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C4 Carry Him Home

Soon, a yellow-haired boy approached Wang Shujuan and chatted and drank with her. He even offered to buy her a drink.

Wang Shujuan was not happy. She had come here to get drunk and had started drinking with him.

Zhang Yaoqiang, who was standing at the side, looked at her and cursed in his heart, "How despicable and forceful! How could you drink with him!?" "This kind of person seems to have ill intentions at first glance …"

After a while, Wang Shujuan downed two cups of wine. She was obviously tipsy and excited. She stood up and walked onto the dance floor, swaying along with the swaying men and women.

The yellow-haired boy then followed, stepping forward and wrapping his arms around her slender waist, swaying face to face with her.

Zhang Yaoqiang couldn't bear to watch any longer. He walked forward and fiercely punched that yellow haired kid, knocking him to the ground.

All the young dancers immediately cried out in fear and dodged away.

The yellow-hair kid stood up and saw that Zhang Yaoqiang's body was much stronger than his. When he made a move, he knew that he would be at a disadvantage. He pointed at Zhang Yaoqiang and said, "You have guts. Just you wait." He turned around and left in a hurry.

"Why did you hit him!" Wang Shujuan recognized Zhang Yaoqiang, pushed him forward and said unhappily, "Shameless bastard, follow me! Scram for me!" "Scram!"

Seeing her swaying back and forth and unable to stand steadily, Zhang Yao Qiang did not say anything and carried her in his arms and left.

"Let go of me, I don't need you to care. Help …" Wang Shujuan struggled and shouted.

Everyone in the bar could see that their couple was in an awkward situation and no one cared about their business.

Zhang Yao carried her out of the bar. He put her on his electric bike, held her in front of his chest, and rode away.

"Zhang Yao, you bastard. You dare to interfere with my business? I'll kill you when we get back. Let go of me …" Wang Shujuan struggled weakly and quickly fell unconscious.

Zhang Yao forced himself to drive back in his electric car. Smelling her fragrant body scent, he couldn't help but feel itchy in his heart as he thought: "If she really is my wife, how nice would it be!"

Wang Shujuan said in a daze, "Zhang Yao, you bastard. Don't think about taking advantage of me. Even if I fell asleep, I would know. If you dare to touch me, I will definitely kill you …"

Zhang Yao forced a smile and said, "Don't even think about it. Brother, I just don't want you to be a disaster to others, so I followed you back. You really think I'm interested in you. What a joke. Hahaha …"

Wang Shujuan chuckled. "Y-you, if you don't act, you'll die! You shameless b * tch, you're even bragging now! I, I'll tell you Zhang, Zhang Yaoqiang, I'm definitely not bragging! Ever since I was ten years old, countless men and boys have been chasing after me. Other than my dad, there's no other man in this world who wouldn't like me, hehehehe … "

Only when Zhang Yao heard her words did he realize that he had been very impulsive. He hurriedly moved his body back to avoid her butt and embarrassedly said, "That's the key to the family. What are you thinking? You're too arrogant."

"Cluck, cluck, cluck …" "I'm really going to die from laughter. Zhang, Zhang Yaoqiang, do you think I'm a weakling or something?" Wang Shujuan could not help but laugh out loud. "What, haven't I seen it before?!" "I still don't know how shameless you are. Now that you're back, I'll take care of you when we get home, hehe …"

The two of them chatted as they walked back to the district.

Zhang Yaoqiang parked the electric car, put his arm around Wang Shujuan's slender waist, and walked into the house with her.

Back in her room, Wang Shujuan collapsed onto the bed, drunk beyond recognition.

Zhang Yao held her upright body and covered her with a quilt. He swallowed his saliva and resisted his impulse to lie down on his seat.

A thought suddenly appeared in his mind, "This little b * tch doesn't know anything anymore. Why don't I take this opportunity to sleep for once?" He suddenly sat up and looked at the bed. He couldn't help but be shocked.

He saw that Wang Shujuan had somehow sat up. Her hair was disheveled and she was completely motionless. Under the moonlight, her appearance was truly terrifying.

Zhang Yaoqiang was so frightened by her that he immediately retreated. Half of his heart turned cold. He carefully looked at her and asked, "Wang Shujuan, what's wrong?"

Wang Shujuan humphed and said indistinctly, "Don't think about taking advantage of me. I know everything …"

Upon hearing these words, Zhang Yao's evil intention completely disappeared. He then said, "You're thinking too much. Hurry up and go to sleep!" He lay down and continued to watch her.

Wang Shujuan was truly afraid that he would secretly fall asleep. She sat in a daze for a long time before falling down and falling asleep.

Zhang Yaoqiang also felt sleepy. He stopped thinking about her and quickly fell asleep as well.

Early in the morning, he woke up to wash up and found that his father-in-law had not risen to make breakfast. He quickly went to the kitchen to busy himself.

After breakfast was ready, his father-in-law and mother-in-law finally got up to wash up and eat. Wang Shujuan was sleeping soundly, and would never get up.

Zhang Yaoqiang suddenly felt like he was the babysitter of his family and he didn't even get any pay. The big boss actually got up early to make breakfast yesterday in order to show him and let him take his place.

Having clearly seen all of this, Zhang Yao felt even more displeased. However, that wild man of Wang Shujuan's would not return until half a month later. At this moment, he could only bear with the humiliation and wait for the right moment.

Another eight hours a day.

Zhang Yaoqiang dragged his tired body back to the Wang family's residence. Inside the door, he suddenly smelled the fragrance of food.

Wang Shujuan was sitting on the sofa, playing with her cell phone. When she saw him enter, she immediately stood up with a smile and shouted, "Husband, you're back!" He stepped forward, put his arms around his neck, and kissed him on the cheek.

"Holy sh * t!" "What's going on?" Zhang Yaoqiang couldn't help feeling a little overwhelmed by the unexpected favor. He suddenly felt as if he was in a dream. Looking at her, he smiled and said, "Wang Shujuan, this isn't a trap is it?"

"What trap!" I've been thinking of you all day, come and sit down! " After saying that, she pulled him to sit on the sofa. She blinked her large eyes and looked at him with a smile, saying, "Hubby, I realized that you're really handsome! Just like a celebrity, let me think of who it is! "Mhmm …"

Zhang Yao couldn't believe his eyes. Wang Shujuan, who had been like a tigress yesterday, had suddenly become his lovely wife today. Unless it was just a dream, he wouldn't even dare to think about it!

At this moment, someone in the room said, "Wang Xueqing, why are you teasing that fool? He will take it seriously."

Zhang Yao was stunned for a moment. He quickly got up and looked into the room. He saw Wang Shujuan lying on the bed in her pajamas. His expression couldn't help but change as he thought to himself, "Holy sh * t, twins."

"Cluck, cluck, cluck …" Wang Xueqing stood up and laughed, "Brother-in-law, being her husband like this, you really don't qualify! Although my sister and I are twin sisters, but look carefully, can our temperament be the same? "Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

Zhang Yao's face turned red with embarrassment as he laughed, "I didn't know you were twins!" Xueqing, you are really naughty. Don't you have to go to school? Why are you back so suddenly? "

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