THE BILLIONAIRE DEFILED ME/C4 Her condition is critical
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THE BILLIONAIRE DEFILED ME/C4 Her condition is critical
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C4 Her condition is critical

Young Ho's POV

I smiled happily as soon as Sun Young's call came in. How did she know I was missing her so badly?

I picked the call with a huge smile on my face without saying anything, I want to hear her speak first. After waiting for a few more seconds without hearing her say a word, I rolled my eyes and decided to speak first.

"Do you always have to be so mean?" I asked but she didn't say anything

"S....Sun Young, you are scaring me" I stuttered and waited for her to say something but there was total silence from the other end

"Sun Young" I called finally standing up

Something is not right, I have to go see her right away. What if? (Gasps) she must have had her attack again!

"Tyler! Track my fiance's number for me" I said and ended the call

I hurriedly left my office after taking my car keys and went to the parking lot. I got into my car and drove at an extremely high speed.

"Have you tracked it?" I asked Tyler on the way

"Yes, I have. She's currently at your penthouse" he answered

"Thanks man" I said and ended the call

Within few minutes, I already arrived at my penthouse and I wasted no time before going in.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw Soo Yun sprawled lifelessly on the floor and I quickly ran to her.

"Sun Young! Sun Young!! Wake up! Please don't do this to me! Sun Young!" I called out and carried her in my arms

After placing her carefully in the car, I drove speedily to the hospital darning all traffic rules.

"Doctor! Nurse!" I screamed on top of my voice as soon as I got to the hospital

I walked to the other side of the car and took Sun Young in my arms. Before I walked fully into the hospital, a stretcher was brought and she was placed on it.

I've warned her several times to always take her inhaler with her but she never seem to listen.

It's entirely my fault though! I forgot to remind her to take the inhaler like I've always done. I know my girlfriend is forgetful so I always remind her every morning. It's all my fault!

"Doctor! How is she doing now?" I asked the doctor as soon as I saw him walk out of her ward

"Her state is a bit critical. Thank goodness you brought her here on time, I don't know what would have happened if you were one minute later. Let's just hope for the best" he patted my shoulder and left

Her condition is critical? But why? It's just a normal attack for an asthmatic patient right? Why is it critical?

I should inform her family about this before something happens. Sun Young, please be safe for me!

"Good day ma'am! I called to inform you that Sun Young is at the city hospital. She had her attack as usual, but it's critical this time" I explained shortly to her mom

"C... critical? I will be there right away" she said shakily and hanged up

I would have called her dad but I'm more closer to her mom and her dad looks kind of scary.

*Few minutes later*

"Where is my daughter?" Sun Young's mom (Mrs Kim Young Mi) asked as she barged into the hospital

"Calm down ma'am, the doctor is attending to her" I said gently

"What exactly happened? How did she have an attack again? She doesn't get an attack so easily" her mom said eyeing me suspiciously

"I also don't know what happened ma'am. She just called me but she wasn't saying a thing so I became suspicious and tracked her phone with the help of my friend. That was how I found her unconscious in my penthouse, but it looks like she cried because I saw some dried tears on her face" I explained

"She cried? Why would she cry? Sun Young isn't someone to cry easily, what could have made her shed tears to the extent that it even led to a panic attack?" she thought aloud worriedly

"Sun Young! Sun Young! Mom, where is Sun Young? What did the doctor say?" her big brother, Seok Jin asked as he came running in

"The doctor is still attending to her but he said her condition is critical, we just have to wait for him to come out" Mrs Kim said with a sigh and sat down

"What did you do to my sister? She doesn't have attacks easily, what the hell did you do to her?" Seok Jin asked raising his voice

"I swear, I didn't do anything! I don't even know what happened, but one thing is for sure. Someone made her cry and that led to the panic attack, I won't let the person go freely once Sun Young tells me who it is" I said with determination

"Someone made her cry? What's going on? I shouldn't have asked her to go to Sun Hee knowing they are not in good terms" he mumbled ruffling his hair

"You sent her to Sun Hee alone?" I asked staring at him suspiciously

"Sun Hee wasn't okay, she was heartbroken because her boyfriend broke up with her so I had to put the motherf**ker in his place. I just asked Sun Young to stay with her until I return, I didn't know this will happen" he explained regretfully

"Sun Hee? You mean Sun Hee did this to Sun Young?" Mrs Kim asked

"I think she was the one that made Sun Young cry and that led to her panic attack" Seok Jin answered

"What am I supposed to do with that girl? She just won't give me rest of mind!" Mrs Kim huffed

"Doctor!" I ran to him when I saw him come out of Sun Young's ward

"How is my daughter? How is Sun Young doing?" Mrs Kim asked worriedly

"She's fine now! We were able to stabilize her for now but we have to watch her closely for the next twenty four hours. She will be discharged if she's fine after that" the doctor explained

"C... can we see her?" I asked with a stutter

"Yes you can, but it should be one person at a time. The last thing she needs now is noise" the doctor said

"Thank you doctor" Mrs Kim said and went in first

When she returned, Seok Jin also went in and came back few minutes later before I finally went in.

"Sun Young" I called out and held her hand

"I'm sorry okay? Don't forgive me when you wake up, I don't deserve to be forgiven. I should have reminded you to take your inhaler as usual but it skipped my mind. Please wake up Sun Young, I really miss you" I said as a tear rolled down my cheek

I stayed with her until it was evening before deciding to get clothes and food for her. I will also change my clothes and then return to the hospital to spend the night with Sun Young.

Taking one last glance at her, I left her ward and went to the parking lot. I just hope nothing happens until I return, I don't feel like leaving her side for even a second.

I got down from my car and went back inside the hospital. I will just ask one of my guard to get my clothes and then I'll call Sun Young's band mates to bring a dress for her.

After making the necessary calls, I held Sun Young's hand again and just stared at her pretty face. She's the best girlfriend any guy in this world could ever ask for.

Few minutes later, the door opened and I looked behind me to see Sun Hee walking in.

"She seemed so shocked to see me but why? Is something wrong?" I thought as I stared at her


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