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C2 Break up

Sun Hee's POV

I sat down in my room sipping my wine slowly and also chatting at the same time. My boyfriend just returned to Korea few days ago and we're catching up on the time we've been away from each other.

We will be going on a date tomorrow so our relationship can get back on track. Our plan is to get married very soon and we are working towards it already.

I'm Kim Sun Hee, eldest daughter of the Kim's family. I have a brother and sister or should I say I only have a brother? I despise my younger sister so much because she likes showing off.

Mom and Dad like her most because she's a model and K-Pop star. What's so special about that anyway?

Sometimes, I just feel like getting rid of her completely. Thankfully, she doesn't live with us so I don't really have a problem.

The few times she visits us are usually the worst moments of my life. I just hate the guys of that girl.

She's not even satisfied with being a model and K-Pop singer, she still went ahead to release a movie with on of the top actors in Korea.

I've made a promise to myself long time ago. I will never allow her know peace as long as I'm alive. I'm going to teach her a lesson and ruin her life completely. I will see how Mom and Dad will like her after that.

*Next day*

I'm going on a date today, woo-hoo! I wore a knee length gown and applied heavy makeup after which I wore my necklace and earrings.

I slipped my feet into black heels and picked up my phone and car keys. I took one last glance at the mirror and smiled in satisfaction.

James won't be able to resist me once he sees me dressed like this. I've missed the good times we spent together and I can't wait for a good s*x tonight.

I will be spending the night at his place and I'm sure going to make it a memorable one.

I got into my car and drove to the restaurant listening to music and nodding my head happily to the beat of the song.

As soon as I arrived, I got down from my car, locked the door and went into the restaurant.

When I got there, James was seated already but he wasn't alone. A girl was sitting beside him and she had an excessive makeup on.

I shrugged uncomfortably and went over to James to peck him but he stopped me. What the hell? Why will he do that? And in the presence of this girl at that?

I sat on a chair at the table and bowed my head in embarrassment. I'm going to deal with James later! For now, I will just focus on the date.

"How have you been? Hope work wasn't stressful?" I asked with a smile

"I've been good! The work wasn't stressful at all because Mirabel was there for me, right?" he said turning to the Miranda girl

"Of course! I help reduce people's stress, especially people that mean the world to me" she answered smiling sheepishly

"Uhhm! James, who is she?" I asked gently because I'm beginning to get irritated

"That was why I called you on this date. Let me introduce her to you" he said and turned to her

"Mirabel is the love of my life, the one I can't live without. She's the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with and I want her to be the mother of my children" he concluded

"What are you saying? I....I don't understand" I stuttered shifting uncomfortably on the chair

"I'm saying that Mirabel is my fiance, we are going to be getting married soon so I want us to break up" he repeated and I felt my heart stopped

It was as if time stopped because I couldn't see anything and I couldn't move. My head feels extremely hot now and I just feel like running away from all this.

This is a nightmare right? Yes, this has got to be a nightmare. I'm going to die if it isn't.

"James, I know you are joking but your joke is too expensive. Please stop it now" I said with tears rolling down my cheeks

"It's not a joke. The sooner you accept it, the better it will be for you. Let's go baby" he said and helped Mirabel up

"No James, you can't do this to me! You know how much I love you and you also know I can't survive without you. Please James, I will do whatever you want" I pleaded in tears

"I don't want anything from you. Your p***y is too wide that it will even be able to take in a new born baby. I got bored of f***ing a wide hole so it's time for me to move on. See ya!" he said and left while I bursted into uncontrollable tears

I stood up few minutes later and went to the parking lot. With tears blinding my eyes, I drove back home speeding dangerously.

How I arrived home safely still remains a mystery to me. As soon as I got down from the car, I staggered into the house and the first person I saw was Kim Seok Jin.

"Orabeoni (Brother)" I called and hugged him tightly

After calming me down, he got me a glass of water and made me sit on a couch. He also say beside me and held my hands.

"What happened?" he asked gently

"James! James!!" I said and broke down in tears again

"You caught him cheating?" he asked but I shook my head

"H-he broke up with me" I said and resumed crying

"He broke up with you? Why?" he asked utterly confused

"He returned to Korea with a girl and said she's his fiance. It really hurts" I said as my body shook

"Stop crying Sun Hee, he's not worth your tears. Come with me" he said and helped me to my room

"I want you to take a nap now like nothing happened. You need to relax and rest your head, promise me you won't cry?"

"I won't, I promise" I said and wiped my tears

"Good girl! Now, sleep tight okay?"

"Okay" I said with a nod

He pecked my forehead and smiled warmly at me before leaving the room.

Sun Young's POV

I finished the third and last shoot I had for the day and I heaved a sigh of relief. Sincerely, this work is so tiring.

If not for the fact that I love modeling, I would have quitted a long time ago. I still have practice with the band this evening, just thinking about it makes me weak.

I got into my car ready to return to the mansion when my brother's (Kim Seok Jin) call came in. Why is he calling? Did something happen?

"Orabeoni (brother)" I called with a smile as soon as I answered the call

"How is my baby sis doing?" he asked gently

"I'm doing good! I hope all is well, you sound dull" I said after hearing his voice

"I guess I'm not really fine. I want to step out for a bit so I need you to come stay with Sun Hee until I return.

Her boyfriend ended things with her wns she's completely heartbroken. I don't want her to do anything to herself while I'm away so will you help me out?"

"Sure! I'm on my way already. How could James have done something like that to her?" I asked angrily

"I'm going to teach him a lesson he will never forget. In his next life he won't try to mess with the Kim's family" Seok Jin said with determination

"Brother, don't do anything please. You need to calm down for now" I pleaded

Anytime he gets angry like that, he doesn't listen to anyone and he won't think before doing anything. James really crossed the line, I wasn't expecting that from him.

"Just go to the mansion and stay with Sun Hee, I will be back before you know it" he said and hanged up immediately

I sighed tiredly and ordered my driver to turn around. Honestly, I don't feel like going because Sun Hee is always a pain in the ass. Who knows what she's going to do or say to me when I arrive at the mansion?

Few minutes later, I arrived at the mansion and stepped out of my car elegantly. It feels so good to be home.

Nothing much has changed, most of the things still remains how they used to. There is really no place like home as they said.

I just wish I could come here and spend some time but I know it's not possible because of my work.

I will endure till the end. My contract is going to be terminated soon so I can stay with my parents and siblings until I eventually get married.

I went inside the house and climbed up the stairs to Sun Hee's room. When I got there, she was in bed with a duvet wrapped around her.

I thought she was sleeping so I sat down quietly waiting till whenever she will wake up, but almost immediately, she pulled down the duvet.

It looks like she wasn't expecting to see me because she looks shocked and..... furious right now.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she fired while I gulped nervously.

What have I gotten myself into? Oh my goodness! Orabeoni, come home quickly. Please!!


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