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C2 She got the job

It was 6:30 in the morning when Irish made it out of her bed. She has a good feeling of something new, Dolly was wriging her tail beside her. Irish picked her up and kissed her as Dolly licked her face.

"Good Morning Dolly, I see you had a nice night" Irish said as Dolly only struck out her tongue raning round the room.

Irish smiled and sat up, she had up to 46 minutes to prepare for her new interview. Hopefully it's going to be successful. She made her way into the kitchen and prepared some paste and some hamburger. She fished out her own as well as Dolly's own and served her.

She sat down and Munched on her breakfast, Half way through the food, Irish sat up and Drew her Laptop new as she opened her browser and typed. "Billionare Ethan".

There were a Whole lot of Ethan but as she already knew the one she's looking for, "Ethan with a daughter" it wasn't hard for her locating his profile.

"Ethan Harlow" Was the day.

She dropped her food on the standby desk and focus on the information in front of her.

He had a 6 years old daughter, and was divorced 5 years ago, that was when his daughter was 1 year old, His wife had made away with another man on their daughters birthday. It mustn't have been easy for him" Irish sympatheticly said.

He had never been in California for the past five years after the incident. "Who would?'' Irish muttered.

And is now coming back to say but needs a Nanny to watch over his daughter "Arin".

There were over thousand people who've applied for the job and they're all die hard fan of Ethan. Probably they are applying not to take care of the baby but to get Ethan to notice them.

Seeing the count of people, Irish wanted to give up, She's no match to those competitives. But she was determined, reminding herself that she's not a failure.

If she failed then she can successfully call herself a failure, She cleared the plates off the table and arranged her room before going into the bathroom for a hot bath.

_ _ _ _ _

Irish arrived 20 minute late for the interview and was met with a lot of ladies waiting to be interviewed. She felt goose bumps all over her, Every lady was dress neatly and classic unlike her who was on a simple pink gown.

She made her way to the first badge and wrote down her name and necessary information. Then went and sat down beside a lady who smiled at her, she seemed jovial unlike other ladies with mean face. Probably hating eachother for being in a competition of who gets to be Ethan daughter's nanny. The girls look more standard than applying for a Nanny. Obviously they were applying not because they were interested in the job but because it was Ethan.

I hadn't meet him, I've lived in California for five years and didn't actually know about the popular Billionare? I laughed at myself. He must have been a quiet type. I didn't get his picture in my research but with what I'm seeing am sure he must be a whole lot handsome and hot.

"Are you here for the interview?" The girl beside her asked.

"Me? Oh, I am". Irish replied.

She seemed surprised someone actually talked to her.

"I'm Selina, You are?" The lady stretched out her hand for a shake

"I'm Irish, nice meeting you". She took Selina's hand and shaked it giving her a nervous laugh.

"I'm not actually interested in the job, I was forced to apply. I'm a fashion designer and here's in my card, I wish you luck"

Irish collected the card and stared at it then smiled.

"Thank You"


"Are you Irish?" A guy in black worked over to her as she was focused on her phone.

"I am, Why?"

"The interviewers will like to have you".

"But it's not yet my turn, My name is 205 and they're still in 155?" Irish said surprised.

"You should go." Selina smiled at her.

"Okay, I'll go" Irish grab her hand bag and was led out of the by the man. The crowd was murmuring.

* I was here before her , how come she's going before me? *

*She just arrived *

* How could you guys pick up a lady dressed in rags?*

The particular last comment hits Irish a million times that she wished she could squeeze life out of the person that commented on her wear .

"This way please?" The guy brought her back from her zoom.


Irish opened the door as the man in Black had instructed her, she meet the interviewers but was surprised to meet Sarah among them.

"What the? What are you doing here?" She forced herself to ask.

"We'll discuss it later, Please kindly fill in you information, as you've passed the interview"

O My G! Irish was close to crying, in as much as she was excited she was also curious to know why and how Sarah was among the interviewers

NAME ~ Irish Levine

ADDRESS ~ Apartment 87 Cobittain Building, California.

AGE~ 25

PARENTS ~ Fredrickson Levine - For ex jewelry attendant.

~ Ana Levine ~ Fashion Designer for Poulet fashions.

GPA ~ None.


JOB - Model for Poulet fashions and ex Model for Alicia's Fashions.

HOBBIES - Sewing , Cooking & Reading.


The interviewers sighed softly after they were done reading her file, They both looked at themselves and did the eye contact thing.

"Congratulations Ms.Irish, You passed the interview"

Oh my God! Irish nearly exclaimed as tears fall down her cheeks. Sarah smiled at her and she knew that it was Sarah's doing. There's no way she could have gotten the job admits all the crowds outside waiting.

"If you don't Mind, Sarah will take you up to your work place and share you the necessary information. Congratulations once again"

The interviewers walked out followed by the guards, Sarah and Irish was the last to exist the office as the guards led them out until they've entered the car.

_ _

"Sarah I'm still in blank. What happened? How come you're one of interviewers? I thought you're a waitress? Why did I get the job?"

"Breath Irish" Sarah told her as the car rolled by.

"Okay, I'm curious , can you speak up?"

"Actually, I'm not supposed to share this piece of information but I have to, because it's you". Sarah stopped speaking and looked at Irish who nodded.

"Uhm... Ethan is My cousin brother, and about my waitress job, yes we're rich but I love working on my one, I don't want to depend on my parents money to survive. All thanks to I didn't grow up in California so no one recognizes me , besides my name is Linda but I'm using Sarah as not to disclose my identity".

"Geez! That's a big risk. I feel honored. You mean Ethan is your brother? Who would believe that"

Sarah just smiled. "You look more happier than yesterday"

"I am. Why did you help me get the job?"

"I've always admired you Irish. Your personality is unique, You might see yourself as something else but I admired you alot, My brother and his daughter had gone through alot, I don't want them coming back and having a bad nanny for '"Arin" his daughter. I decided since I know, maybe a bit about you , then you're qualified for the job".

"Thank you so much Sarah. I didn't even believe in myself that I will get the job , and I won't have if not you" Irish thanked her.

The car pulled out at a very big Mansion and parked in the garage, The driver came down down and opened the door for Sarah as well as Irish.

"Thank you" Irish smiled at him.

"You can call me Carl" The driver responded. "Any other time, Ma'am?" He was referring to Sarah.

"Irish why not hand over your house key to Carl, he will get your necessary Stuffs?"

"Huh? I'm I starting immediately?"

"Good Lord, yes you're , Irish"Sarah said and walked into the house.

"Here, am I allowed to keep my dog too? I have a dog, Dolly by name and I have no one to adopt him".

"I'll bring her in for you, It's left to sir to decide if your dog stays," Carl collected the key and walked back into the car.

Irish walked into the house the way she had seen Sarah go through,. Everything was new to her as she has never been in such a place once in her life.

Billionare they say, and not millionaire. What do you expect? She questioned herself.

"This way Irish!" Sarah quickly dismissed the maids immediately Irish stepped in.

"So I'll start by taking you round the house. You will get assigned to your job by my brother when he's back in two days time. You've to be in your best behavior as you have to pass his test too"

"Oh." Irish muttered as she trailed behind Sarah.

"This is the family personal dining, expect family no one else has the right to dine there expect being invited." Irish nodded as she admired the dining.

"This is Ethan's reading room" Sarah pointed to a door as they walked past it. "Once he's there, he's there for rest"

"Does that mean he doesn't want any sort of distraction or being disturbed?"


"This is Arin's room" She opened a particular door.

It was sparkling clear and the room was painted pink I'm colour, every thing in the room was pink or purple in colour.

"You must keep an close eye on Arin, she's a good girl and get along easily but she hated California... She may place her rule for you" Sarah laughs and went along as showing her Arin's Bathroom... Closet, and others .

Expect for the room door there are two other doors inside the room which one was the bathroom door.

"I'll show you your room,before that... This door is a mini door... I can also lead into the Nanny's room which should be your room, making it easy for you to attend to her when needed" Irish nodded.

"Come, I'll take you to your room" They both walked out and walked into the next room.

"Is this my room?" Irish asked as she was baffled with the beauty of the room. What does she expect when she's in a Billionare's home.

"Yes it is. The maids will bring in your few stuffs when Carl is back. Your closet needs to be changed too, As Ethan won't tolerate you wearing this" Sarah said and smiled so Irish won't fell bad.

Oh" She mouthed.

Just so you see, This door leds directly to Arin's room so you can attend to her faster". Irish nodded.

"Now that's all for today, You need to rest... Ethan and Arin will be back in two days time so I'm sure by then you may have been familiar with all the things here."

"Thank you so much Sarah" she smiled.

"Do call if you need any sort of support" Sarah dropped her card and walked out.

Irish sighed and held her waist as she started round the room. Heaven in Earth" she tell herself.

She walked into the bathroom and to have a bath was all she needed as the bathroom was smiling at her in her imaginations.

She opened the supposed Arin's attached door and Sarah was right, it will be easy to attend to her quickly like this.

Irish smiled, and hoped Arin and Her father Ethan will just be as sweet as Sarah. She's not good at tolerating rude people.

She removed her wears and went into the shower for a long cold bath.

She should probably call her mother after this and inform her about the updates. She's grateful that she didn't give up and she promised to dedicate her best in her works. "She's dealing with a Billionaire" she reminded herself.

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