The Best Proposal/C1 introduction
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The Best Proposal/C1 introduction
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C1 introduction

it was winter day, I was sleeping on my bed peacefully. I was dreaming about something... good or bad I don't really know as I was interrupted by a sudden shock.....

Like some one suddenly pull your blanket out of nowhere...and how will you fell when some one pull your blanket with out any kind of warning in the winter day...when you don't have any intention to wake up so early on holiday especially when it's a winter it was the most annoyed thing I want to experience

But this kind of things always happen to me and all thanks to my best friend come sister who always did this to me....

"Xue ying...please let me sleep for 5 more minutes...please. Anyway today is holiday and I thing you must be forget please let me sleep ok.....good night"

"No...lazy girl, wake up it's already 11am. how long are you going to sleep...ha. wake up or I am going to slap your ass. wake up... hurry up and have your breakfast.."

"OK OK, I am the way what is the breakfast"

"Come down and see it on you own eyes, come"

" Aaaa you are so know what I love you so so so much"

" Yeah baby girl I know but I hate you the more"

Aaaa it's so annoying...I want to sleep more. it's OK let's just go and have some delicious breakfast....😋😋😋

Oooo I haven't introduce myself to you guys you already know that I am actually a lazy ass. But anyway let me introduce myself properly....

Hi, I am Park Zoya and this is my story. you can also call me zuzu as my family and friends called me with that name. I am very good looking, tall, beautiful I am not. I am 21 years old girl with 5 feet hight. If I talk about my look then, I am dark skined not that much dark but yeah I am still dark skin girl. I have a pair of big rough dark brown eyes, high nose, thin lips and dark black long shiny hair which I love the most. And if I talk about my weight then, I am around 45 kg and I am a foodie. Even if I want to go on diet my family and friends won't allow me to do so as they think I am good enough the way I am.....And yes I am also happy with that.....But still hurts when someone look down on me....anyway why should I care about them...I have enough people who love me and that's enough for me. One think I know for sure that even if I don't look super beautiful, but I know that I am super cute and it's very difficult to guess my age by looking at my face as I own baby face with cute face features. That's why I look much much younger then my age...isn't it great. As every one thought I am a cute little carefree girl and I love to make friends...

OK that's enough to know about me.

by the way I have my loving, caring parents and two brothers. I am 2nd number child of my parents. I have one big brother and one little brother. And every one is busy on their own life as I am also busy on my own life.

I also have few friends and xue ying is my bestie. She is the most beautiful girl I eve see. she is 23 years young woman with 5.4 feet hight. she has fair skin with dark brown eyes, high nose, heart shape lips and shiny dark brown short hair...

and the best is that she's not only beautiful but also talented that at the age of 23 she owed a fashion design company. By the way she also has a super handsome boyfriend. like super handsome with 5.11 feet hight. He is a CEO of his own company. Eidson huang is also my very good friend and trust me they both are just perfect Mach for each other...

I don't know where is my life he look like. is he good or bad. Will he love me or my next mission is to find a super handsome and super powerful boyfriend com husband. Nahhh Just kidding.....after completing my graduation, I want to find a decent job with a good salary and enjoy my good luck to me....

It was my future planning, but what will happen in the next moments who knows.....let's see

xue ying " Zuzu are you coming or girl come hurry up, you got a letter....(shouting)"

letter, don't tell me it's an appointment I apply for a job in the cities biggest company.....

oh my God if I got this job it will change my life. As I totally don't expected this as I am still under graduat. And there was a lot of people who were much more experienced than me who were much more eager to get the job especially women.....

I don't know may be because of the salary they or maybe cause of the super handsome and most arrogant boss. As I hear everyone wants to get his attention......

But why should I care...I just want to do my part of job and get my salary...that's it, of course it I have enough luck to get that job....

Anyway let's just check....oh before I forgot to tell you that me and xue ying we both live together in a main city of the country because of my university....OK OK let's stop talking and go before xue ying come and hit my ass.........

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