The Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C17 We've Met a Noble Person
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The Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C17 We've Met a Noble Person
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C17 We've Met a Noble Person

Zhang Yao turned around and looked at Zhou Lan Lan. He quietly walked out of the door and stood in the corridor. He took out his cell phone and looked at his phone number.

When a nurse saw him, she stepped forward and said, "Lin Tianya, have you prepared your hospitalization fee yet?"

Lin Tianya looked at her and said, "I'm currently thinking of a way. We'll gather them very soon."

"The President said that if you don't pay the hospital admission fee tomorrow morning, your wife will have to leave the hospital. We have no other choice but to pay the salary for raising so many people in the hospital." After saying that with a cold expression, the nurse walked back to the nurse's station.

Zhang Yaoqiang wasn't an unreasonable person. He understood that he couldn't blame them for this. Squatting in the corridor, he continued to look at his cell phone number and tried to figure out how everyone was related to him, whether they could borrow money or not.

He didn't sleep the whole night and started to make phone calls as soon as the sun rose. He talked until his mouth was parched and he didn't get a dime.

At this time, Zhou Lan Lan Lan went out the door to look at him and said, "Big brother Tian Ya, big sister needs to be convenient. I'm calling for you to come in!"

"En." Zhang Yao replied. He hurriedly entered the house to pick up the urinal for Wang Shujuan to catch. He tried his best to make a happy smile on his face as he coaxed Wang Shujuan into recuperating.

After treating her, Zhang Yaoqiang was just about to go out and call his dad, asking him to find a way to borrow some money.

The nurse came in with a medicine bag and gave Wang Shujuan an IV drip.

Zhang Yaoqiang couldn't help but feel his heart skip a beat. He didn't understand the situation and why Wang Shujuan was suddenly given a free infusion in the hospital.

He waited quietly while the nurses went out, one by one, getting the IV set ready.

He quickly followed and said, "Thank you sister nurse, did the dean agree to let me pay the hospital fees later?"

The nurse looked at him and laughed, "Bro, your imagination is too rich. If the dean were to do that, all of us will have to go drink in the northwest wind!"

"Then what is the meaning of this!?" Zhang Yaoqiang said with a confused expression, "I haven't paid the hospital admission fee yet!"

The nurse looked at him and said, "Your life has truly met a noble. Just now, a lady named Qian Yueru paid for Wang Shujuan's stay in the hospital for half a month."

Who is Qian Yuru! I don't know him! " Zhang Yaoqiang quickly asked.

"How would I know!?" You can go to the collection office to ask! " The nurse said something and hurried into the other room.

Zhang Yaoqiang's mind was filled with confusion. He quickly walked down the stairs and ran to the first floor's tollbooth and asked the three tollers one by one.

One of them handed him a piece of paper and said that Qian Yuru had left it for him.

Lin Tianya hurriedly held it in his hand and saw the words: "The world is unpredictable. You and I are all passersby. There were not many good people in this cold world. "It's easy to get priceless treasures, but it's rare to have a lover. I hope that fate will allow us to meet again."

He read it several times, but he did not know who it was. He quickly returned to the ward and asked Wang Shujuan if he knew anyone named Qian Yugru.

Wang Shujuan shook her head and said, "I don't know him. I've never even heard of this name before. Why are you asking this person?"

Zhang Yao forced a smile and said, "This person is our benefactor! She actually gave you half a month's hospitalization fee in one go! That one costs more than 50,000 yuan! They don't even let us see who she is. Where in the world are we supposed to find such a good person?! "

Wang Shujuan was stunned for a moment before she said, "If that's the case, could it be someone from Lan Lan?!"

Zhou Lan Lan quickly shook her head and said, "No, our family doesn't have any relatives with the surname Qian, nor any rich and generous people. They must be some kind of friend of brother!" If we don't contact each other after so long, you might as well forget about me. "

Zhang Yaoqiang laughed out loud, "How could my friends be that generous? I've called them so many times, but no one cares about me. Who would secretly pay my admission fee!?" Wasn't this simply a dream? "Hahaha …"

Looking at his happy expression, Wang Shujuan understood that he was worried about her hospitalization expenses. She pouted and said, "Hubby, did I spend a lot of money? You won't be able to stand up, so why spend money here! "

Zhang Yao forced a smile and said, "You can leave the hospital in half a month, and we'll take care of ourselves when we get home. Now I don't have to worry about your hospitalization expenses, and you can rest easy. Oh right, I need to go see Xueqing. Why didn't she give me a call?

Wang Shujuan nodded. "Then go and see her! That girl is too petty, unlike me, who is too heartless. "

In order to save money, he took the bus for a walk. After a walk, he walked into the courtyard of Wang Xueqing's house and opened the door with his key. As soon as he entered the room, he saw Wang Xueqing holding a kitchen knife and gesturing at his own neck with a dull expression.

He hurriedly shouted, and took the blade in her hand and threw it to the side, hugging it and said, "Xueqing, what are you doing? Why don't you think about it! Just a silly girl. "

Wang Xueqing immediately hugged him and cried out.

Zhang Yao held her tightly and let her cry for a while. When she started to cry, he said, "Don't be silly anymore. As long as brother-in-law is here, he will make you two sisters happy."

Wang Xueqing replied with a dazed look in her eyes, "No, we can't drag you down. It's unfair to you. Why don't you let us leave together?"

"Silly girl, what nonsense are you saying!" Zhang Yaoqiang quickly looked her in the eye and said, "Why do you all have such thoughts when you are living well!?" Your sister is going to be discharged in half a month. We're starting all over again, what's wrong with that!? Why do you have to think like that! "

Wang Xueqing was stunned for a moment before she broke out of his embrace and said, "I'm talking nonsense. I don't even know what I'm talking about. I should go to the hospital to see my sister, otherwise she'll be angry again."

He hurried into the bathroom to wash up.

He exhaled and said, "I told your sister that Mom and Dad were only sentenced. Ten years for one, three years for a year. If you go, don't say anything about it."

Wang Xueqing was stunned for a moment before she said, "I know. It's good now. Sister is left alone. With brother-in-law to look after her, I'm relieved. I'll go find a job in a bit."

"No, you're not fit to work yet." Zhang Yaoqiang quickly said, "Someone has already paid for your sister's hospitalization fees for us for half a month. We are not in a hurry to make money right now, just rest up and I'll go to work."

"Someone paid my sister for her stay in the hospital. Who is it!?" Wang Xueqing asked doubtfully.

Zhang Yao shook his head and smiled, "I don't know who she is either. I know her name is Qian Yuru. Do you know who this name is?"

Wang Xueqing thought for a while and said, "Our relatives don't have money either! My sister's life is so good! This is meeting a rich person. "

"I think so too." Zhang Yao forced a smile and said, "Did they say that there will be a blessing in disguise even if you don't die? So our future must be glorious, and we must live well. "

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