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C3 McSallys

CHAPTER 3 McSallys

“Don’t believe me, just watch.” Ryan hummed as he entered the restaurant, heading straight to the kitchen to change.

“Hey, you are here,” Anya said as she stirred the content of her pot. She was the chef of the restaurant, McSallys by name. it belonged to their manager, Mr. Walter, a nonsense man, who valued money more than his life and detested lateness and went on sporadic firing when he felt like. Truly, he wasn't liked by any employee, and they always tried to stay out of his way.

And everyone always abided by his rules, well everyone except Ryan, who had gotten into the restaurant luckily without being noticed by the manager.

“Yup,” Ryan said nodding his head to the music. He did a spin and jumped on the counter beside Anya, who threatened him off, with her big spatula. Ryan grinned as he poked at her cheeks, making her smile a bit.

“And let me guess, uptown funk by Bruno mars, as usual. You know for a waiter, you do come to work pretty late. It is a miracle that you haven’t been fired.” Hazel, a fellow waitress said entering the kitchen with an empty tray.

“Yeah, don’t believe me, just watch, is kind of my motto okay. It is not my fault, I finished the other shift, very late, and I have to wait till my partner locked up and give me the key. Then I ran straight here, under the space of fifteen minutes. Is the manager in?” Ryan asked as he dropped his bag.

“Yeah, he is, as usual. You came late today, I am impressed at the rate that you are currently going at, to get your stupid ass fired. What happened. You know I don’t want to know, I am sick of having to cover for you but I still do it, because you are cute. You are so going to get me in trouble.” Hazel said as Anya rolled her eyes.

‘It was because someone deliberately switched off my alarm clock yesterday when you both came to see me. So who did it between you both, because it wasn't Amelia” Ryan asked as they both looked away whistling.

Hazel was clearing the part of the table she was standing at, while Anya kept on stirring the contents.

“I am waiting…... okay I promise not to blow up,” Ryan said rolling his eyes.

“It was Hazel,” Anya said hurriedly.

“Wow, thanks a lot for having my back. See Ryan, we were just going your stuff, your pictures and it fell scattering the whole place. So as we tried to hurriedly pick it up before you could come back because you told us not to touch anything, I might have mistakenly knocked it down and probably forgot to pick it back up.” Hazel said as she faced him.

“This is one of the consequences of not paying attention to my instructions. If I do get fired by Mr. Walter, it is solely on both of you, but till then, I am totally cool, it made me sleep more and I needed it so thanks anyways. I am happy, that was nice of you.” Ryan said smiling.

“Thanks,” Hazel said breathing a deep sigh of relief, as they hugged.

“Group hug,” Anya said coming to join them but was stopped by the both of them.

“huh huh, not today, Anya,” Hazel said as they disengaged.

“I hate you guys,” Anya said pouting.

“We hate you too,” Ryan said as he went out to take orders, after wearing his apron. And Hazel went back to her duties leaving Anya in the kitchen to continue her duties.

“A simple bye would have been nice,” Anya said to herself as she went back to her duties.

“Hey, good evening, can I help you with anything ma’am,” Ryan said as he reached the table of an old woman with her husband.

“Yes, dear, we would love to have the specials. It is kind of our anniversary.” The woman said giggling as her husband winked at her.

“Oh my goodness, I am so happy for you two. Congratulations.” Ryan said smiling as he shook hands with the man, and partially hugged the woman.

“Thank you, it has been 45 years now. She is the best thing I could ever ask for.” The man said patting her hand.

“Oh stop it, George, we are in public.” The woman said blushing.

“You deserve it and more ma’am. This meal is on the house.” Ryan declared as he took their menus and left.

He went back to the counter as he saw Anya, bringing out the hot steaming meal and was dishing them up the plate.

“Order up. He said ringing the bell as Anya came up to the counter.

“What is it now? She asked sighing when she saw him. She was still angry that she hadn’t been included in the hug. Ryan chuckled and said.

“Come on, don’t pout, we have an old couple celebrating their 45th anniversary. So please, give me a double plate of specials. He said.

“Whoa, those couples must be rich to afford that plate. Anya said surprised.

“What do you mean? Ryan asked immediately paying attention.

“Well, the price for a plate has increased. 50$ per plate. I don’t know why; it is the manager that you have to meet. Or maybe since it is their anniversary, they want to celebrate it grandly. Anya said shrugging.

“Fuck, no! this can’t happen, when did they increase it? It was 15$ per plate before. Why the sudden change.

‘Sudden change? Are you kidding me? This was the price for six straight months and you have been here for two years unless you were suddenly oblivious to everything going on around you. besides, why are you even alarmed? It is not as if you are the one paying, are you? she asked jokingly looking at Ryan.

But his expression said it all.

“No, you didn't. she gasped.

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