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C3 Nervous

NAME ~ Irish Levine

ADDRESS ~ Apartment 87 Cobittain Building, California.

AGE~ 25

PARENTS ~ Fredrickson Levine - For ex jewelry attendant.

~ Ana Levine ~ Fashion Designer for Poulet fashions.

GPA ~ None.

DEGREE ~ None.

JOB - Model for Poulet fashions and ex Model for Alicia's Fashions.

HOBBIES - Sewing , Cooking & Reading.


Ethan read the file Sarah had sent to him in his email. He was okay with what he saw but he wasn't satisfied. He had to meet the nanny first before concluding. He doesn't play with his daughter and won't stand her being maltreated or abused by her nanny.

He trust Sarah to appoint a good nanny but he has truth issue.

"Can I come in Daddy."? His angel Arin knocked at his door. He shut his laptop and raised his face.

'"come here little angel" Arin ran and hugged him.

"How was your night?"

"It could have been good but I went to bed without you".

"I'm sorry angel"

"What happened? You didn't come back home last night"! Arin pouts.

"I went for business and I thought it will end early but I was mistaken, It was late to come back that night so I Lodge a hotel. I'm sorry" Ethan pecked her and she squeeze her face.

"I told you not to drink alcohol in the mornings!"

"It was just a glass" Ethan laughed.

"It's still the same , you drank it before breakfast, it's unhealthy".

"I'm sorry Daughter. I just needed to calm my nerves"

"Have you been thinking?"

"Arin, you're six years and speak more than your age. Come here let's go have breakfast"

"Ok Mr Ethan!"

__ _

Irish finished taking her bath and walked out of the bathroom just in time to hear a knock on her door.

"A minute please" She said and hurriedly put on the only cloth she saw on the closet.

She opened the door and it was two maids who were carrying her luggages and another set of new bag she couldn't recognized. Dolly was with them too as she wriggled her tail and they both hugged.

"Please Come in" Irish told the maids.

"I'll help arrange that"

"No thanks, Miss Sarah demand we leave you to rest" one of the maids said.

"Oh" Irish mouthed.

The maid helped filled the empty closet with new wears and shoes, and flip flop. Irish felt honoured.

In less that 28 minutes the maids were done and exist the room. Irish picked up her phone and placed a call on her mother.

"Hello Irish".

"Hey mum:-*Guess what?"

"You seem excited so I have no doubt that you've gotten a job? What's it about?"

"Yeah mum. Remember the waitress girl I told you about last week? She helped me get the job" Irish went on and on to tell her mother how Sarah had helped her pass the interview.

"A nanny Job? Are you happy with that? You're a Modeler Irish."

"Mum... I have tried, Model is not something one can do without money. I'm tired, Maybe when I get enough money from this new job I can decide what else to do in my life. Beside I'm in a billionaire's home".

"Billionare with a child? Nanny Job? I trust you Irish ad I can decide your life for you. Just do what makes you happy, Have you meet them?"

"No Mother, They will be back in two days time"

" Okay "

"How's Daddy? I understand he's still mad at me but do tell him I miss him and will be back when I'm okay. Talk later"

Irish ended the call and sighed. Dolly licked her face happily as they both laughed. Dolly seemed also excited about their new home.

"Stay here Dolly, I'll go take a look at the house".

Dolly wriggled her tail understandably. Irish walked out of the room shutting the door behind. The house was huge and she could get lost easily if she's not careful. She find her way into the kitchen and meet an older woman backing her and preparing something.

"Hey"? She greeted and the older woman probably in her mid-forties turned to face her.

"Hello? Are you the new maid? I can't recall your face and I heard there were ten new appointed maids"

"No I'm not. I'm the Nanny"

"Oh. That's cool, you just arrived I guess. Please sit down while I prepare dinner, I don't mind you keeping me company".

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Irish asked as she sat down.

"Just help cut the onions and that's all, I'm almost done" Irish stood up and grabbed the onions then start cutting.

"How long have you been working here and do you live in?"

"For the past 16 years, and yes I do" the woman uttered as she added some spices into her pot. Irish wowed.

"That have been a whole long of years, Alone? Do you have a child? Sorry I'm just curious"

"It's fine. I'm bored staying alone with no one to chart with, I've a son he's 18.. I've been working here this long because that's the only way I can return Ethan's favour to me. He had asked me to take a leave but I insisted on still working here".

"A favour. Do you mind sharing", Irish used her left hand to wipe off the tears circles in her eyes due to the onion she was cutting.

"Yes, he helped me when my baby was still a month old. I was sent parking and had no where to go, but he gave me and my boy shelter. And for the past 17 years he had been taking care of my needs and that of my boy. I'm forever grateful to him".

"He must be a nice man", Irish smiled.

"He is" The other woman closed her pot. "You can called me Gabrielle"

"I'm Irish. How come it's only you in the kitchen while their are lot of maids who can help out?"

"Ethan loved his meal prepared by me. He doesn't trust any of his maids as they can poison him like what happened years ago".

"What Happened?"

"That might be a story for another day. Here give me the onion and thanks"

Irish went back and sat as she wondered what happened.

"But he's not around now. Atleast you should have someone helping."

"I'm already used to it. Even if he's around or not" Gabrielle smiled.

Just then a maid walked in and went to the fridge. Took some water and walked out. Irish stared at her.

"You should be careful with all of the maids here, They all have skeleton on their closet"

"Thanks for the advice".

"You're welcome. Help me set the dinner while I dish out the meal, Sarah is still around and will want her food ready before she leave"

"I'll have mine here, and I wanted to ask, I've a dog "Dolly" and I was wondering if it can land me into trouble or I should be place it for adoption?"

"It wont be too bad for you, If he's..." Irish corrected her immediately. "She" she smiled.

"Oh, if she's a good dog then it's okay. Arin loves dog too and you can win her heart with that".

"Alright thanks. I'll set the table now. I have a lot of questions but probably I'll ask tomorrow". She walked out after Gabrielle had nodded.

Gabrielle stared behind her as she trailed away, She's already in love with her unlike other maids who act like there's no one like them. Gabrielle was sure Ethan and her daughter will like Irish too.

She smiled and went on with the dishing out of the foods.

_ _ _

It was already 8:26 at night when Irish walked back into her room with her dog's food. Gabrielle had helped her order some.

She was grateful and happy there's someone in the house she could talk to. An older person too. She wasn't so good at associating with her mate.

In as much as she tried not to think about it , she was still curious about the poison thing. She's still new, she tell herself. To worry much about this.

"Come here Dolly! Sit!" She ordered her as she stuck out her tongue and wriggled her tail. She was a good girl. Irish patted her and dishes out the food then served her.

She stood up after attending to the dog and walked to her unpacked box. The maids had only changed the closet but didn't unpack the box they got from her old house.

So she opened it and unpacked it herself. She finished in twenty minutes and then climbed the bed with her laptop. She wanted to do more research about the family of Ethan. She thought, if Gabrielle said he's a kind man why did his wife left him? A misunderstanding? Was it him? Or her? Or do they only agree to have a child and part ways?

She was curious. Very curious, as she operated her laptop and tap on more search about Ethan. But the site was blank. "Seems he's a private man" Irish said disappointedly.

She shut her laptop and led on the bed awaiting sleep. "tomorrow will be a quite long day"

"Dolly?" She called and the dog rushed up to sit on the bed with her.

"Good girl" she kissed her and patted her as Dolly danced around happily.

"I want to ask. Do you think Ethan and her daughter are going to like me?" The dog wriggled her tail and bark just once in return to her question.

"You think so? Then why am I nervous?" She sighed and stood up then brought out her own and diary. She wrote a few things, probably about her day , then shot the book and led on the bed, her eyes shot.

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