's a law unto you." Dad said insipidly.

"Fine." Siya stomped her foot and went to her room after slamming the door behind.

"Dad!! Call the carpenter tomorrow; she is intended to break the door." I said in between my laugh when she slammed the door while going to the kitchen and slammed it again once before going to her room.

"Siya, that door is not of your Money. If it gets any scratch or something, I'll cut the expenditure from your pocket money." Dad shouted loud enough to let her hear it and sniggered.

"Mooommm!!" She whined and this time, door didn't crack much. We had a round of laughter again because of her.

Poor girl!!


"And why do you think so?" I asked, kicking a pebble on the road while returning to office with Akshat and Rhea. We'd decided to lunch outside, so we hopped into 'Coastal Villa' a nearby restaurant that provided awesome sea food which was hardly available in Jaipur. While coming back, we unceremoniously stroke the topic of 'Love' which was clichéd by Akshat's outlook and Rhea said it was the glistering reality, since I hadn't had any presumption, I chose to be the referee here and demanded an elaboration.

"Of course, the slow motion waves, heavy rains and that guitar tune when the girl and boy meets. That's thrilling." Rhea spoke, dreamily.

"You're a crazy, walking cliché!" He shoved his hands deeper into his pockets and nudged her with his shoulder.

I couldn't refute his statement. So I just shrugged.

"I did love a good cliché, especially if it's a love story." I replied, abstracted.

"They are just fantasies!" He, the ever practical, ever logical pointed out.

"Why is it bad to have a dream?" Rhea prompted.

"Not but it's a dream, not real life!" He poured out sense from his puffing jaw with smirk.

"Sometimes, it's better to have a dream than a bitter reality." I stated as a matter-of-fact.

"You can't always get what you want." Akshat intoned.

"Whatever!!" Rhea muttered, walking ahead and we laughed. Our friendship had grown deeper within these two months; yup those awaited two months in which our bulldog boss made us owl; which means we used to wake all night for the project and snooze in the day hours.

"Rhea... Why are you running? Walk slow!" Akshat shouted when Rhea walked steps ahead from us, she stopped and turned back to us. "No thanks, you don't need to walk beside a walking cliché."

Akshat and I exchanged glances and he ran next to her, he stealthily intertwined his fingers with her while I pretended to be oblivious, giving them privacy. The news flash, they both are in a stage between Friendship and Love.

Initially, I thought they're running fast but when I observed closely, I found them happy and really, really affectionate. So, now I had given my full support to them. Of course, they're still chanting the line that 'We are Friends' but the whole office knew how much of a friend they were!

" love the classic romances?" Akshat asked me when I walked beside him and he carefully braced his knotted fingers with Rhea.

"I don't even have the prospects of a romantic gesture because there is no man in my life." I shrugged, shaking my head.

"Hey I resent that!" He said, shockingly and stopped mid track. Rhea giggled, coming next to me and it was my turn to mock him. "I meant guys whom I'm interested in dating." I emphasized on the 'dating' word.

"Okay then, see you around. Bye." He waved at us when we reached office and smiled, dreamily towards Rhea.

"Am I not missing the blooming love story here?" I teased Rhea to which she glared me at first and then the blush followed.

"He's nice."

"Yeah and you guys are just friends." I mocked, walking to my cubicle while she hugged me from behind. "I think he is stealing my heart."

"I will have to correct you here." I wagged my finger and winked at her, "He's already stolen your heart babe." She blushed profusely hiding her face in the cup of her palm.

"I am so happy for you Rhea. He's such a gem." I hugged her back and she giggled, composing herself. "I know one more gem by the way, Mrigank eh?"

"Ugh! Not again, Rheu!" I gently punched her belly and scooted to my cubicle. I started working on the presentation and the quotations that needed for the new launch. The whole day retired in jiffy. New projects and files had taken much place in my cubicle than the retiring bone. I clutched my bag lazily, and somehow reached home.

"Butu!" Dad called me while I was sprinting upstairs in urgency.

"Yes dad?" I paused in the race and swiveled at him. Dad looked at me. "Get fresh and come down fast. I need to discuss a few things with you."

"Okay." I nodded and pranced to my room. I got fresh and changed in fresh clothes before coming downstairs. "Yes dad, you wanted to say something."

He nodded and patted the seat beside him, "Yes, come sit here with me."

"Shankar, bring soup for everyone." Mom called and sat opposite to me.

"Shikha aunt left for her place?" I queried not finding her within vicinity and rubbed my hands.

"Yes. I asked her to stay a little longer but she has a home." Dad exhaled and shook his head, "Anyway, I wanted to tell you that some guests are turning up this Friday, I want you to be here around 4pm. So take a leave that day."

"It's not possible dad, I've a very important meeting on Friday." I refused, surrendering my hands. "I will be very busy and I am not even sure if I will be able to turn up here early."

"Why is there so much chaos in your office aster every week?" Mom showed her aversion towards my profession. "Look at you! You are becoming weak every passing day."

"Oh, Prerna. You are diverting the topic." Dad grouched, rubbing his forehead.

"Okay fine, talk to her. You get a problem with every single thing that I utter." Mom ended with an unnecessary comment, twitching her lips and I coughed to muffle my laughter.

"Wait, now where are you going with this?"

"Nowhere. Just talk to her."

I tried to convince dad. "Dad please, why don't we call our guests some other day? It's just a bit hectic for me."

Dad looked as if he were deeming. "I believe it's not good to resent our guests."

I wanted to protest but dad showed me his palm, "But we can alter the timings, this way no one will suffer. You okay with it?" He suggested and I nodded. "That could be a way. By the way, who are the guests?"

"That's what I was going to tell you next; Abhimanyu and his family are coming to see you tomorrow." Dad revealed.

"Coming to see me?" I quipped my eyebrow, "Who is Abhimanyu, dad?"

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