The Billionaire Contracted Bride/C7 Alexander's Personal Assistant
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The Billionaire Contracted Bride/C7 Alexander's Personal Assistant
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C7 Alexander's Personal Assistant

Alexander held the door open for Emma to enter a sleek, contemporary building as the taxi pulled up to it. She looked up at the massive structure in front of them as the cool breeze ruffled her hair.

Alexander explained, pointing toward the building, "This is my office. And where my personal assistant is located."

Emma gave a nod of interest. She followed Alexander into the building, where they found themselves in a large, ornate lobby. The center was occupied by a welcoming receptionist at a polished marble reception desk.

With a warm smile, the receptionist said, "Mr. Sterling, welcome back."

"I'm grateful, Lisa. Is Adam accessible? Alexander made a query.

"He's in his office, yes. Just enter," Lisa replied.

After leading Emma down a corridor, Alexander came to a stop in front of a locked door. Before pushing it open, he lightly knocked, revealing an office space meticulously organized. A well-dressed man in his late twenties looked up from his computer screen.

"Ah, Alexander, you're back," he said in a calm but friendly voice. He turned his attention to Emma. "Also, you have to be Emma."

With a grin, Emma extended her hand. "Yes, Adam, nice to meet you."

Adam replied, "Similarly," and shook her hand. "You've been mentioned by Alexander."

Alexander pressed himself up against the door's frame. "Adam, Emma will spend some time with us here. I have faith that you will help her with anything she needs."

"Of course, sir," Adam replied in a respectful manner. "I am here to assist you both in any way I can."

In Adam's presence, Emma experienced a sense of security. She was at ease by his calm professionalism.

Alexander explained, "Emma, if you have any questions or require assistance, Adam is the person to talk to."

Emma thanked Alexander for his direction and said, "Thank you, Alexander."

Adam got up and went over to a small table where there was a tray of drinks. "Take a seat, please. Can I get you some drinks?"

As Alexander left to take care of some business, Emma sat across from his desk. "Thank you, a glass of water would be wonderful."

Before taking his own seat, Adam presented her with a glass he had poured for her. "Therefore, Emma, how can I help you today?"

She took a sip of water as she leaned back. "Since I'm new to this, I'd appreciate any advice on how to navigate this arrangement."

With an expression of understanding, Adam nodded. "Although I am aware that this circumstance may be unusual, please be assured that I am here to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for you. You can rely on me for everything, from scheduling to dealing with inquiries from the media."

His sincerity was appreciated by Emma. "Adam, I'm grateful. However, I do have a question. Could you tell me anything about Alexander? I mean, beyond the persona in public."

With a thoughtful expression on his face, Adam leaned back, "Mr. Sterling is a man of tremendous focus and determination. He is extremely perceptive and dedicated to his work. He is good at seeing the big picture and making smart choices."

The curiosity of Emma was piqued, "And how about his private life?"

Adam smiled faintly as his lips curved. "Although those who are close to him are aware that he is also a man of deep loyalty and compassion, he places a high value on his privacy. He doesn't often talk about his feelings, but when he cares about someone, he will always stand by them."

After absorbing his words, Emma nodded. "He seems to have more to him than first appears."

Adam said, "Indeed. However, it is also essential to keep in mind that every individual has layers. I'm sure the same is true of you."

She laughed, "True. I guess we're all a little complicated."

Adam responded, "Absolutely. And I'm here to assist you both in any way I can as we work through this arrangement."

Adam provided insights into Alexander's preferences, routines, and even some of his more human quirks during their subsequent conversation. Emma found that she felt at ease talking to him about her own interests and passions.

Emma realized that despite the fact that their circumstance was undoubtedly unique, she was beginning to feel more at ease with the support system that was gradually forming around her as the afternoon sun cast a warm glow through the office window.

Emma was thankful for Adam's presence by the time she and Alexander left the office that day. As she navigated the unfamiliar waters of her new life, she had a feeling that his guidance and support would be extremely helpful.

Emma couldn't help but think about the unexpected connections she was making in the midst of their carefully planned arrangement as they stepped back out into the bustling city.

She was beginning to see beyond the surface aspects of Alexander's life's complexities. Emma was intrigued by the layers Adam had mentioned as they left the office building. With a glimmer of interest in her eyes, she turned to face Alexander.

She made the observation, "You have an impressive personal assistant."

Alexander laughed. "Adam is absolutely necessary to maintain order."

Emma lost control of her curiosity. "He said that you are strategic and perceptive. And that there is a personal side to you that isn't immediately apparent."

Her curiosity clearly amused Alexander, who raised an eyebrow, "Did he then? Well, he's right. However, I'd rather show you myself that side."

His words made her heart skip a beat. She was more interested than she had anticipated in getting to know the real Alexander.

Emma's thoughts wandered to her family as they settled into the taxi. She hadn't told her parents about Alexander and about her fake engagement, but she couldn't keep it to herself. She bit her lip in anticipation of her parents' reactions.

Alexander led her to the door once they were back at the Thompson residence. Before opening the door, Emma took a deep breath and hesitated. Her parents were having a conversation in the living room. Emma attracted their attention by clearing her throat.

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