The Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C2 Scissor Prophylaxis
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The Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C2 Scissor Prophylaxis
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C2 Scissor Prophylaxis

Facing this kind father-in-law of his, all the grievances in Zhang Yao's heart seemed to have disappeared. He said with a smile, "I know. I will definitely use father as my role model."

Wang Kun looked at him and laughed, "Heh heh, why do you have the same words as my second daughter!? That little girl has been obedient and understanding ever since she was young, and she has made me feel much more at ease than I did with Shujuan. "

"Where is little sister? Why didn't I see her? " Zhang Yaoqiang hurriedly asked.

"I'm in university! "I'm about to graduate." Wang Kun had a contented smile on his face as he said, "That girl is very smart and studious, but she is also the disciple that I am most proud of in my life. "For the time being, you have to work in the factory. When you get the chance, dad will arrange a job for you."

Zhang Yao nodded and smiled, "Okay dad, I'll listen to you."

At this time, his mother-in-law, Zhou Zhiyun, went out in her sexy pajamas and said, "These two husband and wife are pretty compatible! What are you saying! It can't be that we're being lazy, right? " After finishing her sentence, she walked into the bathroom to wash her face and rinse her mouth.

Zhang Yao quickly went out the door and said with a smile, "Of course not, we're talking about my little sister!"

Although Zhou Zhiyun was already over forty years old, due to her good maintenance, she was still full of charm. She looked to be around thirty years old.

Zhang Yao Qiang saw her long legs and had a strange feeling in his heart. He thought, "A beautiful mother gives birth to a beautiful daughter. I wonder what that sister-in-law looks like. She must also be a great beauty …"

After breakfast, Zhang Yaoqiang rushed out the door. He first took the bus back to his home in the same county. Riding on his electric bike, he rushed to the air filter factory where he worked.

He was working in a sheet metal shop, and his fellow workers gave him envious looks as soon as he entered the door.

Chief Liu Dahai came over to greet him with a smile, "Zhang Yao Qiang, what kind of dog shit luck are you getting? Why did that big boss's daughter fall for you? Tell us about it!" Do you have some kind of secret technique for picking up girls!? "Hahaha …"

A dozen big boys without wives crowded forward to hear what he had to say.

Thinking of the humiliation he had suffered last night, Zhang Yao felt really unsatisfied. However, in order to save face, he quickly took out two boxes of Zhonghua and distributed them to everyone. He said, "What kind of secret manual is there?! Actually, Wang Shujuan and I have known each other since three years ago.

After telling a huge lie that made him blush, Zhang Yaoqiang hurriedly went to work, avoiding the questions of his coworkers.

All this time, he had been thinking about how to find out who the wild man Wang Shujuan was, how to find out the truth behind their frame-up against his second brother, and how to return his freedom.

When he got off work that night, he hurriedly got on his electric bike and ran back to the Wang family.

Upon entering, Wang Shujuan, who was sitting on the sofa and watching TV on her cell phone, immediately stretched out a slender hand and said, "Hand it over!"

Zhang Yaoqiang couldn't help but be surprised for a moment. Looking at the two beautiful legs beneath her miniskirt, he quickly smiled and said, "Hand over what?"

"Play dumb for me, right?" Wang Shujuan said unhappily, "Now that you're mine, all of your income is under my control. Give me your salary card."

Even though she wasn't a proper woman and Zhang Yao Qiang hated her so much that his teeth itched, he still couldn't help but be moved by her beauty because she was indeed the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. He really wanted to push her down and ruthlessly crush her on the sofa.

However, he only thought about it and reluctantly smiled, "Ok, I'll give it to you." He took his own salary card out of his wallet and handed it to her.

Wang Shujuan took the bank card and even took his wallet. She said domineeringly, "I will buy whatever you need. Why are you keeping money? You want to secretly find Miss *!" Zhang Yao, I'm telling you, be my man and behave yourself. If you find anything abnormal, I'll divorce you! Hurry up and wash up, otherwise don't enter this lady's room. "

Zhang Yao stared blankly at her jade-like face and thought to himself, "You really don't have any face at all. You stole a man on your wedding night, yet you are so f * cking confident in wearing a green hat. How can there be a person as shameless as you in this world!"

"What happened, I'm not convinced!" Wang Shujuan giggled. "Come over and hit me! Slap me and you can get out of this situation. Hit me! "

Resisting the rage in his heart, Zhang Yao said with a smile, "You're thinking too much. I finally found a boss to be my father-in-law. My future is bright!" "Don't even think about provoking me. I won't fall for your trick, hahaha …" He laughed and went into the bathroom to wash his face.

"Lowly men, I've never seen someone as lowly as you." When Wang Shujuan saw him smile, she immediately scolded him, "Zhang Yao, you better listen up. You know very well in your heart why we're married. Don't think about anything good. I won't let you touch me for the rest of my life, hmph! "

I simply don't have any intention of marrying you. I only married you for the sake of this big boss's father-in-law, nothing else is important, don't think that you have any looks, just want to get involved with you. To be honest, in my eyes, you're just a pile of dog shit, I don't even want to look at you, don't be self-righteous. " He went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

"Good boy, you have guts! Let's see how I'll deal with you tonight!" Wang Shujuan sneered. She ignored him and went to play on her mobile phone.

Although Zhang Yaoqiang's heart was full of hatred, he still put on a happy expression on the surface and hummed a little apple for dinner.

Very soon, Wang Kun and Zhou Zhiyun returned together. Seeing their son-in-law cooking, they both appeared very happy.

During dinner, the old couple continuously praised Zhang Yaoqiang's cooking skills.

While eating, Wang Shujuan played with her cell phone, ignoring what they were saying.

After the meal, in order to show his diligence, Zhang Yaoqiang rushed to wash the dishes.

Wang Kun and his wife were really satisfied with this son-in-law.

After cleaning up, Zhang Yao accompanied his father-in-law for a while to watch an anti-graft drama. In the end, he had no choice but to enter Wang Shujuan's room.

Upon entering, he saw a vast expanse of white before him. On the bed, he saw Wang Shujuan wearing two small white undergarments, which were still transparent. She was leaning against the bed, playing with her cell phone and a pair of scissors beside her.

Zhang Yaoqiang was surprised for a moment, but he quickly understood what she meant. She had said that she was going to mess with him tonight.

He looked at the scissors next to her and knew that it was meant to be used as a precaution against him. He turned around and gulped as he closed the door. Resisting the surging impulse in his heart, he took out the old quilt from the wardrobe and spread it on the ground.

Wang Shujuan held her phone in one hand and her scissors in the other. She thought to herself, "Despicable man, if you dare to come over, I'll stab you to death."

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