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C7 Accident

Of course, Wang Shujuan knew that he was not feeling well, so she deliberately teased him and stuck one of her long legs under the bed to stimulate him up close.

Zhang Yaoqiang watched it for a while. Even though he was overwhelmed with passion, he still laid down to avoid Wang Shujuan sneaking away after a while.

He put her bag under the pillow and looked at her long legs with vague eyes, resisting his desires and impulses, silent and lifeless.

Wang Shujuan knew that it was impossible for her to secretly go out to find a man, so she gave up that idea and deliberately tortured him. She stretched her legs to touch him, making him feel uncomfortable.

If this was Wang Xueqing's leg, how great would it be! He would not hesitate to throw himself at her.

But even though this woman had the same beautiful appearance and body as Wang Xueqing, even though he also had a desire for her, he still felt displeased with her from the bottom of his heart, so even if she really wanted to sleep with him, he would not care about her.

Youth and desire made him burn with desire. Suddenly, he smelled a bloody smell and blood came out of his nose.

He sat up, intending to find some toilet paper to block his nostrils, but he couldn't touch it. Seeing her thighs swinging in front of his eyes, he suddenly had an idea. He hurriedly used both hands to hold her leg, then rubbed the blood on her nose.

Wang Shujuan had thought that he was hugging her thigh and kissing him! He began to emit an instinctive moan, expecting him to continue forward.

When Zhang Yao heard her voice, he almost couldn't laugh out loud. He got up and turned one of her legs into a red color, and it even went all the way up to her lower abdomen.

Wang Shujuan was extremely nervous. She thought that he was really going to make a move on her, so she panted and closed her eyes in anticipation.

Zhang Yaoqiang couldn't hold back his laughter anymore. He got up and quickly covered his nose. Then, he ran out the door and went into the washroom. He laughed in a low voice while he washed his face.

When Wang Shujuan saw him run away, she realized that something was moving. She reached out her hand to touch something sticky and hurriedly turned on the light.

Under the light, he saw his own bloody leg and was shocked. He cried out in fear and rolled his eyes as he fainted.

Hearing her scream, Zhang Yaoqiang felt very satisfied inside. He washed his face and stopped the bleeding from his nose. He then listened to her without any movement.

He quickly walked out of the bathroom, approached the door and peeked in through the crack. He couldn't help but be shocked.

He pushed her through the door and whispered, "Wang Shujuan, what happened to you? Wang Shujuan …"

Wang Shujuan slowly woke up and couldn't help but scream out loud. Pointing at her leg, she said in fright, "Blood, where did this blood come from?"

Zhang Yao saw that she was truly frightened. Although he felt very relieved, as a man, he still couldn't be too excessive. He hastily wiped her thigh clean with a toilet paper.

Only then did Wang Shujuan realize what had happened. She stood up and waved her hands. After giving him two slaps and not saying anything, he went out into the bathroom to take a bath.

These two slaps were quite fierce and it coincidentally caused Zhang Yao's desire to climb to the highest point to slip down.

He smiled as he lay down on his bed and closed his eyes silently.

Wang Shujuan had been scared half to death by him. She had also taken a cold shower, so she didn't have any more desires. She returned to her bed and didn't want to bother with him anymore. Just like that, the two of them spent another difficult night.

Early in the morning, Zhang Yaoqiang got up to make breakfast.

Wang Xueqing stood up to help as well. The two of them were chatting happily.

After the meal.

With a bright smile on his face, Zhang Yaoqiang rushed to work in the factory in less than two hours.

His cell phone suddenly rang.

He quickly put down his work, took out his phone and saw that it was Wang Xueqing's number. He answered with a smile, "Xueqing! What can I do for you? "

Wang Xueqing immediately cried, "Brother-in-law, my sister is in a car accident. Hurry and come to the hospital!" "Sob, sob, sob …"

"Alright, I'll be there immediately." Zhang Yao Qiang hurriedly said as he put down his cell phone. He took a leave of absence from the office manager. He then got on his electric bike and quickly rushed out of the factory gate.

Originally, he didn't have a good impression of Wang Shujuan. However, after hearing that she was in a car accident, he was still inexplicably anxious.

At the entrance of the emergency ward of the county hospital …

Wang Xueqing, Wang Kun, and Zhou Zhiyun had all arrived and were anxiously walking back and forth.

A middle-aged man dressed in grey mud squatted on the side. He had a frown on his face and was coughing and sighing. Clearly, he was the hit-and-run driver.

Zhang Yao was panting heavily as he ran into the room. He hastily asked, "How is Shujuan? "What happened to it?"

Wang Kun and Zhou Zhiyun sighed in silence.

Wang Xueqing wiped away her tears and said, "The doctor said it's very serious, and it's possible that his lower body will be paralyzed."

"Did he hit it, did he?" Zhang Yaoqiang pointed to a middle-aged man who had a pained expression on his face.

Wang Xueqing nodded.

"Damn you, how did you drive? Are you blind …" Zhang Yao Qiang roared angrily. He grabbed the middle-aged man's collar and was about to punch him.

However, when he saw the dust all over his body, he realized that he was just a poor laborer who had withdrawn his trembling fists.

"Sorry, I'm really sorry, I didn't do it on purpose, wuu …" "The middle-aged man cried and knelt on the ground.

Zhang Yaoqiang glanced at him for a second, then turned around and walked away. He anxiously looked at the door of the emergency room, hoping to hear better news.

At this moment, the door opened and a doctor walked out, "The patient's family members are here. The patient is currently very weak, and his lumbar spine is injured, causing massive hemorrhage in the fetus. Now we need blood transfusions from relatives, let's go and test for blood types."

Wang Kun responded and led the way to the blood examination area, followed by Wang Xueqing and Zhou Zhiyun.

Zhang Yao was afraid that their blood types didn't match, so he went to take the test himself.

Fortunately, Wang Kun and Wang Xueqing had the same blood type as Wang Shujuan and had given her blood in time.

It was quiet now.

Only now did Zhang Yao realize what the doctor had said earlier. It turned out that Wang Shujuan was pregnant. If she wasn't a prostitute, he would still have to be a wild father in the future!

As he thought of this, he couldn't help but feel a strong sense of hatred. He immediately understood why Wang Shujuan had asked him to come over and sit down with her son-in-law, but had ignored him. It was to find a legal father for that bastard in his stomach.

Wang Kun and Zhou Zhiyun were watching Zhang Yaoqiang from the side. Both of them had faces of helplessness and shame. Clearly, they knew that their daughter was pregnant.

No matter what, he still hoped that Wang Shujuan would be fine. After all, she was still alive and not dead. Furthermore, she was so beautiful. It was truly a pity for her to disappear just like that.

Although Wang Xueqing had also heard that her sister was a prostitute, she thought that her child was her brother-in-law's, so she didn't think too much about it. She kept wiping away her tears and prayed for her sister.

Two hours later, the emergency room door was opened.

Two nurses pushed the unconscious Wang Shujuan out.

Zhang Yaoqiang, Wang Kun, Zhou Zhiyun, Wang Xueqing, and the driver of the accident, Zhou Guangwen, entered the ward together and helped carry Wang Shujuan to the bed.

The nurse fed Wang Shujuan with an anti-inflammatory liquid.

Zhang Yaoqiang quickly asked, "Sister nurse, when will my wife wake up?"

"She's waking up soon. It'll be alright once the anesthetic's gone away. When the patient wakes up, her mood may be unstable, so you all better try to persuade her." The nurse went out.

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