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C2 The Drive


Immediately Ariana got down from the plane, she saw her father’s driver waiting for her on the road roadside Rogers had been their family driver since she was a year old, and he was the one who she had been seeing as a father figure, someone who always helped her and cautioned her when she used to cause trouble in school. He was also the one, who used to be the second to wish her a happy birthday and give her a gift, after her mother. Her dad never cared about her in the first place. She could still remember him, after all these years. The driver smiled as he hurried towards her.

“Good evening miss Ariana, it is so good seeing you again, after all these years. How have you been?

“I am good and you? how has life been treating you, since I was no longer around to cause trouble for you? Ari? said as the driver opened the boot to drop her bags.

“Oh, miss, the years were terrible without you, I missed your pranks and the house seemed boring without your screams threatening to bring down the whole house. I am so happy that you are back. The driver said as he opened the car door for her.

“Oh, thanks. I am happy to be glad. Ariana said as she entered the car before the driver closed the door and entered the driver’s seat. He switched on the ignition and drove out of the airport, heading to Santiago’s estate.

Ariana kept on watching the view, it had been so long since she came back, a lot had happened. The little playground that she used to visit with her mother has been renovated to one of the biggest parks in the city.

Mum. She just remembered why she was coming back home in the first place. Her mood suddenly changed as depression and sadness could be seen written all over her face. The driver saw it through the rear mirror and quickly thought of something to say to her. He knew that she was thinking about her mother.

“Hey, Ariana, surely you remember Mickey mouse right. The driver asked as Ariana gave him a confused look.

“Mickey Mouse? I don’t understand what you mean by mickey mouse. What am I doing with a mickey mouse? She asked again.

“Not a mickey mouse, the mickey mouse. The driver said chuckling as he knew instantly that he had diverted her attention.

“That is much worse, what is the mickey mouse. An actual mickey mouse, that isn’t real. Ariana said.

“Not that, he is a person, you called him mickey mouse and he called you to sponge bob. Don’t you remember him? The driver asked as he took a turn into another lane.

“Sponge Bob? Mickey mouse? Boy? Not really. I can’t recall anything, my memory is vague, what is his name.

“Wish I knew, maybe he never told you or you just decided to call him that, but it stuck. Anywhere you saw him, you always called him SpongeBob. Even at your middle school.

“Wait, we went to the same school too? Ariana asked her eyes widening in shock.

“Yeah, he transferred newly, that was the best day of your life, I think. You kept on bouncing up and down singing or rather chatting mickey mouse, mickey mouse, mickey mouse. It was so funny and you got super excited when he called you sponge bob. Don’t you remember, he made you wear SpongeBob-designed clothes only?

“Yes, I do remember that time. Father thought that I had gone senile and had given me a home therapist. But I still can’t recall the guy, at all. Do I have pictures of him, back at home?

“Well, not that I know of, you were busy having fun to take pictures, maybe there is a school photo of you and your classmates, back at home. We never entered your room since you left. The door was opened today so that we could clean it before you get back. Pedro revealed.

“Oh can’t wait, is it still the pink-flowered Barbie room? She asked.

“Yes, it is, like I said, nobody ever set a foot in your room, well except madam, but after a few weeks she stopped. I guess the hurt was too much. Pedro said glancing back at her.

“I see, of course, it would hurt her, she begged Father to not take me away. Yet he did. She didn't have her child with her, all these years. Ariana said bowing her head.

“But now, you are back, she can’t wait to see you. really. Also, you get to spend time with her. Pedro added.

“Yeah, limited time until she dies. Can you make a stop, at a nearby flower shop, possibly a chocolate shop, after, I need to get something for her, and also for you too? Ariana said beaming at the driver.

“Your kind gestures warms my heart. I am so happy; you are still the same big kind-hearted loveable girl. Pedro said as tears threatened to drop from his eyes.

“Oh, Pedro, don’t you dare cry, or I will cry too. And we can’t be seen both cryings. That is embarrassing. She said wiping her eyelids.

“Yes, it is, sorry about that, it was just my hormones acting up as usual. Pedro said cleaning his face as he turned into the street of the florist shop.

“I believe that they are called tears of joy, no need to be embarrassed about it. It is normal. She said as he parked the limousine in front of the florist shops.

“Miss, we have arrived at the florist shop. He announced as she nodded her head

Ariana could see the different flowers that were kept in the transparent glass vases, kept near the window. She smiled as she brought out her purse and walked out of the car, as Pedro waited behind, patiently in the car.

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