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C13 Zhou Lan Lan

Zhang Yao let out a sigh of relief when he saw that she wasn't in a rush. "Actually, Mom and Dad are fine. They'll be back in a few days. As long as you're not in a hurry, Xue Qing and I can relax.

Wang Shujuan said sternly, "I'm just a paralytic who can't do anything. I'm in a hurry to give up!" Isn't that just making things difficult for the two of you? I'd better hurry up and heal up! "Even if I have to sit in a wheelchair, at least I can go to the prison and check them out!

Wang Xueqing wiped her tears, smiled and said, "You're right. To not let others worry about you, you need to be strong. Even in a wheelchair, you can still do a lot of things. Don't forget that your beauty is outstanding!"

"You stinking girl, even if you know how to talk, you still don't know that you're praising me!" "You must be praising yourself!" Wang Shujuan smiled and said, "Don't forget that the two of us were carved from the same mold."

Wang Xueqing was just about to speak.

At this time, the door opened and a sixteen to seventeen year old little loli walked in. She was dressed in simple clothes and looked honest and honest. She carried some fruits and a bag of steamed buns.

She looked at the identical Wang sisters, bowed first, and said, "Sister Shujuan, I'm sorry. My name is Zhou Lan Lan, and I'm here to serve you in place of my father, Zhou Guangwen. My father went to work to earn money, so we will definitely pay him back as soon as possible. I'm really sorry."

Wang Shujuan looked at her and immediately said, "Are you the daughter of the person who struck me?"

Zhou Lan Lan lowered her head, her sparkling tears flowing down her face. She hummed in a low voice.

"Where's your old man? Hurry up and call him over. You can refuse to give me the compensation, but I have to slap him dozens of times to vent my anger." Wang Shujuan pointed at her nose and bellowed, "Hurry and call him over!"

Zhou Lan Lan pouted and said, "My father went to work in the coal mine. Elder sister, if you want to hit me, just hit me!" It's the same. "

As she spoke, she brought her tender and beautiful face in front of her.

"You …" Wang Shujuan looked at Zhang Yaoqiang and Wang Xueqing and said, "It's not like you could hit me, so how can I vent my anger on you? Forget it, forget it. I don't need your help.

Zhou Lan Lan insisted, "My dad said that I must attend to my sister so that her family will have time to do something. My sister will let me stay!" I'm really good at serving people. "

"Quickly pull it down! If you stay here, I'll care about your food! " Wang Shujuan said with a straight face, "Hurry up and leave!"

"I brought some steamed buns with me. If I'm hungry, I can eat some steamed buns myself." Zhou Lan Lan Lan quickly raised the bag in her hand and said, "If you're thirsty, there's water in the toilet. I won't spend a single cent on it for you. I bought it for you and washed it already. I'll peel it for you now."

With that said, he put down the fruit and steamed buns in his hands, picked up a fruit knife and a red apple, and quickly began to peel them.

Looking at the sincerity on her face, Zhang Yao could not help but feel sad. He said, "Wife, just let her be! This is also her and his father's good intentions. I am also poor, and I know the bitterness in their hearts. "

Wang Shujuan extended her hand to receive the apple Zhou Lan Lan Lan Lan handed her, saying, "The peel of the apple is pretty good! Since you mean well, you should stay! "

"Thank you elder sister." Zhou Lan Lan Lan said happily as she stood to the side.

Seeing Zhou Lan Lan's cute and pitiful appearance, Zhang Yao felt very sympathetic in his heart. He quickly smiled and said, "Lan Lan, don't be so restrained. Just a little bit will do."

Zhou Lan Lan nodded, but still maintained a restrained look. It seemed like she wasn't familiar with the reason yet!

Eating an apple, Wang Shujuan looked at her sister and said, "Xueqing, there's another person taking care of me now. You should go home and rest! I can see that you've lost a lot of weight in the past two days.

Zhang Yaoqiang also continued, "Yes! Xueqing, you should go back and rest! Tidy up and go to work! "

In fact, he knew very well that she didn't have much work to do, and had only said so to comfort Wang Shujuan in passing.

Wang Xueqing felt really bad. She wanted to cry all the time. In addition, she wanted to find out more news about her father, so she had the intention to leave!

So she said, "All right! "Then I'll find time to come and see you tomorrow. I'll go back first."

Wang Shujuan said, "Go on! I can't bear to look at you. "

Wang Xueqing picked up her bag and left the room.

"I'll send you off, Xueqing." After saying that, Zhang Yao followed up.

Wang Xueqing looked back at him and said, "Now that we have Zhou Lan Lan's help, you should get some sleep!" These past few days have been burning you up. "

"I'm fine. I won't disturb my sleep tonight." Zhang Yaoqiang immediately smiled, "Sitting on the chair and sleeping like that. You don't have to worry about me. Go back and rest, and don't let your thoughts run wild. These few days, I've found out that your mental state is really bad. Don't tire yourself out."

Wang Xueqing walked down the stairs and sighed, "I'm fine, I just can't sleep, I can't sleep even if I wanted to, it will be fine in a few days, after all, no one can accept this all of a sudden. Fortunately, brother-in-law stays by my sister's side like this, otherwise I would have broken down a long time ago."

As he spoke to here, he couldn't help but tear up.

Zhang Yao had already fallen in love with her in his heart. It was a different feeling from when he had treated Wang Shujuan. Looking at her haggard face, he could not help but feel his heart ache.

However, since the two of them had special statuses, he couldn't easily reveal that he liked her, so he could only follow her down the stairs and advise: "Don't be sad, you are my support now too! If anything happens to you, I'll break down too. For me, for your sister, let's pull ourselves together and get this Cammyr past, okay? "

Wang Xueqing wiped away her tears and said, "I'm fine, I just miss my mom. I'll soon recover from my pain. Don't worry about me, you can go back now!" "Zhou Lan Lan Lan must have just arrived and didn't know how to serve my sister."

Zhang Yao looked at her and said, "Then be careful on your way back. Call me if you need anything."

"Hm!" You can go back now! " Wang Xueqing spoke a few words before walking down with a sorrowful look on her face.

Zhang Yaoqiang felt his heart ache as he watched her disappear downstairs. Only then did he return to the ward.

Wang Shujuan was just about to pee.

Zhou Lan Lan Lan quickly grabbed the basin under the bed, not knowing how to make her pee in it.

Zhang Yaoqiang rushed forward and said, "Let me do it!" Taking the bowl, he lifted the quilt off her body and gently lifted her butt to catch her, telling her that she could pee now.

Wang Shujuan had already gotten used to serving him, and happily released him to pee.

When Zhang Yao took out the urinal.

Zhou Lan Lan saw the blood at the door and could not help but exclaim, "Ah! How did big sis start peeing? "

It was already too late for Zhang Yao to stop her. He hurriedly covered her up and said, "That's not blood. It's fire. That's why it's red."

As he spoke, he wanted to walk out the door and destroy the evidence.

"Stop, Zhang Yao Qiang, you come back. Let me see what's wrong?" How can there be blood? " Wang Shujuan hurriedly shouted, "Are you still hiding something from me!?"

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