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C3 Why do you hate me?

Sun Hee's POV

I stared at Sun Young with hatred and bitterness. What the hell is she doing here? Why did she come here?

She must be here to make fun of me. Her boyfriend is sweet and cares a lot for her, she must be here to mock me.

"Big brother told me about what happened and he asked me to come stay with you until he returns.

I mean no harm, I swear. I just want to be there for my big sis when she needs a shoulder to cry on" she said slowly with her head bowed and for a moment, I almost fell for her trick

"Really? If you want to be a shoulder for me to lean on, why are you standing there? You should move closer right?" I said when I finally got a hold of myself

She moved closer just like I asked her to and raised her head slowly. Before she could blink twice, I gave her a resounding slap and pushed her away.

"How dare you come close to me? You are here to make fun of me right? You have the best boyfriend in the world so you must be here to tell me to my face" I said raising my voice

"Unnie! What did I ever do to you? Why do you hate me so much?" she asked as tears streamed down her face

"You've done so many things that I can't even list them. Why does it always have to be you? Why do you have to be so pretty?

Why do you have to be a successful model and K-Pop singer? Why must you have the perfect boyfriend? Why must you be the one our parents love the most? Why?! Why?!!!" I screamed at her face

"You hate me because of all this? Are you even human? You hate your sister not because of anything else, but because she's more successful than you are? You are the worst sister alive and I regret having you as one!" she screamed and left the house in tears

I fell to the ground and also bursted into uncontrollable tears. Ever since Soo Young has been born, she has never raised her voice at me but she did for the very first time.

Did I hurt her feelings that much? I know it's not right to hate my sister but what can I do? I feel so awful.

"Orabeoni(brother)" I called out with a low voice when I noticed him

"Sun Hee, what happened?" he asked running towards me

As soon as he got to me, I hugged him tightly and cried my eyes out like a baby.

Seok Jin's POV

I was surprised to see Sun Hee crying when I got home. Did something happen? Where is Sun Young?

I hurriedly went towards her and pulled her into a tight hug as her tears stained my shirt. I feel so bad for her.


After calling Sun Young to go stay with Sun Hee, I drove speedily to James house. I got down from the car as soon as I arrived there without even parking my car properly.

All I could see at that moment was Sun Hee's sad face with tears streaming down her pretty face. I'm going to kill that bastard for daring to hurt my sister.

I barged into the house forcefully but there was no one in the sitting room. Without wasting time, I went to the first room I came across and there I found him banging a girl.

I didn't even care about both of them being naked. I climbed the bed and landed a punch on his face after which I pulled him to the floor and took out my phone.

I took nice clear shots of his nude and kept my phone back. I then moved closer to him and rained punches on his face until it was swollen and he coughed out blood.

"This is just a warning! The next time I see you close to my sister, you will wish you were never born" I said directly to his ear

I hit his head hard against the floor and he passed out immediately before I left his house.

*Flashback ends*

I'm sure he must have learnt his lessons now, he won't dare think of coming closer to my sister anymore.

After few minutes, Sun Hee calmed down and pulled away from the hug.

"What happened? You stopped crying before I left the house already so why did you cry again?" I asked calmly

"It's Sun Young! She came here and started raining insults on me. What did I ever do to her?" she asked at the top of her voice

"We both know Sun Young will never do that but it's okay. Just rest for now, you need it" I said and left without waiting to hear whatever she has to say

She has always hated Sun Young for a reason I don't know. I just wish they could clear the rift between themselves so we can be happy siblings like our parents have always wanted.

Sun Young's POV

The tears kept falling as I drove the car to Young Ho's penthouse. The fact that I was able to arrive safely without getting into any accident still remains a mystery to me.

I input the password and went in. Immediately I got in, I shut the door and bursted into another round of tears.

My sister doesn't hate me for any other reason except for the things I've achieved. Is it my fault that I was created this way? Is it my fault that I'm good at dancing and modelling because I gave it my all?

I've always wondered why she hated me but I wasn't expecting this. She could even say it to my face without feeling remorseful. What have I ever done to her?

I felt my breath slowly slipping out of me and that was when I remembered I'm an asthmatic patient. I forgot to take my inhaler with me today because of the numerous shoots I was having.

I picked up my phone and dialed Young Ho's number before my eyelids finally went shut.

I know he must have gotten the message if he doesn't hear my voice but I just wish he won't arrive early. I want to take a break from everything that is going on around me and this is the only way.

Goodbye Mom and Dad! Goodbye Young Ho! Goodbye world! I hope we all meet in the next life.


©️ Tricia

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