The Best Proposal/C3 fighting with stranger
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The Best Proposal/C3 fighting with stranger
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C3 fighting with stranger

I was dreaming about something strange. I don't know what was that but before I could discover it, I feel like someone is shaking me hardly. Because of that shaking I wake up immediately with close eyes. When I slowly open my eyes, I saw Xue ying trying to wake me up....

"Good Morning" I said with sleepise voice

"Girl it's not Morning it's night....wake long you have been sleeping"

"it's night *yawn*.....ohhh I don't know where I fall asleep...*yawn* I was watching TV then...."

By this time I open my eyes fully and saw that I am in my room....

Wait a minute aren't I falling asleep while watching TV then how come I am in my room....It's really strange...isn't it....

"xue come I am here"

"Zuzu what are you talking about....stop dreaming already and come downstairs"

After saying that xue ying left my room and I follow her behind while rubbing my eyes and try to remember everything.....

"Xue know.....I clearly remember that.....I was sleeping in the living room...but how come i woke up in my room"...I said confusingly

Xue ying hit on my head slightly....

"baby girl what are you talking must have been forget it and freshen up.....I am going to cook our dinner"

"wait...when did you come home"

"15 minutes ago...why" xue ying answer confusingly

"my dear ying go and freshen up.....I'll make dinner"


"No but you go and come after 30 minutes till then dinner will be ready....OK now go"

"OKkkk....hate you baby girl"

"hate you too"

Xue ying want to her room....and I quickly freshen up and tide my hair before start cooking.....

45 minutes later xue ying come downstairs and we eat our dinner

"zuzu are you free tomorrow"

"tomorrow....yeah but after 4pm....I have to attend 3 classes and after that i have to collect my internship letter......"

"OK.....great....After that we will go for shopping"

"*pout* know nah....I hate to go to shopping"

"Girl you have to go....and you are going to start your official work....don't you need new clothes......and also as a girl how can you hate shopping.....normal girls loves to do a lots of shopping......and...."

cutting her in the middle

"first of all....I have more then enough clothes.....secondly I will be just a part time there is no need for me to do shopping special for my part time I can manage it easily with my old clothes......third but not the list....I am not a normal girl....I am an ALIAN..." said with a smirk smile

"Yeah I know that you're a alien but today I am not going to listen any excuses so just be ready on time... I will pick you up from your university gate"....xue ying said hurriedly


before I could say anything she wave at me and leave for I don't have any other options but to to go shopping with her....ugh I don't want toooo....

At 4.10 pm

After finishing my classes and collecting my internship letter...I was waiting for xue ying at a coffee shop near by the university.....when a boy suddenly come to me with a bookey of red roses and everyone cheers for the boy....

At a glance I know that he is from my class as I always catch him staring at me...but I never pay much attention to it.....

But I think I should pay attention so that I could avoid to fall in this kind of situation where I really don't know what to do.....

I was in a deep thoughts when someone tap on my head and brings me back to the reality....where the boy was still standing in front of me holding the bookiey.......then I saw Xue ying look at to me with a confused look......I quickly give her a pleading puppy look for help without utter a word.......

"Zuzu what are you doing here and what is all know very well about your boyfriend.....if he come to know about this what will happen...."

the boy...."Zoya you have a boyfriend" said in a shock and sad tone

"not only boyfriend but soon to be husband....and he is over protective towards you better stop approached her...." xue ying said with a friendly warning tone

Here I am giving a little more push to end this awkward situation...

"Yeah and your so handsome so it's very easy for you to get a very beautiful girl go for it....." I said with a bright smile as I don't want to hurt him cause of my lie

After that without wasting any seconds I drag xue ying cause I couldn feel people's staring at me and trust me... I am not a fan of getting this kind of attention.....


Xue ying and I went to shopping from there.

Xue ying did a lot of a lot. I don't understand why girls have to buy a lot of clothes, shoes and lot more.......Anyway

I also did some shopping.... you could say that I was forced to do the time I was hell tried by roaming the whole shopping I stop at a point while carrying shopping bags.....

"xue ying....enough I want to go home....I can't do shopping anymore........I am hell tried and am going to faint at any let's go...pleazzzz" I said with a big puppy eyes

"But baby....we just come here 1and half hours ago....I still have some more things to please baby hold one a little more..." xue ying said requestly

"NOOO......I can't...*pout* i want to go home and sleep.......please let's go...." I said triedly

"OK let's do one thing.... you go and rest in the waiting room....till then I will be done and tonight I will treat you a bit meal...."

With the name treat I become super happy as I am a foodie person and anything that come for free make me more happy... I mean who don't like free things.... and you can switch my mood with my favorite food no matter how much angry or upset I am and she know me best....

" problem go and do your shopping in hurry and don't forget to treat me..." I said pretending angry

"OK... my angry bird" xue ying said and went to do her shopping again


I was waiting in the waiting room when I saw a cute boy and the thing that take my attention was the ice cream that he was eating.......

Then I realized that I really really really need to eat some ice to erase my tiredness.....

So without waiting for xue ying....I immediately went to parking lot to keep all the shopping bags in our car before going for icecream parlour........

When I went to icecream parlour my jaw drops in the next moments after seeing the long line.....after almost 1 hour of waiting I finally get my favorite chocolate ice cream. I also took one strawberry flavor ice cream for xue ying......

I was so happy that finally I got my icecream.......I was about to took my first bite when something hard like rock hit me.....I close my eyes and ready to fall on the hard floor......but after few seconds when I feel.... I feel I am still in the air....I slowly open my eyes but it becomes wide open when I finally saw the person who was holding me by my waist....

he has all features of a fine man. perfect jaw line face, thick eyebrows, long eyes....thin lips and the melo under his eyes only add his handsomeness up to 100 up to 110 percent. His black hair was combed neatly and with this black office my 21 years life this is the first time i saw this much handsome man that too by this much close......he is not less than any super star or idol...if only i could say that he is World wide handsome but no for me Xiao Zhan is worldwide handsome...Ooo no Universal handsome then he is moon wide handsome......

"Eham"....the stranger make a sound and I come back from my daydream land and realization hit me that I was stares blankly at him....I immediately fix my balance and make a visible distance between us

Then i spotted my precious icecream that was now fall on the marble floor.......

" precious icecream how can you leave me like this.....*pout* i didn't even take a bite of you....." I was talking with icecream like it's a human who can understand me with a sad tone

"Are you okay...." The stranger said as he look at me

i stand up and look at the stranger with a angry look

"how can I be ok when because of you my precious icecream leave you know how much efforts I put to get it.....I have to wait in the line for more then 1 hour then only I am able to buy it and now it all falls to the floor......and that's all happen cause of you....*pout *....." I said in angry and sad tone at the same time.

I saw many people were looking at our direction and some wrer taking pictures of us... I don't know why many for gossips....but I don't care right now cause my all focus is on my icecream and the stranger who ruined it

"listen girl if you want we are will to compensation you.....Here take it...I hope it is enough for you icecream" a young and beautiful woman at her 25 said with a cold and scary tone who was standing with that cold stranger and she tryed to compensation me with 500 dollars

"listen you must be beautiful but you can't talk to me like this.....and by the way I still have enough money to buy another icecream... if only I can get it cause the shop is already run out icecream and it was the last tell me how you are going to compantion me......*angry pout*" I said with a obvious irritated attitude while crossed my hand on my chest

"in that case I can already see that you have more icecream so why don't you take this money and finish this matter here and by the way it's not only me but also you who was walking with out looking at your way so we both were equal".....tha stranger said with a cold and expression less tone

'Ahh how scary and cold person is this...some one please help me' my mind

Then I control my fear and think for a minute about what the stranger cold man said but before I could say something I received a massage from xue ying....

[ I had already finish my shopping and waiting for you in waiting room....where are you? ]........Xue ying

[ OK you wait there I am just coming ]

[ come first ]....Xue ying

I put my phone back to my bag...when look up I saw the cold man and the rude beautiful woman including other people behind them look at me like I am a alien.....

"so where I was..."I said as I already forgot what I was talking before

"Oo..yes I are right Mr cold we both are at mistake....but the person who was at loss is me cause because of that I lost my precious icecream.....but as you said we both are at mistake....I am will to be kind enough to forgive you.....*smile*...."I said in a calm tone

"And I am at loss so I will take this as your compensation...."

I take that 500 dollar note from the rude beautiful woman I keep 100 dollar and return the rest to her....i know it's still to much but I have the right to take this much

"here Take icecream was not that much costly but as I wait more then 1 hour so I take 100 dollars....OK byby" I bid them and went to the waiting room but before that I cleaned up the icecream with tissue paper and put it in the dustbin

"I am so sorry my precious icecream next time I will be more careful and protect you before eat you fully....*pout*"....I bid my farewell to my icecream as well then rush toward xue ying

"what a stupid girl....I never want to across with her ever again....any way let's go aunty called me she want us to join them at dinner" beautiful rude woman said angrily but make her tone soft instantly to talk to the man next to her

"Mmm...ok" the man said with cold tone while looking at the small thin figure that desipar with in few seconds


Zuzu and xue ying come home while during way back home zuzu told xue ying everything that happened earlier in the mall

"Zuzu why you did that if they did some things to you then"...xue ying said in a concerned tone

"Aiya...nothing has happened with me see I am perfectly the way the man was soo cold and the woman was too rude when I looked at them I was so scared to talk but I managed to deal with them and see I got my compensation with this I can buy more icecream....aren't I great...." Zuzu said happily with proud smile

"Yeah you are great but next time be careful and If you need money you can ask me....right" xue ying said without looking at Zuzu as she was forced on driving

By the time they reached home and sat on the couch and keep their shopping bags besides couch

"Aiya it's not about money it's about my icecream and my how can I let them go that easily and I am not going meet them again so it's okay"...zuzu said asurely to xue xue ying

"by the way where's my treat you...." before Zuzu could say something more they door bell ring

Xue ying get up and went to open the door. by the time zuzu was playing with her phone. after few minutes later she called Zuzu from kitchen.

"Wow....when did you order all of this...." zuzu excitedly said while take a deep smell of those foods

"when I was waiting for you in the mall...i know till we come home it will late to go out for dinner so I already ordered it from your favorite is it....smells good" xue ying said while serving plates

"Ying are the best....thank you sooo much and you na how much I hate you"....Zuzu said and hug xue ying tightly

" go and freshen up...let's eat dinner before it gets cold" xue ying said and break the hug

"OK sweetheart just give me 5 minutes" Zuzu run toward her bedroom

"zuzu be careful.... don't run *sigh* this girl" xue ying take a sort sigh and went to her room to freshen up as well

After finishing their delicious dinner they both sat in the hall room

"I am so full...don't have a tiny place in my stomach... zuzu muttered softly while rubbing her tummy

"zuzu twommow is your join day....right" xue ying asked zuzu while working on her laptop

"haa...join day" zuzu respond confusingly

"wasn't twommow your office join day?" xue ying pointed out

"Ahh how can I forget it...what time it is now....already 11pm.i have to go to sleep otherwise I won't be able to wake up on time" zuzu yelled and rushed to her room

"ying ying don't forget to wake me up...pleazzzz.....good night" Zuzu requested and went to her room without waiting for xue ying response

"sleep well girl....from twommow your life will take her new turn...I hope you get success in this new turn of yor life" xue ying said softly and went to her room


some where in a big room under dim light

"sir here is all the information you wanted" a person keep the file on the glass table bowed his head slightly and left

A man under the dim light read the file

"So Miss Park seems like our destiny really wants us to meet or my destiny want you.... see you soon Miss Park...." said the man with smirk

note: English is not my mother language so sorry for grammar articles errors....🙏🙏🙏

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