The Best Proposal/C4 First Meeting....
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The Best Proposal/C4 First Meeting....
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C4 First Meeting....

"zuzu wake up, zuzu..zuzu wake up....zuzu zuzu" xue ying shuted at zuzu to woke her up

"5 minutes more please..." zuzu said sleepisely

"it's already 7.30 if you still don't wake up you gonna be hurry up"

"'s already 7.30....why didn't you wake me up earlier....Ahhh I am going to late at my first day....." zuzu complained and run in the bathroom to get ready

"I didn't wake you up....I am trying to wake up from 7 am...and you still said that I didn't wake you up...." xue ying yelled at Zuzu

"Anyway come downstairs to have breakfast" xue ying said and went to downstairs

After 10 minutes later Zuzu dressed up and come downstairs

"Sorry ying know nah how I am but I had set a lot of alarm from 6 to 7 am then how come I didn't hear any alarm" zuzu said and hurriedly ate her breakfas

"it's OK...and do you really think you can wake up without any one wake you up personally and that too by your alarm....*sigh*.....if that happened someday then it will be miracle" xue ying said jokingly

"Yeah yeah I know....OK by or am going to be really late" zuzu said and about to go but xue ying stop her

"wait....I am also done so let me give you ride today" xue ying get up and went to get the car key and her laptop

"but...your is opposite to my direction so you don't..." Zuzu about to deny xue ying but xue ying cut her

"Girl if you still going stand like this then you will surely going to be late on your first day" xue ying said and went outside and zuzu follow her behind happily

" By the way, I heard that the CEO of Kim group is very strict and dangerous person who don't like late and cearless people so you went office in time and try to avoid doing any stupid thing that attacks CEO'S attention and.....don't be nervous everything will be good just do your best....ok" xue ying said worriedly and zuzu just nodded her head

"don't worry I will be fine. I am a little nervous but it's OK and I am just a small intraner who going to work far away from CEO. so there is no chance that I am going to meet him any time soon" zuzu replied confidently. By the time they reached in front of Kim group office building

"Here go now" xue ying look at Zuzu who is looking at Xue ying with little angry pout

"what happen...did you forget something" xue ying asked zuzu confusingly

"today is my first day at work but still nobody wish body love me" zuzu muttered slowly but enough loud for xue ying hear it

" baby girl is don't know but you preants tried to call you many times to talk to you also your brother's too but when they couldn't reach you they call me and said to wish you luck on their behalf also tell you to call after return home"

"really...they called me....maybe I was sleeping that time anyway I'll call after work....OK by see you later" zuzu said and walk to the building but xue ying shot from behind zuzu turn to look and xue ying hug her tightly

"All the best baby girl...wish you all the luck"

xue ying break the hug

"thank you and hate you" zuzu muttered

"hate you too now go....fighting" xue ying said and leave for her office

before finally went to the building zuzu take a deep sigh and went inside with a bright smile

As soon as she step in her mouth wide open by looking at the internal designs of the company was design with all morden technology and furniture.....she was so lost but a tug on her shoulder get her in the reality.....Zuzu look around only to find the person......It was her very good friend Sugi. They are university friends also sitmate

" Hey Zuzu....are you planning to stay here all day like this....close your mouth already otherwise flyers going to make a city in it" Sugi mock Zuzu and drag her toward the reception

"Hello mam....Good Morning, We are new intern here. Can you please tell us where to report" Zuzu asked with a polite smile

There were two receptionist. They both were working on theirs computers. One girl at her 25 answered them and told them to where to report then she again start her work.

Zuzu and Sugi went to freelance department on 20th floor where the girl told them to report. when they reach infront of the elevator. They saw that it was already filled and only 2 people can enter in it sugi enter in it. Zuzu was about to enter she saw an old man with some file rushing towards the elevator. Without thinking she give space for the man to enter into the lift. Sugi about to come out but there's a lot of crowd so before she could come out the door was closed. So she have to left Zuzu there.

Zuzu was waiting for the next lift then she saw another lift opposite of the first lift. She went to the lift and press 20th floor button. Lift door was about to close but then a tall man wearing black office suit enter in the lift and stand beside Zuzu. When Zuzu saw the didn't press his floor button, she ask him his floor number as she was standing next to lifts button side

"Excuse me, which floor you want to go?" Zuzu ask politely

"30th floor" the man replied with a deep and cold tone

When Zuzu heard his voice she felt a little scared and take few steps away from him before press the button but to her surprise 30th floor was the last floor of this building.

Few seconds later Zuzu heard a click sound on her phone. it was her John who massage her about how to do work how to talk with people in office and then they start their Childless talk and creaking some jokes. By then Zuzu was so busy that she completely forgot the man next to her

Kim Richard prov

I am the Kim Richard one of the multi billionaire in City A. My father also a billionaire but I don't want to depends on anyone so I start this business on my own and make it one of the biggest company in city A and myself as a young billionaire business ticon with my heard work and dedications. My father handled his own business and want me to took over it as well but I refuse him as I am busy with my business and just help him whenever I have time or he need. My mom is a house wife but she also help dad at his work. My young brother study in Oxford University and my sister study in one of the top universities in city A.

As for me, I love my family and from childhood I get whatever I want. for me if i want something i will get it with money or with power but I will surely get that no matter what. There is many girls who want to have me as a husband or boyfriend even if for one day they will die to have me. But I am not interested in any kind of woman who's only after my money and power.

But when I first saw Zoya.... that time I know that she is for me. She looks so petty and that I couldn't take my eyes off her but when I saw her to talk to icecream then I come to know that she not only petty beautiful but also very innocent.....

After that incident I call my private detective and found out every thing about her including that she was going to work under me as an intern....I was so eager to meet her that today I come office earlier then usual.

When I come office and head towards my personal lift, I saw Zoya there. I was little surprised to see her in my personal lift as it only used by me. But then I thought it's good in this way I could spend more time with with her alone. I was in my thoughts when I heard her asking me about my floor number. I was little surprised and sad.

Did she forget the ice cream incident with me. did she forget me...and why did she ask me where I went to go. didn't she know who I am..... like eveyone in city A know me how come she don't know.... and it's a basic thing that every employee who work in my company have to know some basics info about the company rules a ragulation including company ceo so how come she don't know.....I was shocked and little surprise but I overcome and answer her. after that she pressed the button and takes few steps away from me.

I saw her surprise and scared face from the corner of my eyes. After that lift became completely silent although i like it but today I want Zoya look at me talk to me. But no she didn't do any of this. few minutes later when I again look at her side I saw her smile and she was cheating with someone.

I don't know who the person was but I hated to see that she smile and chat with someone else while ignore me. I am burning with jealousy and anger. by that time we reach 20th floor. She was about to go out when I stop her

"Come to my office in 10 minutes" I said with a cold tone and left for my office.

"I never thought my first Meeting with her will be like this that she will ignore my existence like this. I think she need a good listen *smirk* get ready baby girl" I thought in my mind and left for my office

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