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C8 Family Reaction

As Emma cleared her throat, her parents stopped talking and turned their attention to her. Susan, her mother, smiled broadly as she looked up, "Emma, you've returned! How were you today?"

In response, Emma gave a small smile, her anxiety bubbling just below the surface. "Mom, it was good. I actually have some news."

Robert, her father, looked at her with a curious expression, "News? Dearest, what's going on?"

As Emma took a deep breath and switched her focus between her parents, her heart raced, "Do you remember the gallery I mentioned to you? The one I told you someone enjoyed my artwork?"

Susan's eyes sparkled, "That was fantastic news, Emma! So what happened? They would like to exhibit your work?"

With a pounding heart, Emma nodded. "They indeed do. Not only that, but I have also met someone."

With a mix of surprise and curiosity, her parents exchanged glances. "Someone?" Robert said it again: Please elaborate.

As she searched for the best explanation, Emma's thoughts were racing. "His name is Alexander Sterling, and he is truly wonderful, Mom and Dad. He does a great job and has been there for me and my art in a very special way."

With keen interest in her eyes, Susan leant forward. "Dear, he sounds like a pretty good catch."

Emma could feel her heart beating faster as her head moved up and down. "Yes he is, yes. Additionally, we have decided to take our relationship to a more serious level."

Robert raised his eyebrows. "Next step? What do you mean?"

Emma tried to find her courage by taking a deep breath. "We are involved. And getting married soon."

The room became extremely still. When Emma turned to look at her parents, they appeared extremely surprised and unsure. Then, Susan, her mother, was the first to speak. "Emma, this is wonderful news, but it's all happening so quickly," she said. Do you have complete faith in this?"

Emma spoke extremely quickly and bobbed her head rapidly. "Yes, Mom, without a doubt. We want to be together forever, and Alexander and I love each other very much."

Robert appeared a little anxious as he leant back in his chair. As if contemplating what to say next, he raised his hand and ran it through his hair. "We just want what's best for you," he began, "Emma, we really care about you. We're just a little worried that maybe things are happening a little too quickly because marriage is such a big step." He shows his concern, "Are you sure you want this?"

As she listened to her father's words, Emma felt a heavy heart, but that didn't stop her from being determined. "Dad, I can tell that you're worried from what you're saying. However, Alexander has not yet been met by you. I'm sure you'll comprehend why I care so much about him once you meet him."

Susan, her mother, extended her hand to touch Emma's as her expression softened. "Dear, we trust that you can make good decisions, but we want to make sure that whatever choice you make is truly the best one for you."

Emma's eyes welled up with tears as she sensed her parents' strong feelings of love and concern. "Mom, Dad, I want you to know that I've never been more certain about anything in my life," she said, her voice trembling slightly but full of determination. "We truly desire and place a high value on your blessings, Alexander and I are deeply committed to one another."

Robert let out a sigh, his expression indicating that he was both concerned and somewhat accepting of the situation. "Emma, your happiness is the most important thing. We are here for you and will support your decision if being with Alexander brings you joy."

With a mixture of gratitude and happiness, Emma felt her heart expand. She started to shed tears, but they were happy tears. She proceeded to give her parents a firm hug. "I am so grateful to you. As you can see, Alexander is a remarkable individual." She wanted them to comprehend Alexander's genuine excellence and how much she valued their assistance.

Susan pulled her daughter into a reassuring embrace as she wrapped her arms around her. As she spoke, her voice was soft and reassuring. "Emma, we sincerely hope that your feelings and thoughts are accurate. We just want you to know that no matter what happens, we're here for you and ready to help."

Emma felt a mix of relief and happiness as they held each other in their arms. Her parents' acceptance of her was like a priceless gift that meant the world to her. Their warm reception reassured her, as she had been worried about how they would react to her if they found out it was all an unconventional marriage.

Emma reached up to gently wipe away the tears that had gathered in her eyes as they finally broke up their embrace. She gave a watery but sincere smile, her feelings still being felt in the air. She would always remember that moment because it was a time of connection and understanding. This made her determined to make her marriage work and pretended to show her parents how much she loved Alexander.

"Thank you, Dad and Mom. I can't wait to meet him with you."

Robert chuckled softly as he lovingly brushed her hair with his fingers. "It appears that we will need to prepare for a special occasion, right?"

Susan looked at her girl, her eyes loaded up with a comforting grin and a feeling of profound pride. She talked in a delicate and cherishing way, "I'm extraordinarily glad that you've found love, my dear. My main desire is that he cherishes you for precisely who you are, including serious areas of strength for your nature and any blemishes you could have. You are wonderful simply how you are."

"Goodness, mummy," Emma said with a major grin as she hurried to her mom. She folded her arms over her firmly and tears gushed in her eyes, spilling down her face.

Robert's feelings overpowered him to the place where he was unable to remain still. He was unable to oppose however join the embrace, folding his arms over them. With genuine truthfulness, he communicated, "I love you so definitely."

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