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The Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C12 The Paper Cannot Hold the Fire
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C12 The Paper Cannot Hold the Fire

However, he would definitely not give up. To say that he loved Wang Shujuan, would be more pitiful. If he gave up on her, she would definitely die, and even Wang Xueqing would not be able to survive.

Therefore, he hurriedly said, "The doctor said that he can definitely cure her leg. I just need tens of thousands of dollars right now. My relatives and friends, gather some and it will be enough."

Zhang Kui sighed, "It's not easy to get a wife these days. Since you said so, Dad can't not support you. My card isn't even worth 10,000 yuan. Take it first!" Let me think of a way to collect some money for you. Your second brother has just gotten married and hasn't paid off his mortgage or car loan yet! "I don't have much money, but your big brother should have some savings. You should go borrow some for yourself!"

Saying that, she took out her salary card from her purse and handed it to him.

Zhang Yaoqiang took it over and quickly ran back to the hospital to pay the temporary hospital admission fee that could last for three days.

Originally, he still had over twenty thousand yuan in his salary card, but now that the card was given to Wang Shujuan, he was afraid that she might suspect that something had happened to his father, so he didn't dare to ask if she still had money in the card.

He tried to put on a carefree smile and walked into the ward.

When Wang Shujuan saw him enter, she immediately asked, "Hubby, why did Dad call you out?"

"Dad heard I said you were in the hospital and he was going to take a leave of absence to see you." Zhang Yao forced a smile and said, "I said no, I still need to ask for a leave of absence to delay earning money. Zhang Yao forced a smile and said," I said no, I still need a leave of absence to delay earning money.

Wang Shujuan smiled happily. "Dad is so nice, not like my relatives who would send gifts to me every new year when they need my dad. Now, there's no need for my dad, not even when I'm hospitalized, no one comes to see me. It's so realistic! I can't rely on any relatives, only my husband and sister are reliable."

Upon hearing this, Wang Xueqing's eyes reddened as she hurriedly went to the toilet to avoid crying.

When Wang Shujuan saw that she was about to cry, she smiled and said, "This lass has seen through my heartache in the past few days and is on the verge of tears. I didn't know she cared about me so much in the past.

"You didn't notice it before." Zhang Yaoqiang sat on the chair beside the bed and held her hand, saying, "In the past, you've always been thinking about playing around every day, and I've forgotten all about it. It's not because your body is bad that others treat you well."

"Hubby, I'm really scared. If one day you suddenly treat me badly, I definitely won't be able to take it." Wang Shujuan said warmly as she held his hand.

Zhang Yao forced a smile, "That won't happen. If I didn't love you, now is the best time to leave you. Why would I pretend to be nice to you?" Since I truly love you, why would I treat you badly? "Don't worry, I, your man, am a man who can support both heaven and earth. Spitting is a nail in the ass. I definitely won't go back on my word."

"I can see that you're really treating me well." Wang Shujuan pursed her lips into a smile and said, "If you continue to treat me this way, I know my own limits. At that time, I will reward you with a little San'er."

Zhang Yaoqiang couldn't help laughing out loud, "What nonsense are you talking about!?" If you reward me with a little girl, how can I raise her! Besides, all of those little girls like rich dashu. With a poor kid like me, who would want to be with me!? "Hahaha …"

"See how it makes you happy." I don't blame you for having such a thought, but the prerequisite is that you have to be capable. If you let a paralytic like me drag you down for the rest of your life, then our lives really will be too miserable. I don't want to end my life in such a miserable and ordinary way. "Wang Shujuan chuckled.

Zhang Yao forcefully kissed her hand and said, "Of course our lives are not so mediocre! "I have enough strength. I will definitely create a sky that belongs to us, making everyone who knows us and those who don't, envious and jealous of us. That is my ideal!"

"Yes, a man like me." Wang Shujuan gave a thumbs up and laughed, "Although I usually eat and do nothing, I am still an ideal person! It's just that I haven't been able to find a place to use my martial arts to the fullest. Now that I'm paralyzed, I'll depend on you to realize my dreams. "

Zhang Yao nodded and smiled, "No problem. I promise I will complete the mission"

At this moment, Wang Xueqing walked in and said with a smile, "Look at the happy couple! What do you want to complete?"

Wang Shujuan looked at her and said, "This is our secret and I won't tell you about it. "Say, do you think dad and mom went too far? This whole morning is going to go by again. If you don't come to see me, you won't even be able to make a phone call. No, I can't take it anymore. Hubby, give me a cell phone. I want to call them."

Upon saying those words, Zhang Yaoqiang and Wang Xueqing looked at each other. They were in a very difficult situation.

Wang Shujuan looked at the two of them and immediately felt that something was wrong. Her face changed slightly as she said, "What do you mean? Why didn't you let me call! Say something! "

Seeing that the paper couldn't hold the fire anymore, Zhang Yao hurriedly used his eyes to communicate with Wang Xueqing. He said in a serious tone, "Shujuan, I have something to tell you. "Actually, dad and mom already investigated the police yesterday, and now they're refusing all family members from visiting, so they can't call you since they didn't come to see you."

Wang Shujuan's face turned pale instantly. She glared at Wang Xueqing and said, "Both of them have been investigated?"

Wang Xueqing nodded, holding back the pain in her chest, and said, "It's already been investigated. We were afraid you'd be in a hurry, so we didn't tell you."

"Liar, big liar, the two of you are both big liars, which part of it is true …" Wang Shujuan suddenly flew into a rage and was about to get up.

Zhang Yao hurriedly stepped forward and held her down. He knew it was useless to say anything. Lowering his head, he kissed her fragrant lips and very gently kissed it.

Wang Shujuan struggled a few times, but after feeling his love, she finally stopped moving.

Seeing that she was being honest, Zhang Yao raised his head and looked at her, "The reason why we hid it from you is because we love you. It's best that you don't know about this kind of thing that affects your physical and mental health!"

Wang Xueqing pouted and said, "That's right! Isn't it because we love you? No conscience. "

Wang Shujuan exhaled and said, "What a shame. Luckily I married someone earlier, otherwise, would I have been able to marry someone else? "Xueqing, second girl, your marriage will definitely be affected."

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