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Wang Xueqing frowned, "You mean that black rock saved your life and also gave you power?"

"Smart." Zhang Yaoqiang laughed out loud, "That's how I got my power. Not only did I save my own life, I also saved my sister-in-law. Now that I have this ability, in the future, won't I have a lot of money? "Hahaha …"

The two sisters were silent for a moment, then they immediately cheered.

"Husband, you're such a good man. If you're capable, the first thing you'll do is think of curing my injuries. I'll promise you now, as long as you have the money to raise women, I won't object to you finding so many beauties. You'll be fine as long as you're happy, hahaha …"

"Xueqing, did you hear that!?" This was something she personally promised me. You can't go back on your word! "Hahaha …" Zhang Yaoqiang laughed as he carried her around a few times.

Wang Shujuan laughed. "I won't go back on my word. Don't you like Xueqing? I'll betroth her to you now. You two can get married tonight! "Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

"Sis, what are you talking about!" Wang Xueqing said embarrassedly.

Wang Shujuan laughed. "Damn brat, stop pretending. I could already tell that the two of you liked each other. You're acting behind my back. Do you think I don't know?" Today was a day of great joy, so he might as well make it even more so! "Hahaha …"

Wang Xueqing wanted to retort a few more words, but the words that came out of her mouth were like a kiss on the lips of the extremely excited Zhang Yao, completely clarifying the relationship between the two of them.

Wang Shujuan looked at the two of them and said with a smile, "Zhang Yaoqiang, you treat me well. Wang Shujuan looked at the two of them and smiled," Zhang Yaoqiang, you treat me well.

Zhang Yao raised his head and released the flushed Wang Xueqing. He smiled and said, "Rest assured, I will definitely make you all the happiest women in the world. Alright, now let's plan on how to make a fortune!"

Wang Xueqing immediately said, "Isn't that simple? "Now that you have such powerful power, you can go find those rich people who have terminal illnesses and are waiting to die in the hospital. If you cure him, even if you want 100 million, he will still give it to you."

"Not bad, there are a lot of rich people. Let's hurry up and go to the big hospital in the city to find the rich people who are about to die." Wang Shujuan said joyfully, "Ten minutes is enough to save a person. If that's the case, we can become a billionaire in one day. Hahaha …"

"Fine, let's do it this way. I'll go buy a train ticket right away and go to the provincial capital tomorrow." After Zhang Yao said that, he turned around and came back. He said, "Wife, do you still have money in your bank account? I don't have the money to buy a ticket. "

"Yes, yes, yes. I transferred all the money from your card into my card. I still have over 6000 yuan left!" As she spoke, Wang Shujuan hurriedly took out her bank card and handed it to him. She said, "The password is 520,520."

Zhang Yao forced a smile and said, "Give me your ID card, I'm going to buy a ticket."

The two beauties replied, then they each took out their identity cards and placed them in his hands.

Zhang Yao Qiang happily hummed a small tune as he went out. Without taking a taxi, he leaped all the way and arrived at the train station. He bought three train tickets and went back and forth for less than ten minutes.

The two sisters were chatting and laughing as they cleaned the room and saw him enter.

Wang Xueqing looked at him and asked, "Brother-in-law, why did you come back so quickly?"

Zhang Yao hugged her and gave her a kiss. He smiled and said, "Of course you're fast. If you don't have that kind of ability, how could you be your husband? "Hahaha …"

Wang Xueqing pushed him away with a blush and said with a smile, "You're annoying. I'm not your wife."

Wang Shujuan looked at him with a charming smile and said, "Hubby, if the two of us were to wear the same kind of clothes, would we be able to distinguish who is who?"

"Of course." Zhang Yao forced a smile and said, "The two of you have different personalities and different temperament and expressions. And the smell is also different!"

"Then what smell am I!?" "What is the smell of Xueqing again!" Wang Shujuan asked hurriedly.

Zhang Yao forced a laugh and said, "Your body is so coquettish, and every whiff is always for a man to sleep in. Xueqing's body smells so pure, so she must be Miss Huang Hua. Hahaha …"

"Stinking brat, you think I'm shameless, right? "Then don't come near me from now on. Damn you, gege gege …" Wang Shujuan continued to mop the floor.

Zhang Yao walked forward and hugged her waist. He kissed her neck and laughed, "I just like to act coquettish. How can I not be close to you!? Then don't think about me till I die! "

"Hateful. Can the two of you stop being numb? Listening to you makes my ears itch." Wang Xueqing chuckled.

Zhang Yao let go of Wang Shujuan, then went forward to hug Wang Xueqing. He smiled and said, "Then let's have meat jelly together! "Let her ear itch, hahaha …"

"Alright, stop messing around, let's get to the point!" Wang Shujuan retracted her smile and said, "Should we go and teach that bastard Luo Haowei a lesson? I hate him. "

Zhang Yao let go of Wang Xueqing and said, "Now is not the time. When we have the money and drive a luxury car, and the family goes off to relatives, we will have our revenge. If his wife is pretty enough, I will definitely divorce them."

Wang Shujuan nodded and smiled, "Alright, let's make the best use of our time to make money! Save tens of billions of dollars and then come back and settle with him. "

Wang Xueqing smiled sweetly and said, "I really didn't expect our family to have a superhuman. Brother-in-law, tell us quickly what your power can do!"

"There should be a lot of these functions!" Zhang Yao forced a smile and said, "First of all, I feel that my vision, hearing, and sense of smell are all different now." Zhang Yao forced a smile and said, "First of all, I feel that my vision, hearing, and sense of smell are all different now.

"I hate it, why are you looking at what they're wearing!" Wang Xueqing hurriedly entered the room to hide.

Wang Shujuan chuckled. "Did you see it through the lens?" Don't tell me you all have already slept! You must have seen it when you were taking off your clothes! "

"Stop bullshitting. Xue Qing and I are just kissing." Zhang Yaoqiang quickly said, "Half a month ago, she suddenly started to laugh and cry like she's going crazy. I had no choice but to kiss her and it really worked."

Wang Shujuan glanced at Wang Xueqing, who was in the room, and whispered, "That's because she likes you in her heart, and thinks that you're a man worthy of a woman's love. If you don't do that, I'm afraid she'll really go crazy.

Zhang Yao let out a sigh and said, "Yeah! I almost went crazy. If it wasn't for the money that Yu Ru helped us with, I really don't know what to do anymore. When we get the money, this savior of mine must definitely find her and thank her properly.

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