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The Best Matrilocal Son-in-law/C6 You Are a Coward
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C6 You Are a Coward

Zhang Yao hurriedly smiled and said, "Mom and Dad are off work. Shujuan is beating mosquitoes for me! "Hahaha …"

Wang Kun said with a smile, "This girl, is there really a need to use so much effort just to hit a mosquito?"

Although Wang Shujuan didn't like Zhang Yaoqiang, she still couldn't let her parents see that she had hit him on purpose. She hurriedly rubbed his face and said, "I'm sorry, husband. I've hurt you. Let me give you a massage."

Zhang Yao forcefully held her hand and said with a smile, "It's okay, I'm not in pain. Your hand doesn't hurt, right?" He rubbed her hands.

The two of them pretended to care about each other and found it funny.

Wang Kun poured water into his cup and said, "Our ancestors were from a scholarly family, so they always treated people with respect. Even husband and wife had to treat each other with respect, and if they had any disputes, they would bring them to the table and solve them openly. For generations, there have never been a couple who fought each other for a divorce, so you can't be an exception, even if my generation does not have a son, my daughter will still continue to pass on the teachings of the Feng family."

Wang Shujuan turned around and looked at her father with a bright smile. "Dad, I know. I was really trying to give Yao Qiang a good beating!" Otherwise, why would I hit him for no reason! "Don't worry, I'll remember your family's teachings!"

"Dad said it well, I will also strictly abide by the family rules." Zhang Yao followed up with a smile, "You guys chat. I'm going to cook for my little sister."

After finishing his sentence, he hurriedly got up and walked into the kitchen.

Wang Xueqing was still cooking when she saw him enter. She immediately gave him a cute smile and asked, "What are you doing here?" You don't need to help me.

Zhang Yaoqiang really liked this sister-in-law of his. Even if there was nothing else, he wanted to say a few more words to her.

He stood beside her and said with a smile, "I want to see how you cook. I want to learn it. Smell good!"

"There's nothing special about my cooking!" Wang Xueqing stir-fried the dishes and said, "It's just a common dish. Brother-in-law, let me tell you!" My sister is very jealous. You can't let her see that you intentionally got close to me, otherwise she will definitely punish you tonight. "Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

Looking at her cute appearance, Zhang Yao could not help but feel a lump in his throat. He found it hard to believe that such a cute and empathetic girl could exist in this world!

He smiled and said, "Alright then! I'll put the table. "

After finishing his sentence, he went out and set up the dining table and stools, preparing to eat.

Although Wang Shujuan did not like Zhang Yaoqiang, she had indeed been paying close attention to his actions the entire time. That was because she did not want him to get close to her kind and innocent sister.

After dinner.

Zhang Yaoqiang had just helped Wang Xueqing clean up the kitchen and tableware before entering their new room.


Wang Shujuan suddenly slapped his face and said coldly, "Shameless thing, let me warn you again. Don't always talk to my sister when everything is fine. Do you understand?"

The anger in Zhang Yao's chest was burning. However, when he looked at her face that was as beautiful as Wang Xueqing's, he was truly unwilling to continue hitting her.

He clenched his fist and laughed: "Do you know how much strength my punch contained? I can hit you until you fly out the window, but I won't hit you because I never hit women, but I will use my strength to do what I want to do. "

Before he could finish his sentence, he rushed forward, hugged her and pressed her down on the bed, then madly kissed her delicate neck.

Wang Shujuan began to struggle and resist a few times. However, she soon lost all strength. Furthermore, she was gasping heavily and even closed her eyes.

In fact, Zhang Yao Qiang wanted to prove that he wasn't afraid of her and didn't really want to force her. Seeing that she was being honest, even breathing heavily, he hurriedly stopped and quietly got off the bed. He took out his old quilt from the wardrobe and laid it on the ground.

Wang Shujuan thought that he had gotten up to take off his clothes, and panted nervously for a moment. Seeing that he had stopped moving, she stood up to look at him and scolded, "You're a bastard." Picking up the silky pillow, he got off the bed and looked at his head. He just threw it a dozen times and was tired to the point of gasping for breath.

Zhang Yao looked at her with a pleased smile and said, "Do you really want me to sleep with you?!" If you want to, just say so! How can I understand what you mean when you're so reserved! "

"Shameless! Even if I wanted an animal, I wouldn't miss you. Don't think too much of yourself." Wang Shujuan said without any confidence as she turned off the lights and lay down on the bed.

Zhang Yaoqiang thought to himself, "You little b * stard. I knew you would not be able to hold on any longer. Your wild man will only be back for half a month!" I think you can hold on for a few more days. Fuck, let me be this soft cover bastard. "One day, I will let you know that I, Zhang Yao, am truly capable. Hmph!"

They lay in silence for a while.

In order to show that he wouldn't be tempted by her, Zhang Yaoqiang deliberately let out a snoring sound, expressing that he was a person who slept soundly without distractions.

Wang Shujuan, on the other hand, was not as relaxed as he was. She had always been full of desires, and it was hard for her to endure all night.

She tossed and turned for a while before finally deciding to go to a bar to drink.

In order to prevent Zhang Yao from listening in and causing more trouble, she sat up and looked at him. She changed her clothes very gently and was about to leave.

Zhang Yaoqiang suddenly sat up and said, "Where are you going? You can't live your life alone, can you? "

Wang Shujuan was frightened by him. She waved her hand and threw the bag in her hands at his face. "You b * stard. You b * stard. I don't need you to care."

Zhang Yao dodged her bag, reached out to grab the strap of the bag and said with a smile, "If you weren't my wife, I wouldn't have bothered to care about you! "If you want to act so coquettishly in your own home, don't go out and embarrass yourself. I don't want everyone to know that my, Zhang Yaoqiang's, wife is a cheap person."

Wang Shujuan tried her best to tug on the bag but to no avail. She abruptly let go of him and let him crash into the wall. She said angrily, "What do you want, Zhang?"

Zhang Yao forced a smile and said, "I don't want to do anything. I just don't want you to go out. You'd better go to sleep. Otherwise, I'll immediately ask dad what happened to you sneaking out in the middle of the night."

"You bastard, you have guts! Just you wait, I'll make you wish you were dead for the rest of your life, hmph!" Wang Shujuan pointed at his nose and said a few harsh words. She roughly took off all her clothes and did not wear her pajamas. She lay on her back on the bed and purposely moved closer to the bed so that he could see more clearly.

Looking at her beautiful body, Zhang Yao knew clearly in his heart that she was going to have a tempting battle with him again.

Although he had never done that before and never imagined it, he still couldn't stand her bold and coquettish attitude. He felt a bit sour in his throat as he watched her in a daze.

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