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C5 Amelia


Immediately Ryan finished his shift, it was already after 11 pm, Anya and Hazel had already finished earlier, and had gone home because he literally pushed them out of the restaurant, they were hell-bent on waiting for him, but he decided against it, they didn't live in the same neighborhood, and he was scared that something might happen to them. Mr. Walter has given him the task of cleaning up, and sweeping the whole place, before going, as a kind gesture. Yeah right, kind gesture.

He couldn’t believe that he was owing to Mr. Walter 100 dollars’ bill, because of the meal, that he gave to the old couple for real. He even wondered how it got leaked to Mr. Walter about the offer to pay for the meal, and he was asked to provide the money, instantly. He was only with 45 dollar bills, so Mr. Walter punished him, by reducing him to the status of a cleaner.

Ryan took the punishment, bravely and he was determined to work it as long as possible to pay off his debt.

He sighed as he dropped the cleaning materials back in the storage unit, his whole body was aching him, picking up his phone and bag to see 35 missed calls from Amelia, he chuckled. Bloody hell, someone is missing me. He dialed her number, but the call was being redirected.

He shrugged, probably busy or asleep. She better be asleep, she has school, the next day, and if she is still up, by this time, it would be hard, for her to keep an open eye tomorrow morning during classes.

He locked the restaurant, as he dropped the keys in his pocket, then headed down the street to the nearest bus stop. There was a late bus, that goes around, this time of the night and if he was lucky enough, he would find him. Besides the bus was free. It was a charity, done by the driver, to transport stranded people for free. He always used the bus, because it meant, he saved three dollars for the bus. And every money was important to him.

He reached the bus stop and saw that it was empty. Either the bus hasn't arrived, or the bus had already gone. He slumped on the bench, situated there, exhausted. This couldn’t possibly be happening to him, first the 100 dollars’ meal, and now, being stranded, and his house wasn't walkable. Well… it was, just too far.

As he decided on the next step, to take, he saw the blinding lights of an oncoming vehicle and the familiar horn. He smiled as he stood up. It was the bus, bundling down the street, as it came to a stop beside him.

The door, opened on its own, as the driver said.

Decided to make a U-turn to check if I could see, you. the other people weren't happy as I kept waiting for you. the driver said chuckling as Ryan climbed the bus, gratefully.

Gee, man, thanks. You are a lifesaver; I was wondering how the hell I was going to get back home. Ryan said as he sat down on one of the empty seats. He glanced back, there were some few scanty passengers, half of the passengers were already asleep, and the few alive ones stayed alone, looking through the window.

Don’t worry, Ryan, you will be home soon, Amelia is fine. No need to worry, so stop torturing yourself… she is probably sleeping at most. The driver said.

Yeah. I hope she is, too, and not sewing herself up as usual. Ryan muttered underneath his breath.


Amelia winced as she, sewed her arm, it was bloody. She had watched it off in the bathroom, with water, and she watched the bloody water go down the drain, she has washed her bloody clothes and hung it downstairs, in the backyard, for it to dry, then the ones that couldn’t be salvaged, she threw it in the dumpster in the next street. She didn't wants her big brother to see it and start asking questions. She was caught pickpocketing a rich old woman's bag and was attacked. She managed to escape, with the contents, but she has a pretty big dash on her arm. They had tried chasing after her, the bodyguards anyways, but they were strangers to the neighborhood, so she was able to outrun them by using all the cut corners and backyards pipes.

Her brother hated this kind of lifestyle, her stealing, but she couldn’t stop it. They needed the money, they have been in this junk for years, ever since their mother left them, and Ryan had to start looking after her since she was four. So she was forced to learn this lifestyle, to be able to help her brother cope with the daily challenges.

She sighed as she put the last stitch and cut the thread. She winced as she saw it. Not bad for an amateur she said, as she stashed the needle and thread, back in her safety kit. She wore her top and walked to the window.

She had called her brother, countless times already. He wasn't back yet. It was already three hours going, and it brought an advantage and disadvantages.

The advantage was, she was able to hide all traces of blood before he came back, and the disadvantages was she was lonely and she worried about him.

She wanted to dial his number again, when she saw him, entering their hood. She peered closer to verify that it was actually him, and it was. Relief washed through her, as she checked the room, once more to verify that there was no discriminating evidence, telling him, that something had happened, and she also brought out some dollars’ bills. Up to 50 grands. She chuckled.

Ryan was going to be shocked when he sees this kind of money, with her. Thank goodness that she already made up an excuse concerning the money.

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