THE BILLIONAIRE DEFILED ME/C5 I'm having a bad feeling
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THE BILLIONAIRE DEFILED ME/C5 I'm having a bad feeling
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C5 I'm having a bad feeling

Sun Hee's POV

I walked towards Sun Young nervously and thought of a lie to come up with at the same time.

I had no idea Young Ho will be here, I wouldn't have come here. I just planned to come and teach Sun Young an unforgettable lesson but now, I have to face this.

"Uhhm.... Hi!" I stuttered with a fake smile

"Good evening" he answered with a light bow

"I thought you left already, I didn't know you will be here. Shouldn't you go home to take a shower at least?" I asked pretending to be concerned

"I was about doing that just now but I decided to send my driver to get my things instead. I don't want to leave Sun Young's side for a moment" he said politely

"Ohh.....that's great! My little sister has the best boyfriend in the world" I said with a huge smile that wasn't from my heart

"Can I ask you a question?" he asked gently

"Sure, of course!" I replied still beaming

"Sun Young came to meet you this morning and it looks like something happened between both of you which led to her attack" he asked more like an accusation

"I don't seem to get you, can you be more clear with what you are saying?" I asked shifting uncomfortably

"Nevermind, I will just ask Sun Young when she wakes up" he muttered the last part to himself

"Okay then! How is Sun Young doing? I asked like a loving sister would

"Your parents should have told you that already. The doctor said she's in a critical state right now" he answered shifting uncomfortably while I smiled inwardly

"What? A critical state? But why? I mean, this is not the first time she'll have attacks so why is it different this time?" I asked like I really cared

If she's gone, then mom and dad will shower me with all their love and I won't get to see her ugly face again.

"It looks like I got to her late, I feel so guilty. If I had been fast enough, just maybe she won't be like this" he said close to tears

"It's not your fault okay? Let's just hope for the best, I'm sure she will wake up soon. I have to go now because mom sent me to get some things, I just dropped by to check on her. I will be back tomorrow" I said and bowed slightly before leaving

Gosh! That was close! I wasn't expecting to see him there because mom said he would go home to take his clothes and shower.

It doesn't matter anyway, I just hope Sun Young doesn't wake up. I want to be the only female child of my family without having to compete with anyone.

Sun Young's POV

*Next day*

I opened my eyes weakly but shut them back as a result of the bright lights. Where am I and why does it smell awful?

I opened my eyes again and caught sight of someone sitting on a chair just before me. I took a closer look and realized it was Young Ho.

Why is he sleeping on the chair and where am I? This doesn't feel like my bed and it doesn't feel like Young Ho's either.

I took in my surroundings closely and that was when it dawned on me that I was in a hospital. That explains the awful smell and beeping sound of the machine.

Why am I in a hospital? Did something happen? Gosh! I don't seem to remember a single thing.

I groaned slightly and held my head with both hands when a migraine hit me hard. That seemed to wake Young Ho because he got up immediately.

"Sun Young! You're awake!" he exclaimed happily with smiles all over his face

"W..what happened to me? Why does my head feel so heavy?" I asked still holding my head

Young Ho immediately rang the alarm and a nurse came running in.

"Get the doctor please!" he said and focused on me again

"The doctor will be here soon so your head won't feel heavy anymore, trust me okay?" he said while I just nodded my head

Few minutes later, the doctor came in and Young Ho was asked to stay outside.

"No doctor! I want to watch my girlfriend get treated, I won't make any noise I promise" Young Ho said and a small smile curved on my lips

This is one of the reasons why I like him, he's just so caring. The doctor had no choice but to let him stay as they did their job.

"Are you feeling better now?" Young Ho asked after the doctor left

"Yes, I feel a lot better now that you are by my side" I said weakly

"I.... I'm sorry, it's all my fault. I should have reminded you to take your inhaler like I've always done but I completely forgot. I'm the worst boyfriend right?" he asked already crying

"Stop it Young Ho, you're hurting me! You are the best boyfriend in the world and you know it. Any girl that ends up with you is the luckiest in the world and I'm happy that I'm going to be that girl.

You forgot to remind me to take my inhaler but the reason why I'm alive right now is because of you. If you hadn't left every important thing you were doing, who would have brought me to the hospital?

I love you more than anyone else in this world and if I was asked to choose someone over and over again, it will be you" I concluded and wiped his tears with my palm

"You are making me feel so loved Sun Young, what would I do without you?" he asked getting emotional again

"I should be the one saying that. Stop being a crybaby okay? I don't like it, it makes you look so ugly" I said folding my arms and looked away

The truth is he looks cute whenever he's crying but I hate seeing him in tears because it breaks my heart.

"I won't cry anymore, I don't want my girlfriend to think I'm ugly" he said and wiped his face clean

"Now, that's my cute boyfriend! I love you, always remember that okay?" I said pulling his cheeks

"Of course! How will I ever forget that? The most special lady in the world loves me so I can't forget" he said with a cute smile

"Young Ho, I'm hungry. I haven't eaten for a while now, when did I pass out?"

"Yesterday afternoon" he answered holding my hands

"Yesterday? So you mean I haven't eaten anything since yesterday? Do you want me to call you a bad boyfriend? Get me something to eat before I scream down the walls" I threatened jokingly

"I'm sorry, I....I totally forgot. I'm a big time jerk" he said standing up

"Come on, I was only joking. You're the best and I'm glad I have you. I just, I don't know but I'm having a bad feeling" I said feeling uneasy

"A bad feeling? What kind of bad feeling?" he asked sitting again and squeezing my hands gently

"I just have this feeling that something bad is going to happen soon and it will cost our relationship. Promise me one thing!" I said and paused

"Anything at all for you" he said urging me to go on

"Promise me that no matter what happens, you won't end our relationship" I said seriously

"I promise you that I'll never do that" he said reassuringly

"I can finally be at rest now" I said with a sigh of relief

"Let me get you something to eat, I will be right back" he said and left hurriedly


©️ Tricia

New chapter is coming soon
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