The Billionaire Contracted Bride/C6 Public Announcement
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The Billionaire Contracted Bride/C6 Public Announcement
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C6 Public Announcement

Emma felt both excited and nervous as she and Alexander left the cafe, their hands still warm from the handshake that made their arrangement official. She had the impression that she was entering uncharted territory, a world where practicality rather than pure emotion was the driving force behind decisions.

"So, Emma, are we going to set a date for our public announcement?" I asked. As they walked side by side, Alexander asked, his eyes fixed on her.

Her heart was pounding as Emma nodded. "Yes, let's finish it soon. We can begin managing the public's perception sooner if we make the announcement sooner."

Alexander responded, "Agreed." The logistics can be handled by my PR staff. They will guarantee that the media does not delve too deeply into our private lives.

His willingness to take charge was appreciated by Emma as she gave him a look. "Alexander, I appreciate it. This arrangement will assist me in ensuring that my family's financial situation improves."

His smile was reassuring. "Additionally, I want to safeguard my public image. It would appear that this will benefit us both."

They reached the city's bustling heart as they continued their conversation. Emma couldn't help but pay attention to the curious looks from bystanders. She was aware that their actions and interactions were being analyzed. The weight of the public's scrutiny was starting to show.

Alexander abruptly stated, "Emma, I have an idea," breaking the silence.

Intrigued, she turned to face him. "What is that?"

"We could throw a small, intimate engagement party for our closest family and friends. As a cover for our public announcement, it will be used. We can thus direct the narrative without giving away too much."

At the suggestion, Emma's eyes lit up. "Actually, that is a fantastic idea. It will give us some breathing room and divert attention from the real purpose."

"Exactly. Additionally, it will provide us with a chance to get to know one another better in a more casual setting," Alexander added with a smirk.

She laughed. "I suppose it will, yes."

Emma began to feel more at ease with Alexander as they walked and talked. Even in this unusual circumstance, he had a way of making her feel like she was heard and understood.

There was a lot going on in the days that followed. Emma found that she was completely involved in the planning of the engagement party, working with Alexander's PR team, and handling the influx of inquiries from the media. She felt a sense of purpose propelling her forward despite the fact that it was, to put it mildly, overwhelming.

The engagement party day finally arrived. Flowers and soft lighting adorned the elegant venue, creating a romantic and celebratory atmosphere. As guests entered, Emma stood by the entrance and greeted them.

Emma was greeted by a familiar voice, who said, "You look stunning."

She turned to see Alexander, who was wearing a sharp suit and was looking straight at her. The sincere compliment made her heart skip a beat.

She responded, feeling a warmth spread across her cheeks, "Thank you."

The performance of Emma and Alexander as a deeply in love couple went off without a hitch. They danced together, glanced at each other in the affectionate direction, and laughed with their guests. Even though it was all just a show, Emma kept getting lost in the action.

Alexander moved Emma away from the prying eyes and flashing cameras as the night came to a close.

With his hand on hers, he said softly, "You did wonderful."

Heart racing, Emma raised her head to look at him. "Also you. Isn't it true that we make a convincing couple?"

With his gaze fixed on her, he nodded. "We do, in fact."

The distinction between their arrangement and reality was briefly blurred. Emma was overcome with emotion and confusion as she was caught in his gaze. She, on the other hand, ignored those feelings as quickly as they surfaced.

They came to an agreement or deal. She couldn't afford to forget that, no matter how genuine the feelings were at the time.

Emma couldn't help but feel both relief and anxiety as the night came to an end and the guests left. Their strategy was in motion after the public announcement was successful. However, she was aware that the difficulties were far from over.

She spoke softly, "Thank you for everything, Alexander," as they stood alone in the now-empty venue.

His gaze remained fixed on her face as he smiled. "Emma, no, thank you. Through it all, you've shown incredible grace and poise."

In response, she gave him a small smile. "I suppose we're all in this together, right?"

He responded, surprisingly sincere in his tone, "Indeed, we are."

They left the venue at that point, each of them lost in their own thoughts. Emma couldn't help but wonder what lay ahead as they emerged into the crisp night air. She had no idea what to expect because the path they had chosen was uncharted and full of unexpected turns.

But there was one certainty: She was determined to navigate them with the same strength and resolve she had shown thus far, regardless of the obstacles they presented. The atmosphere still reeked of the successful engagement party. In contrast to the frantic pace of the evening, Emma and Alexander walked into the cool night as they left the venue.

Both excitement and apprehension were running through Emma's mind. Even to her, the facade they had put on for the outside world was convincing at times. She sneaked a glance at Alexander, whose face was well-lit by streetlights.

"What a night, isn't it?" The silence was broken when she ventured.

Alexander smiled knowingly as he turned to face her. "Indeed. Emma, you handled yourself extremely well."

The compliment brought a warm sensation to her cheeks. "Well, I had a good criminal partner."

He laughed. "Partner in fact. After all, this is a joint venture."

The city's lively rhythm followed them as they continued to walk. Alexander called a cab when they got to the corner, and they got into the backseat. As they exchanged glances, the dim interior appeared to create a bubble of intimacy.

"So, what follows?" Emma inquired, genuinely interested.

He responded, "Next, we let the news settle. There will be coverage in the media, speculation, and everything else. The majority of it will be handled by my PR team, but there may be times when we need to contribute."

As she took in his words, she nodded. "And in the daytime?"

Alexander sat back, never looking away from her. "We carry on with our regular routines throughout the day. You, together with your friends and art. And my work as well."

She mused, "Sounds...almost normal."

With a glimmer of amusement in his eyes, he smiled. "Emma, that's the plan. Despite the circumstances, normalcy."

Emma's curiosity got the better of her as soon as their taxi came to a stop. "Please describe your personal assistant to me. I'm sure they have a significant impact on everything."

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