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C5 Her Rules

"Now i finally know why you're not in a hurry to go for afternoon walk but that's not a problem. Hello Miss Irish Levine, I'm Arin and i guess you're my nanny" Arin said,climbing down from the stairs with her glossy brown hair bouncing and Irish could swear she fell in love with the girl immediately.

"Yes I'm your nanny" Irish smiled at the little girl.

She's naturally in love with kids..

But what Ms Gabrielle had told you her earlier sound scarly to her ears.

"There were once a poisoned scene here? Irish wondered about Him being divorced with Arin's Mother.

Has he been divorced with Arin's mother for so long?

He and his daughter must have had a hard time" Irish thought pitifully.

She's beginning to think again how she ended up getting a Nanny job in his house.

A billionaire's!

Billionaires always want the best for their families and she wasn't sure she was anywhere near the best.

She doesn't even have the experience.

"So, I'm Arin Harlow and you are?" Arin said, making an attempt of introduction.

She always sees her father do that whenever she goes with him to his companies.

Ethan smiled knowingly at his daughter who winked back at him.

Irish who watched the exchange admired the daughter and father's bond.

She remembered the days she was also very close to father, they would stay together all night thinking about what she wants to become, most times she'd sleep off while they were discussing and her father would cover her with blankets.

Some days, they'll both laugh over her ugly Model poses.

Irish put an end to the memories knowing how emotional she could be.

She breathed in and finally replied Arin.

"I'm Irish Levine, your new nanny"

"You look beautiful and...natural" Arin said.

"Thank you. You look beautiful too" Irish smiled.

Irish nodded and walked over to his dad.

"Daddy can I have more strewberry cake? And yeah I know I had one before but I want more".

"No, you can't" Ethan petted her hair and she whined foreigning annoyance.

"Arin, you can return to your room"Ethan said.

"With Irish right?" Arin asked expectantly.

"No. She's to resume working tomorrow" Ethan said.

"Huh?" Irish and Arin chorused coincidentally.

"Yeah" Ethan nodded.

"But why?" Arin pouted.

"Arin,you know she has to know about your likes and disikes. Ethan said.

"Ohh" Arin sighed.

" But she can do that now" Arin persisted.

"No and I've not even discussed with her yet" Ethan said.

"You've not discussed with her yet? How come she's here as my new nanny?" Arin asked.

"I mean I've not discussed the pay with her yet, She's here because your Aunt liked her,so I have to talk to her too". Ethan said.

"Ohh, About my Aunt....I missed her and will like to meet her sooner" Arin said, slowly retreating to the stairs smiling but stopped.

"I heard about dog, what's the name?"she was smiling.

"Her name is Dolly".

"Such a cute name. I'll love to meet her later and hope she's not grumpy and d..irty" Arin said the last word slowly so her nanny Irish won't feel insulted.

"Bye Irish and i hope you will accept the work after seeing rules." Arin said before disappearing up the stairs, leaving Irish to wonder.

Ethan cleared his throat noticing Irish's confused state.

"What does she mean sir?" Irish asked.

"Come with me" He said and noticed her hesitation .

"I'm not going to bite you" He added, a little pissed.

"I never said that" Irish wanted to say, but have to add respect to it.


Ethan didn't respond,he walked on leaving her to follow him or not.

He was still wondering how such a girl should chose to become a Nanny. With what he was seeing it seems she had something precious she'd done before.

He turned to see if she was following him and Irish who was staring at his broad back quickly switched her gaze to her feet.

Ethan finally led her to the poll where they could have a peaceful discussion without interruption as the poll was calm.

Irish stood really amazed.

Every part of the house looks like it's made of gold.

How can a poll be this beautiful? Sarah and Ms Gabrielle never mentioned there was a poll, of course there should be....Such a amazing house needs a poll to complete it.

"Oh..my... Are those beautiful ducks real" Irish thought.

She was still taking in the splendor of the poll and it's calmness when Ethan pointed to the iron bench a mile from the poll.

"Sit" He said and she did.

"You have a beautiful poll" Irish said.

"Thanks" Ethan replies wondering how she was so carefree around him.

The garden is actually his personal place as he enjoys the serene, while the poll is where he enjoyed staying as the calmness and beauty was amazing.

"Arin has her rules, you'll receive it before you get to your room."

"Ohh...what then did she mean by..." Irish was saying.

"Arin rules are kind of ... Well, you'll know after you go through it. Most applicant find her rules too difficult to follow so they quit before they even start" Ethan said.



"Sorry but did She made the rules herself?" Irish asked.

"Of course and it's a must follow and that's why i want you to go through it before you resume , all this are what Sarah should have informed you about."

"I feel i can trust you with Arin, Since Sarah accepted you even without an interview"

"Why? You don't even know me! What if i turn out to be a bad Nan? You shouldn't trust so easily, I'm not even so much about myself" Irish said.

"I know you can't. I can trust you on that, Your confidence alone...."Ethan said still impressed with the smile that had lit up her face when she saw Arin.

"With all respect sir, I don't think it's okay for you trust someone you don't know at all" Irish said.

"Let's leave that aside and discuss your pay"


"There's a permanent payment for nannies" Ethan said.


"You'll be paid one million weekly which amounts to thirty million monthly" Ethan said.

He had lied, that's not the official payment for nannies, he does not pay them as much as that but Sarah had talked to him a little about Irish's financial situation.

So he knew the money will go a long way in Irish's life. She seems like someone who needs help, who need some money. He will still ask Sarah how she find her as Sarah didn't tell him all. Maybe Sarah will know a whole lot about her.

Irish who looked dumbfounded for a moment finally spoke up.

"What!" She screamed.

"What?" Ethan asked, he had expected that expression.

"Is it little?" He teased.

"That's way too much" Irish said,still surprised.

"Thirty million monthly!

For a nanny?

"Is that really the amount you pay?" Irish asked.

"Yes and it's fixed, it can't be changed" Ethan said.

"How do you... never mind" Irish said.

She was excited and grateful, she couldn't hide it.

She had wanted to ask how he copes with the payment forgetting he's a billionaire.

"I think that'll be the end of our conversation. You're to resume tomorrow" Ethan said and Irish nodded.

"You'll be given the rules booklet once you get to the living room" Ethan added, getting on his feet.

Irish wasted no time in standing up too.

"I guess you can find your way back to the living room" Ethan said.

"Yes sir." Irish said.

"Okay" Ethan said walking closer to the pool.

Irish shrugged and started walking back in the same direction Ethan led her in.

She gazed admiringly at the poll once more before finally leaving.

Her mind was so occupied that she didn't even knew when she go to the edge of a passageway.

There were three doors and she stood wondering which was the door to the living room.

"Irish you deserve some heavy whip!" She said biting her owe lip.

She had been staring at his broad back all the way to the garden and now she's lost in the middle of three doors .

How could she not even know which door.

Is she that dumb?

Or distracted.

She sighed and made to turn the knob of the door on her left.

"That's the door to Arin's playing room" Ethan suddenly said, startling the hell out of Irish.

She breathed in and out before turning to face him.

"You said you knew the way back to the living room" Ethan said.

"Well..it got confusing" Irish said, embarrassed.

How long has he been behind her?

He must have been entertained by her stupidity" Irish thought, almost cursing at herself.

"You can use the door on your right " Ethan said and walked into his room.

"Thank you" Irish murmured and hoped he heard through the thick door.


"Thirty million?" Arusha asked in disbelief.

"Yes,i was shocked"

"Oh..my..God! That's half of the debt dad still owns the jewelry company" Damien blinked rapidly.

"Yes!" Irish exclaimed in smiles.

"Why didn't you start immediately" Arusha said and Irish laughed.

"I wanted to but im to resume after going through the little girl's rules booklet"

"Rules booklet?" Her mother asked..

"Yeah, it's right here in my desk"Irish said reaching out for the book. She , her mother and little brother were on video call.

She showed them the little book.

"The girl made the rules herself?" Arusha asked.

"Of course and the little girl said she wish i won't back off after reading her rules booklet"

"Really? Are her rules that hard to keep?" Her mother wondered aloud.

"You know that's mean reason I hate Billionare's. They expect everyone to bow at their feet"

"They're not bad or rude to me mother,Everyone has rules but you know rich kids rules are far different, they set their rules with some kind of level, but i know i won't find the rules difficult" Irish said.

"Does she appear like a spoilt girl?" Arusha asked.

"Do you mind lowing your voice? Her room is next to mine!, Not at all, She's so smart and a bit of a talkative, i really like her" Irish smiled.

"You like all kids"Arusha stated.

"Yes" Irish said.

"The workers in the house are quite much but the mansion is wide enough to accommodate hundreds of people.

The living room alone is wider than our entire compound" Irish said, chewing on the cheese she got on the way.

"Wow!" Arusha said interestingly.

"I hope the man was nice to you?" He asked.

"Yes he was and i think he's a little creepy" Irish said and they both laughed.

"Is his behavior different from other billionares?"Arusha asked, raising a brow up.

"Totally! He's humble. Can you believe he told me not to bow to him. Something most wealthy people want"

"I knew i didn't made a bad choice in choosing that man as my role model. I admire everything about him and the fact that he's a philanthropist made me admire him more." Arusha said.

"Wt....you know him? How come you know him even after I mentioned just his name"

"I'm his fan, I'm following him on Instagram".

"But you never told me about him" Irish said.

"Really? I do mention him,to mum though" Arusha said.

"Ohh" Irish said.

"Sis!" Arusha whined.

"Bro!" Irish mimicked.

"I've really missed you Irish, I never for once expect us to separated for once, I hate dad for this".

"Hey Arusha! Don't say that, everything happens for reason. Dad might have his too"

"A reason for chasing his only daughter away?"

"I'm fine Arusha. See me? Do I look sick?"

"No" he pouted.

"Then why worry, I'm fine! Where's mum?" She asked.

"She was right behind me" Arusha said staring behind him.

"I need to go check on her" Irish stood up, sliding his feet into his flip flops.

Arusha nodded,"I'll hang up now, call some other times"


Irish shook her head and muttered 'food monger' under her breath before ending the call and shutting her laptop.

Arusha walked into the room after the call had ended, just in time to meet his mother crying.

"Mother?" She turned sharply and cleaned her tears smiling.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I am.. are you done talking with Irish?" She asked. And Arusha stared at her suspectively.

"I have to end the call after I can't find you, we were making the call together, why did you leave? To cry?"

"No Arusha, I'm not crying"

"I saw you. You thought us not to lie mother, remember that ? You're lying now".

The woman sighed. "I missed Irish... Alot"


"I heard my brother Ethan is back to California,How brave he could be" Tony said lighting the cigarette in his hand.

"You mean Ethan is back to California? With my daughter and didn't even inform me to come and visit her?" Catherine yelled.

"Yes" Her husband replied, "And he also appointed a new nanny for her, without your permission" he added the last part to make her more aggressive.

He had actually seen the news on the webs about his arrival and about his host of a nanny, so he's guessing hemust've appointed a nanny.

"How dare him!, Get the cars ready in 5 minutes!" Catherine yelled at the guards as she exist the living room.

Tony smiled......

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