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C1 A Dark Night

Although Zhang Yaoqiang was reluctant to be his son-in-law, when he saw his bride Wang Shujuan at the wedding, he was instantly enchanted to death. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect her to have such a bright face.

When he finally made it to the bridal chamber, the best man and the bridesmaid teased him and the new bride for a while, and finally took the red packet and left.

Zhang Yaoqiang was extremely nervous. He had originally thought that he would be able to do the most beautiful thing in the legends with his beautiful bride.

Never would he have expected that Wang Shujuan's charming smile would disappear without a trace like she was suddenly hit by a tornado. She even grabbed a worn-out quilt from the wardrobe and threw it on the floor beside his feet. She said coldly, "You know where you should sleep, right?"

On the surface, Zhang Yaoqiang appeared to be an honest man. In fact, he knew better than anyone else that he just didn't want to bother with others. Of course he knew what Wang Shujuan meant, because the reason for their marriage was to atone for Zhang Yaowu's sins.

So he said nothing, just lifted the quilt and spread it under the window and lay down.

Wang Shujuan glanced at him and laid on the bed with a wronged expression. She then switched off the light with a "Ga ba" sound.

Legend had it that they couldn't turn off the lights on their wedding night, but on a wedding night like this, even if the lights were on, it would be meaningless.

Dark clouds covered the night sky, making it seem like it was going to rain. The thick curtains were drawn on the windows. The interior of the room was so dark that one couldn't even see one's own fingers.

Lying on the ground, Zhang Yao was quietly listening to Wang Shujuan's voice. Soon, he heard her aggrieved crying.

This confused him, and he thought to himself, "You're even feeling wronged, letting me be your son-in-law is something you brought up to do. Even though I'm not as handsome as a movie star, I'm still physically strong and have healthy limbs! "What's not good enough for you? If it wasn't for my second brother not going to jail, do you think I'd be willing to talk to you …"

As he thought of this, he listened to her cries slowly end. Just as he was about to fall asleep, he heard the door creak open, and then gently close.

He thought Wang Shujuan had gotten up to go to the toilet and didn't think too much about it. But soon, the sound of someone going to bed came from the mattress and someone started whispering to each other.

"Mother, what's going on?" "It seems like a man walked in here …" Zhang Yao Qiang immediately opened his eyes wide and looked at the bed. Unfortunately, it was so dark that he couldn't see anything.

He could only listen attentively. The man said in a low voice, "That fool must have fallen asleep!"

Wang Shujuan said, "She should be asleep by now. She hasn't made any sound for quite a while. Hurry up and tell me …"

When Zhang Yao heard this, he couldn't help but feel his scalp tingling and his hair standing up. He cursed in his heart, "Grandma, what's going on!? Could it be that someone was going to replace father in his bridal room? "This is too freaking horrifying …"

The mattress in Simmons's bed began to vibrate rhythmically, telling him that the impossible had really happened. Furthermore, the pair of dogs were in high spirits, breathing rapidly and gasping for breath, as if Zhang Yaoqiang was a dead man.

Zhang Yaoqiang clenched his fists so tightly that it made a cracking sound. Every minute, he would have the urge to viciously beat this pair of hoodlums, men and women, a hundred times per minute.

But at the same time, he also understood one thing. His second brother Zhang Yaowu was truly wronged. He really didn't do anything. He was framed by this shameless woman. However, he didn't understand why they were doing this!

To find out the truth of the matter and to be free of it, he had to endure the humiliation, pretend to find nothing, lie down gently, and snore loudly against the happy rhythm of the two dogs and two women in the bed.

Hearing his snoring, the two dogs became even more unrestrained. They even got up and changed into a few postures, making the situation even more shocking.

Wang Shujuan's family was a villa, her father was the real estate boss, and her mother, Zhou Zhiyun, was his right-hand woman. They had no children, only two daughters, and their second daughter was in university.

The older people slept more lightly, and they were awakened by the sound of the door being disturbed.

Hearing her daughter's exaggerated cries, Zhou Zhiyun said in a low voice, "Looks like this girl really likes that kid."

Wang Kun said, "I heard. It's good that you like her. I don't want her to embarrass me. Alright, go to sleep!"

The old couple no longer spoke.

In the new room, Zhang Yaoqiang was still snoring and admiring the happy voices of the male and female duo. His stomach was practically swelling from the anger.

Finally, the pair of dogs stopped.

"It's over. It's always like this. You're so annoying." Wang Shujuan seemed unsatisfied and unhappily said, "Scram! Get lost! "

The man said apologetically, "No, it's too exciting today. I can't help it! I promise I'll make you happy next time. "

"Scram!" I want to sleep. " Wang Shujuan unhappily said and got into bed.

There was a rustling sound.

Zhang Yao forced his eyes to open wide in order to see who the guy wearing the green hat was. Unfortunately, it was too dark inside the house. All he saw was a black shadow walking out.

He let out a breath of resentment and thought to himself, "No rush, there will be a day when I will find out who you are. Grandma dares to cheat me like this, so let's just wait and see …"

Having not slept well all night, Zhang Yaoqiang got up early to fold the quilt and put it in the wardrobe. When he turned around, he saw Wang Shujuan's slender legs completely exposed outside the quilt.

He had lived for twenty-three years, yet it was the first time he had seen such a beautiful scenery. He could not be indifferent to it. At that moment, he really wanted to pounce on her and pull away the quilt to get a good look at her.

But then he remembered how strong she had been last night, and a surge of hatred rose in his heart. He swallowed, walked past her, and went out into the bathroom to wash up.

In the kitchen, his father-in-law, Wang Kun, was already preparing breakfast.

Zhang Yao was really surprised when he saw his father-in-law in the kitchen. He never imagined that the dignified real estate boss was actually a chef who doted on his wife.

To show his sincerity, he hurried into the kitchen to help.

Wang Kun looked kind and friendly on the surface. Looking at him, he chuckled and said, "It seems like you also like going to the kitchen at home!"

Zhang Yao nodded and smiled, "Yes, my mom left early. The three of us have been learning to cook since we were young. It seems like my dad's culinary skills are quite good!"

Wang Kun said with a smile, "I don't have any hobbies usually, but after work!" I just like cooking. The taste should be alright, right? Brilliant! "From today onwards, we are family. Shujuan's temper isn't very good, and as a man, you should take more responsibility. Home and the joy of life!"

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