The Best Proposal/C5 Unspoken rule
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The Best Proposal/C5 Unspoken rule
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C5 Unspoken rule

When elevator stop Zuzu get out of it and was about to go towards Sugi where sugi and a group of people were standing. But she stop when she heard a cold voice asking her to go to his office. Before she could ask anything the elevator door closed. She was standing in her please dumbfounded. Zuzu didn't understand anything, why the man suddenly asked Her to meet her in his office and who is he, why he looks so familiar to her. She was in her thoughts when she heard a man called her.

Zuzu turn towards the voice and saw a man in his 35 looking at her irritated yet worriedly. Also Sugi look so sad and worried looking at her. Zuzu don't understand why everyone looks at her so weirdly like she made a huge mistake. She slowly walk there and greeted them. She was about to introduce herself when that man stop her and told her to go to CEO'S office ASAP. Now Zuzu is very confused. She asked the man in confusion.....

"Sir...I am new intern here and was told to report here in freelance why are you sending me to CEO'S office.....and why me only" Zuzu asked slowly

'Listen Miss. Park.....I am the freelance department head and you need to report me but after what have you done I don't know if you can continue your internship here....So you better meet CEO as he told you"

"Ah what did I have done and who's the CEO" Ask still confused Zuzu

"Zuzu....the man who was in the elevator with you was the CEO....our Main boss and this elevator only for CEO and nobody's allowed to use it" Sugi told Zuzu worriedly

"It's a unspoken rule of our company. everyone here know this rule even new comers. How come you don't know" said a young girl from the group with a egotist way

" And whoever tried to break this rule have to bear the consequences....and trust me it's not so easy to bear" Said another girl

"You better go and meet CEO new and you all follow me" the department head Mr Lee said and leave with the group.

"Zuzu don't worry. everything will be good.......Frightening" sugi patted on Zuzu's shoulder and leave with the group. Zuzu smile a little and head towards CEO'S office

Zuzu step outside of the elevator when it stop on 30th floor. She nervously look around only to find a boy at the reception. She want to the receptionist and greeted him and told him that the CEO asked her to meet him. The boy told her to go to the CEO'S office and warn her a little in friendly way

"Well, you must be Miss. Park, boss already waiting for you. you can go and the way boss looks angry today so be careful"

"I will....thank you" Zuzu said with a nervous smile and leave

Zuzu was standing in front of CEO office very nervous to took another step

"What should I do today my first and last day in this going to get fired on my very first day...Ahhh Zuzu can't you be a little careful.....*take a deep breath* Zuzu it's OK you can do it *again take a deep breath* Frighting" With that she knock on the door "Sir may I come in" she ask. within few seconds a faint yet cold voice come from inside "come in" with that she went inside.

As soon as she step inside her jaw drops in amusement. It is a most classic office in white and black color. It every corner and every item show off it's luxuriously. And the view in front of the's just amazing

"Aham....if Miss Park is done eyeing my office then can we talk" Richard clear his trough to get Zuzu's attention only then Zuzu realize that she was looking at the office for quite a long-time

"Go...good Morning sir...." Zuzu wish him Morning and look down feeling scared at his cold gaze

"Hmm so do you know what have you done?" Asked while looking at Zuzu

"Yes sir......I am so...sorry sir. it won't happen again....I am new here so I don't know that....the elevator is only.....for you.

I am sorry sir" Zuzu explained with cracking voice

"And how you didn't know....didn't you read the contract before applying in this company and it is one of the important requirement" Richard said rather soft voice then he uselly do. If anyone who know him heard him like this they might got a big shock but Zuzu still found it rather harsh

"Sorry sir...are you going to fire me" *pout* Zuzu asked sadly don't know what to do as this is the first day yet she already made a

big mistake and made the main boss mad at her now nobody can save her. Thinking all this her eyes get teared up and can fall anytime but she stop herself not to cry infront of the boss

"So you want me to fire you" Richard asked zuzu mockingly

"No sir.....but I broke the rule and made you angry gonna punish me.......right.

but sir....I really didn't do it deliberately......sir i swear to my icecream from today I will never use that elevator ever again.....please sir don't fire me.....I really want to work here. I'll give my 100 percent to this job......please" Zuzu request with full determination

"OK, if you want this job this much, I won't fire you....." before Richard could finish his word Zuzu start speaking as we all know that she is a chatter box who can't keep quit for a long time.

"Thank you sir, thank you so much.....I thought you must be very bad tempted person cold hearted arrogant rude boss who fire his workers just because they mistakenly used his personal elevator but no I was wrong....thank you sir....then I won't disturb you anymore....have a good day sir" Zuzu was about to leave when Richard stop her

"Miss Park stop, I haven't finished yet" Richard said rather annoyingly

"not yet" Zuzu asked slowly while turning back to face Richard but froze in her spot to see a tall figure stand in front of her. when she look up she saw Richard was standing near her to closely. Richard was so tall, Zuzu suddenly felt like she became more short then her actual hight. She unknowingly moved backwards till her back hit the wall behind her. Zuzu want move from there but Richard blocked her way by his both arms placing on the wall and captured her in it. Zuzu was so shocked and scared that her eyes wide open make it more bigger

"Do you think you can escape from me this easily....I won't fire you but you have to get your punishment" Richard get closer to Zuzu's ear and wishper softly. Zuzu close her eyes triedly as she feel Richard warm breath falls on her shoulder. She slowly open her eyes when she feels no one around her. She look around and saw Richard was sitting on his chair.

Zuzu went to Richard and asked with scared tone "pu... pu....punishment"

New chapter is coming soon
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