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C4 Meeting Arin

Next Morning, Irish woke up a little late, Maybe because she was still enjoying her new home.

She walked to the bathroom and changed her night wears then brush her teeth, She didn't had time to pet Dolly who actually doesn't seem like she cares. Irish walked out of the room and was meet by maids walking up and down.

A whole lot of maids that she didn't see yesterday. Without being told she knew something must be going on for the maids to be in such hurry. Arin's room was being cleaned and rearrange by three maids... Other maids were busy too, either bringing in different type of dishes, Cleaning , and others.

Irish stopped one of the maid though not forgetting Ms. Gabriella advise.

"Hey, please what's going on?"

"We got a report, Mr Ethan changed his arrival time to today. The drivers are already waiting at the airport. " The maid hurriedly answered and vanished before she could ask more questions.

Irish was always hot, She need a bath and some change. Her boss to be shouldn't meet her like this, so she hurriedly walked back into her room.


It was 11:06 when Eight cars drove into the compound of Mr Ethan, everything was set and the maid were lined up to welcome him and his little angel.

Irish stood nervously beside Ms Gabrielle who was trying to make her less nervous. "He's a good man" she had told her.

Ethan and Arin was welcomed by the guards, Maids, Drivers etc, with a bow. Arin was smilingband rushed to hug Ms Gabrielle immediately.

"I missed you Aunt!' she whined

"Oh Arin, how big you've grown. Come I prepared your Favorite" She led Arin to the dining table.

"She sure missed you" Ethan laughed and followed them.

Irish felt the ground will swallow her immediately Ms Gabrielle left her side. The maids all disappeared together immediately Mr Ethan and Arin settled. They didn't came back with much luggage.

"Who's she?" Irish heard Ethan whispered to Ms Gabrielle, Arin didn't seem to hear them as she was just smiling.

What Gabrielle replied was what Irish didn't hear. She trilled behind the maids and walked back to her room


After meal , Ethan sat in his room. He missed California but he's back now, he only moved away to be able to get over with his ex wife leaving him.

Talking about the lady Ms. Gabriella told her to be the new nanny his sister , Sarah employed.

The lady seems calm, beautiful and most of all natural.

She hadn't applied make up yet she looked stunning.

He didn't knew the reason such lady accepted a nanny job, she should be doing something on her own.

"Dad can i come in?" Ethan heard his little angel asked.

He smiled broadly.

"Come in princess" He said and his beautiful six years old daughter jumped in.

He laughed as she rushed to hug him.

He gently held her little frame against his huge body, pecked her all over the face and finally her hair.

"I've miss Aunt Gabrielle meal" She giggled dropping the leftover strawberry cake she had just eaten in her father's mouth.

"Yummy" Ethan smiled.

"I missed it too, But we'll be having so much of it now as we're back home" He said to his daughter who was now seated on his bed.

"Yes. I'm happy and I'm greatful you finally welcomed the idea of coming back home," She said pouting her little lips.

"C'mon Arin. I told you we needed to get some things over, besides Ms Gabrielle stayed with you till you turn 3 years before she decided to come back to California... You're 6 now, It's been just three years"

"I know dad, and I'm good at keeping memories.. you just didn't tell what we were getting over with" Arin furrowed her brows.

"Is it obvious that I'm keeping a secret?" Ethan asked.

"Of course but it's fine, i know you'll tell me the secret when you're ready to" Arin said, knowing her father deeply.

Ethan smiled proudly at his little gem.

So smart and beautiful,she has her mother's smooth brown hair while she took his Hazel eyes and his caramel skin tone.

She's all he's got.

She has been his joy since she was a day old.

He had fought so hard for her custody when Catherine divorced him and his greatest joy in life is that he won the custody of his daughter.

"Dad, i told you severally not to consume too much wine immediately after eating,just a little should be okay"


"it's unhealthy as well as don't consume wine before eating. Rather go for juice" Arin said.

"Okay,I'll call one of the maids to take it away now" Arin said.

"But you already drank half of it, just like you did yesterday" Arin said,a little pissed.

"I'm sorry, i won't take wine after breakfast and before breakfast anymore" Ethan said.

"Okay Ethan Harlow" She said and they both laughed.

She calls his full name when she wants them to laugh.

"Arin i have great news" He said and she quickly sat up on the bed.

Ethan chuckled.

"I got a new nanny for you and she was among those that welcomed us" Ethan announced.

"Yaaaaay" she jumped excitedly,her ponytail bouncing .

Ethan smiled seeing his daughter so happy.

She had wanted a new nanny since he fired the last one.

She loves having people around her, people to care for her.

"But i hope she's nothing like Norah?" Arin said worriedly.

Norah had been a very mean nanny to her and Ethan had fired her and sued her immediately he found out.

"Hell no! You'll see for yourself when she's introduced, beside we're in California and they have good,educated Nanny's"

"Really?" Arin beamed.


He doesn't know why he trust the lady, he doesn't even know her well enough. But since Sarah finds her okay, then she seem to be trusted.

Well... he'll still need to monitor her around his daughter for some days.

"I can't wait. Thanks Dad" She said happily, engulfing her dad in another hug.

He smiled and kissed her hair.


"Arusha" Irish called on his brother immediately he picked up the call.

Arusha had heard his mum say Irish wanted to say hi so he walked out of the kitchen wiping his hands off a napkin.

"How are you doing Arusha? Mom said you've been giving her headache" Irene asked foreigning furious.

"Irish!" Arusha laughed.

"Speak up"

"Okay, Mum is lying, I've been talking good care of her, you need to see how fat she had become ".

"You know mum won't lie, I trust you to take good care of her.. I've missed you, How's dad?"

"We miss you too. Dad is okay, How are you faring over there? Any man yet?"!

"Oh Arusha! Let her be"? Irish could hear her mum tell Arusha followed by a laughter.

"She's 25 and getting old" Arusha went further.

No matter how Stubborn and Crazy his brother Could be, she loves him more for that.

She missed him most. "You're 17 Arusha why is dad and mum still feeding you?"

"I'm still a little boy!"

"But then you won't want me calling you little!" They both laughed

Irish missed all the moments they had together.

She wished her dad had trusted her to know what she could and could not do. Whatever reason it must have been, Irish hoped she doesn't hate her father one day.

"Have you been helping mother in kitchen? Or you just sit and eat!.

"Oh sis, you Know I'm a good child. I was in the kitchen when you called".

"You must've grown so big that I won't be able to recognize you if I come back" Irish laughed.

"Yeah, and I know you must've been beautiful cause I won't have you return ugly here. Wait have you started wearing makeup?

"Arusha Please...." Irish laughed.

Arusha and Irish talked a length about family and others, She really missed them. She told him about her new job and he was excited for her.


Irish climbed down the stairs after she was informed Mr Ethan had sent for her. She was nervous and kept biting her fingers.

Something she does when she's nervous.

"Good Day Mr Ethan Harlow" Irene bowed a little in respect.

"Please do not bow to me. I'm not your god" He said.

"Huh?" Irish asked in complete surprise.

"Yeah" Ethan replies her

"Ohh.. okay" Irish said biting her lips in nervousness.

Ethan dismissed the workers in the living room and then turned to Irish.

"Sit please" he told her and Irish obeyed.

"I have read your file, Sarah sent it to me and I'm impressed with what I see" Ethan said


"How long have you been a Nanny? And why did you chose the nanny job."

Oh! Don't ask about my family! Irish said in her mind.

"I've never been a Nanny, it's my first time and I do appreciate if I'm given the chance to do the work, I love kids. Choosing the nanny job is not something I want to talk about, Forgive me for that" Irish find it hard believing she was the one saying this.

Ethan nodded and pauses to drink from his juice.

"So how sure are you you'll do a great job? I won't have my daughter bullied or maltreated".

"I nursed my only brother , Besides I believe I can and I have no intention of hurting her. I love kids" Irish said the last word again just in case he hadn't heard it earlier.

"Hmm" Ethan stared at her for a while. No doubt he loved her confidence.

"Where are you from?, the fill only mentioned where you lived"

"Singapore" She replied and Ethan nodded.

"Sarah seems to know a lot more of you, She didn't ask a lot of question.. were you interviewed?'

"Sincerely No sir, Sarah was the one that told me about this offer. I wanted to reject but she talked to me about my fears, She only asked me to fill a form then told be that I'm employed"

"Interesting...! Why did you chose the nanny job? Is there no other jobs to do? I'm guessing you have a degree?"Ethan asked again.

Irish wasn't okay with the much Questions, but she didn't blame him..

He have to know who he's employing for his daughter.

He sure must really loved her.

"No degree. I work as a Model for a company but I was fired, And I'd help my mother with her sewing when I was still with her" She said biting her lashes,

Something she does when she lies.

Ethan don't know how, but he just felt like she lied regarding of the continous lash beat . He was sure she wasn't fired, maybe something else happened.

But he knew the girl have a secret she doesn't want to share, and he didn't want to press any further.

She needs her privacy and he isn't forcing her.

She can open up when she wanted to.

"I'm wondering sir, I've a dog "Dolly" she's a cute little girl but I don't know if it's acceptable here" Irish asked that one question that have been in her heart.

Ethan cleared his throat.

"I'm not a fan of dog, I'm scared of it"

Irish was surprised the Billionare before her could open up easily, Not rudely. She wanted to laugh, but managed to keep a hold of herself.

"Oh" she mouthed sadly, "that means I've to get it adopted" she added. She loves Dolly and have lived in California with her.

"Arin loves dogs, So you can keep it, just don't let it get close to me" His eyes was pleading .

Irish wanted to laugh again, Her mother hates Dogs too , that's why she couldn't keep some while In Singapore but immediately she arrived in California she had adopted Dolly when she was two days old.

She was a sweetheart and Irish was glad she could keep her.

"My mother hated Dogs too, thanks for allowing me keep it"

Ethan nodded, and drank his juice.

"Now I know why you ain't in a hurry to go for afternoon walk,Hello Miss Irish Levine, I'm Arin and i guess you're my nanny" Arin said climbing down from the stairs with her glossy brown hair bouncing and Irish could swear she fell in love with the girl immediately.


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