The Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C5 Value of Existence
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The Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C5 Value of Existence
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C5 Value of Existence

Wang Xueqing walked into the kitchen and looked at the pot, laughing. "I graduated and went back to work in our county. My sister is really not nice enough!" "You said that you would get married, but now you're missing me by just two days. Otherwise, when you get married, I'll be able to properly tease you, hehe …"

This was the standard for his wife. When he walked to the kitchen door, he smiled and said, "I was a little anxious, so I don't blame your sister, but it's all for rushing a good day. Xueqing can even cook! "It smells so good!"

Wang Xueqing smiled adorably. "If you don't know how to cook, how are you going to get married?!" Brother-in-law, go wash up and prepare to eat. Mom and Dad are coming back soon. "

He walked into the washroom with a smile on his face. Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that there would be a beautiful sister-in-law who looked exactly like Wang Shujuan. He couldn't help but laugh as he washed his face.

When Wang Shujuan heard his laughter, she became suspicious. She walked out the door and asked him, "What's cheap? Did you pick up the money?"

Zhang Yao forced out a smile. He wiped his face with a towel and said, "Where did you go to get the money from? Did you lose it?"

Wang Shujuan reached out to push him into the bathroom and closed the door. She glared at him and said, "I'm warning you, don't try to harm my sister. She already has a boyfriend. She's the son of the county's secretary. You won't have a chance."

Zhang Yao forced a smile and said, "Why is your imagination so rich! It's fine if you're filthy, but please don't think of everyone else as dirty as you are, okay? "

Wang Shujuan smiled charmingly. "Alright, stop pretending to be a gentleman. I have seen too many people and know too much about men like you. There are a few who don't miss my sister-in-law. Let me tell you, as long as you give me some information that you've betrayed me, I'll have a reason to kick you out. No one can stop you."

Looking at her expression, Zhang Yao could not help but have some doubts. He quickly asked, "I don't understand. Since you look down on me so much, why did you marry me?"

Wang Shujuan smiled as enchantingly as before. "Elder sister, I just need this marriage. After two or three days, your existence will be worthless. If you're a man, you can leave on your own!"

No matter how much he tried, he couldn't understand. She was the one who framed his second brother for raping her, and she was the one who made him marry her. Why did he lose all of his value in just a few days?

After being stunned for a moment, he couldn't help but ask, "Then tell me, during your reunion, my second brother drank too much. Did he do anything to you?"

Wang Shujuan covered her lips and laughed, "Of course I did, and your second brother felt great! What do you mean? Do you want to take revenge on your second brother? "Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

Looking at her flirtatious expression, Zhang Yao spat out a mouthful of resentment and said with a smile, "You're thinking too much again. Wear a green hat for me. You're not worthy."

Just then, Wang Xueqing's voice came from outside the door, "What are you two doing!? "Why did you run into the bathroom to whisper to each other, afraid that I would hear what was going on?"

Wang Shujuan opened the door and walked out. "I have something to whisper to a fool about. I'm just warning him not to get involved with other people's affairs."

Zhang Yaoqiang then walked out the door, laughing, "I just got married two days ago, why did I touch flowers and provoke grass!?" "Xueqing, tell me, is your sister overdoing it?"

Wang Xueqing walked out of the kitchen and smiled brightly, "Brother-in-law, you can't say that either. It's because my sister loves you!" I'm always afraid that someone will take you away! After all, there are a lot of beauties in our little county. It's best to be careful, hehe … "

Wang Shujuan looked at the two of them and felt that their first meeting had been a little too intimate. She hurriedly said, "Alright, stop talking nonsense. Dad's coming home soon. Is your meal ready?"

"It's almost done. There's still one more dish. I'll go cook it now." Wang Xueqing walked into the kitchen after she said that.

"Let me help you!" Zhang Yaoqiang said a few words and wanted to follow inside.

Wang Shujuan reached out to grab his ear and pulled him into the room.

"AHH …" "It hurts, it hurts, what are you doing?" Zhang Yaoqiang said as he pushed her away in a slightly angry manner.

"Bastard!" "How dare you push me." Wang Shujuan cursed and closed the door. She slapped his face and angrily said, "Try pushing me again."

Zhang Yao was furious. However, if he were to slap that goddess' face, he really wouldn't be able to do it. With great difficulty, he smiled and said, "I don't dare. I was wrong, alright!? Shall we hit it a few more times? "

"So what if I hit you? So what if I hit you?" Wang Shujuan's temper rose as she said this and slapped him twice in the face.

Zhang Yao was extremely patient. However, he still couldn't bear to hit her. He suddenly threw himself at her and pressed her against the door. Then, he madly kissed her fragrant lips and even bit her lightly.

Wang Shujuan was startled, thinking that he was going to do something terrible to her. It took him a few seconds to regain his wits and put his hands on his shoulders, his knees between his legs.

Zhang Yaoqiang, who was still entranced by her fragrant lips, couldn't help screaming as he retreated backward. His hands hugged his thighs as he jumped again and again. He was in so much pain that he kept on groaning.

Wang Shujuan wiped her lips and did not calm down. She walked forward and slapped him a few more times as she scolded, "Smelly hooligan, how dare you kiss me! Do you want to die!?"

Zhang Yao's crotch pain made him crouch on the ground. He said painfully, "Wang Shujuan, your mother is a tigress and a yaksha. I will never kiss her again in this life. Ahh …

Wang Shujuan chuckled. "What a hilarious person, as if I really wished to kiss you and take a piss on your face, what kind of status do I have, what kind of identity do you have? You're just like a bear that wants to eat swan meat! If I play you to death, you won't even know how you died, just wait and see!" The good show is yet to come! "Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

Zhang Yao felt that the pain had subsided a little. He straightened his waist and looked at her, sneering: "What's so great about a shameless woman like you? Just you wait, let's see who will have the last laugh! Hmph!"

"You're still not convinced?" Wang Shujuan purposely said angrily, "If you have the ability, then hit me right now! Hit me! If you're a man, then just do it! "

Zhang Yao forced a smile and said, "I don't beat up women, but I will force myself on women. Your mouth doesn't have any more nonsense, and I'll force you to do it tonight. I've already investigated this, and the relationship between husband and wife doesn't exist."

Hearing her harsh words, Wang Shujuan seemed to gain an unexpected sense of pleasure. She laughed and said, "Alright! "Then we'll talk about it later. I want to see if you really have such a seed." After finishing his sentence, he went out and sat on the sofa.

Zhang Yao walked out of the door and looked at Wang Xueqing, who was busy in the kitchen. He sat down next to Wang Shujuan and said, "You're too despicable and forceful. You can't be thinking of forcing me on you, right?"


Wang Shujuan waved her hand and gave him a resounding slap.

When Wang Kun and Zhou Zhiyun, who had just entered the room, saw this, they could not help but be stunned.

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