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Irish woke up a little late in the Morning realizing she was late for her new work, What was I thinking?" She questioned herself as she hurried off the bed and find her way into the bathroom. She took her time in brushing her teeth and taking her bath.

She was late for the interview but she doesn't seem to care, This should be the 10th interview she's trying this week , However all of the interview had none successful. She felt why hurry when she was going to keep failing?

She actually doesn't want to call herself a failure but she was tired. She find her way outside the bathroom and dried her hair then applied her body lotion before putting on her simple brown skirt and a plain white shirt. She stared at herself and believed she actually doesn't need a makeup. She was good the way she is and if one can't appreciate her without a makeup then the person is bore to go to he*l.

Irish walked out of the room with her hand bag swinged on her left shoulder. She carefully looked her door and exit the house.


Two hours later, Irish was seen walking into her room tiredly cursing other her breath. It was another failed interview. Now she can call herself a failure.

Meet Irish, 25 years old young lady with ambition, She's from Singapore and based in California. Recently she lost her 3 years old job because she wasn't ready to flow with her old boss's rule. Now she couldn't find any job despite going to everyday search. She felt her ex boss was haunting her.

She laid on the bed and removed her heels then stared at nothing in particular, She sighed occasionally as she reached it for her phone. She wasn't sure if she should call her mother but she needed someone to talk to, Her mother was her best friend.

She took a glass of water to calm down her nerves then dial on her mother's number. All along she was fighting her tears and immediately her mother had answered she broke down to real tears. Her mother didn't stop her, she allowed her to shed her sorrows away.

"Am I a failure mother?" She asked, trying not to cry more.

"You're Irish, One of the most strongest and independent lady I've seen. I'd not suggest you calling yourself a failure because you're not"

Ofcourse she believed that's what it should be. No one will talk to her fairly and say she's a failure.

"Oh mother!, I think Sir Morgan is haunting me".

"If he's haunting you then be strong and let him know you're too strong to be haunted, Morgan wanted an advantage of you.. you turned it down because that's not what you wanted....."

"Anyone won't have accepted" she cut her short.

"Let me finish Irish"

Silence followed for the last five seconds and then her mother continued.

'if you're too strong to turn down his offer then you've to be more strong my daughter"

"What should I do mother? I felt like I'm not perfect in all this, In a week I've over 10 interview that was all unsuccessful, I felt like I'm a failure like he has said, I badly wanted to give up"

"Oh Irish! You're not this"

"I'm sorry mother", she broke down once again until her mother spoke.

"Come back to Singapore, Irish?"

" I can't mother, You know father forbid to, he believed I stole the jewelry".

"I know you didn't, it's been five years.. a father can't stay angry and his only daughter that long, Come back home Irish. I and Arusha your brother miss you Alot".

"I could have mother, I miss you all too mother but I can't come back home like this mother. I need time, it's been five years but it still seem like yesterday to me".

"You're punishing your self Irish".

"Oh, Mother I'm sorry"

There was silence expect for Irish sobs and her mother's sigh.

"I'll talk later Mother" she ended the called before she could reply and broke completely down to tears.

Why is life unfair with her? The job had been her only source of income, she had no one to run to.

She could clearly remember what landed her in California, She could have been in Singapore with her complete family, Happily.

She doesn't want to believe it was a set up for her father to hate her. Early last five years, her father had lost his job after he was confirmed to have stolen a million worth jewel from the company. The jewelry was found in Irish's Bag and how it got there remained something Irish didn't know. Her father had banned her from being her daughter.

The only way she could suppress the depression and feeling if being abandoned was to live Singapore completely, She's 25 and should find life herself.

She promised herself to come back home and proof the her father that she's no failure nor a thief. Oh how much she miss home!

Remembering this, Irish broke down to tears. Her father didn't trust her, if he does he won't have believe she did it. Remembering her promise to come back home as a failure made her stronger.

She's going to try again tomorrow, Her mother was right.. she's stronger than this, With the conclusion Irish led on the bed and allow her body to do the work.


"Is she coming back?"Arusha asked her mother after she ended the call with Irish. The mother checked her head sideways.

"She hasn't gotten over it" Mother replied sadly.

"It's been five years".

"It isn't as easy as you think Arusha especially as you know Irish your sister is over emotional, I still don't understand why your dad could have believed the company"

"Don't you think this is a set up?"

"Set up? Who will try to set Irish up? You know she's not that type of bad girl, Your dad have to let the past go by. I need to talk to him, is he home?"

"In his room" Arusha replied and sighed falling on the new by coach.

"Get something to eat, Don't overthink , I know I've been talking to him over the past years but he felt stubborn, that isn't enough reason to give up" Irish's Mother tell her son Arusha.

"I hope it works".

"Hmm" The mother sighed and exist the room

She knew this isn't going to work but he has to keep trying. She knew her husband to be a very stubborn man. But it's been five years, he has punished poor Irish enough.

"Are you free?" She said as she knocks on the door.

The father, who was reading a magazine dropped it on the desk and turned.

"I am. Why?" He said staring at his wife.

"We need to talk, About Irish" She went start to the point as she sat down.

"I thought I said this name shouldn't be mentioned in my home?"

"Oh Fred! Irish is your daughter, your first and only daughter. It's been five years, Isn't that enough?"

"I need some rest"

"Some running away from the truth Fred! It's been five years and you're being heartless now. Let the past be by gone! You can't even trust your daughter to believe her. I hate you for this" Mother cried as she walked out of the room.

"She's paying for her sin! Let her come out true and I'll forgive her" Father yelled over and face his magazine again.

Sincerely he missed her daughter, no matter how hard he's trying to play He missed him dearly. Him and her daughter had created a very strong bond and he didn't believe it too that it was Irish.

It was a set up he knew. Mean reason he wanted her out of Singapore, for good and the only way he could was making them believed that he believed Irish to be the culprit.

Oh Irish! How much I miss you" he laminated


It was about 12 noon that Irish woke up, feeling weak and hungry. She sat up and relaxed for about two minutes . She could feel sickness in her body, "I need some pills" she muttered to herself.

No one won't fall sick after overthinking and crying to sleep. When done taking the pills, She sat up and exist the room. She was hungry and needed something to eat but was lazy to fix food for herself so she made it down the town to one of the popular restaurant nearby and was welcomed by the Waitress.

"Irish you decided to drop by, You look like a mess! Have you been crying?"

"No I haven't"

"You've got Eye bag. Sit and talk to me, I'm ready to give you a listening ear"

"My stomach hurts. I need something to eat first" Irish said as she start down.

She wasn't actually close to the Waitress in the restaurant but they'd greet as she lived nearby and also a customer. She was grateful there was someone who's ready to listen to her even without her asking.

Irish was an antisocial type, which makes it hard for her to make friends easily.

The waitress name "Sarah" who's an American came back with a tray of food containing chicken and some white rice with a pineapple juice to sort it down with.

"Thanks" Irish managed to say as she began to eat. All she wanted now was to take her sorrow away. To stop thinking and once again become her happy self.

Sarah sat from afar and stared at Irish as she wait for other customers. Without being told she knew Irish was having a bad time and she'd be grateful if she can help.

She was a secret admirer and had always admired Irish, Her beauty , her life style and everything.

She waited patiently for her to finish her meal before she could talk to her, She wasn't sure if she's doing the right thing but she want to .

Irish picked on her food, no matter how much she tried to concentrate she seem to have a lot to think of. Her head was full as she was over thinking.

She has promised herself to stay strong, she could only be half happy if she successfully get a job and them completely happy if her father could called her back.

Irish have always put her father first, She loved him more than any material of the world. They both had created a father and daughter bond, but what actually happened?

"You dose off?" Sarah snap her finger at her.

She gave Sarah a quick nervous smile as she continued eating.

"Will you like to talk about it?"


"I'm ready to help you out of I can, just spill the beans" Sarah offered.

Irish dropped her spoon and wipe her mouth before looking at Sarah and speaking up.

"I don't think it's serious, don't stress yourself"!

"You know if you don't speak up then you're continue like this" Sarah said and she sighed.

"Nothing Sarah, I'm just tired if everything... For the past two months I've been Ideal.. Each day I sent off away from home in search of job but always fail the interview. I'm just tired".

Sarah suddenly laughs and Irish looks at her confused.

"It's not actually funny you know?"

"Yeah , so you've been dying slowly? Asf! You could have talk earlier"

"I just did, not like it changed anything but I felt relieved after talking out my pain to someone not family" Irish said and glump down her juice.

"Well Irish, Just incase you don't know, Xx I have always admired you"

"Thanks but why so?

"You're a true definition of a strong woman" Sarah laughs

"I'm a lady, BTW! I don't know why I'm referred as a strong woman while else I see my self a failure''. Irish confessed.

"Because you don't trust yourself, Anyway Have this" Sarah handed her over a thick tiny paper.

"Place a call on the number, give it a shot, apply for the job and let's see if you passed the interview"

"What's the job about?"

"One of the popular California Billionaire is coming back to town and needs a Nanny for his daughter , the payment is heartwarming, You know how this rich stuff work, I could have leave my work and apply but you need it more than I do"

"Oh Sarah. This isn't for me, I can't even make it to the first round". She says.

"Again, you've no trust on yourself. Do try it out and take me later, if you don't mind I'll have to attend to costumers now"

"Thank you Sarah, I feel relieved though doubting, I appreciate you though" She cleaned the tears threatening.

"You're loved".

Irish hurriedly made off for her meal and walked out of the restaurant back to her house. Amidst everything Sarah had said to her, One stuck in her mind.

"not trusting herself" as well "calling herself a failure"

She signed and opened her laptop as she print out the number Sarah had given it. She submitted her form and waited.

In less than 20 minute she received an email , She passed the first review and was needed in the office for an interview early tomorrow morning.

Cold chills ran her skin but she reminded her self that she can do it, With that she pushed the laptop away and led on the bed as her dog "Dolly" jumped on her.

She had actually forgotten she had a dog. "hey Dolly!? Did you play with friend today? I missed it" she patted it and showered her with kisses

Wishing she had someone to care for her this much. Soon she fall asleep with her dog beside her.

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