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C6 Her Rules

*Don't use swearing words on me*

*Don't hit me or yell at me*

*Don't touch my hair, only my daddy can*

*Don't dress me up always,teach me how to do it myself*

*Always read me a bedtime series*

Irish continued reading and reading the rules of a six years old child. They were ten rules in total and they didn't seem to be hard to keep.

"I wish I've just started immediately" Irish said , then continued reading.

*Please be neat, dirty people makes me puke.

*You have to be nice, sweet and intelligent.

*You must make sure i have my fruits before and after my nap.

*You should be able to answer any question i pose.

Irish sighed,the rules are quite challenging but it shouldn't be difficult to keep.


"I heard my brother Ethan is back to California,How brave he could be" Tony said lighting the cigarette in his hand.

"You mean Ethan is back to California? With my daughter and didn't even inform me to come and visit her?" Catherine yelled.

"Yes" Her husband replied, "And he also appointed a new nanny for her, without your permission" he added the last part to make her more aggressive.

He had actually seen the news on the webs about his arrival and about his host of a nanny, so he's guessing he must've appointed a nanny.

"How dare him!, Get the cars ready in 5 minutes!" Catherine yelled at the guards as she exist the living room.

Tony smiled......

"Is she not the same lady who once worked as a model in one of his company?"Tony Morgan Harlow thought as Catherine was screaming all over the house.

That bastard likes taking everything that is his!

He was greatful to have been able to ruined Catherine with money, else he would have lost her to him. How much he hated the fact to think they came out from the same womb.

He hates the fact that he's one bastard billionaire people love much more than him.

Ethan Harlow keep getting everything on a platter of gold while he struggles to even get a deal done, The fact that he was his brother was one thing he despise and will always curse their died parents for making him a junior brother to Ethan.

He had devised several means to bring Ethan down but the motherfucker kept going up, he had to quit for a while since none of his plan worked.

On so many occasions he had tried to keep a private spy on him for easy updates, but Ethan seems to always know his mind as he always sack his guards without information or reasons. He's just too proud for his liking.

And he took Catherine from him just to hurt him,he doesn't love Catherine and Catherine doesn't love him too , that's one mean part they both know about, she only loves his money but so far,their marriage has been good but he still can't do without cheating, he loves to taste different women. Yes! He won't feel bad to call himself a flirt cause that's what he is, to him, a strong brave man shouldn't dwell in eating one type of meal everyday.

He knows Catherine would leave him just as she left Ethan when she finds another great billionaire but Ethan and him are the top billionaires in the city.

All he wanted was to see Ethan in pain. He could still remember how the girl he loved during their college days had made it clear to him that she doesn't love him and only love his brother Ethan. And to think that Ethan turned down the lover offer. Oh! How much he hated him.

"Morgan I'll be right back" Catherine said rushing out of the house with five bodyguards.

"Yeah,go deal with him" Morgan laughed.

He will push every possible fights in Ethan's way, He wished he never existed as his rival.

"Get me my laptop" Morgan said to one of his workers who bowed before scurrying up the stairs.

He puff out smoke from his cigarettes and gulp down the glass of wine before him, next he crossed his legs together and smiled.

Who ever sees him this happy will know he has alot in mind. A whole lot.

"He should have just gotten rid of the damn Arin, that will really bring down Ethan, everyone knows how much he loves and cherish his daughter. Taking his wife was not painful enough, now he would go for his daughter" Morgan thought, smiling and wondering why he never had that thought.

He knew Ethan as the type that can go a long way to do what he couldn't imagine to be done one-day just for his daughter "Arin". And if that could pull him down, Morgan won't won't hesitate to do it.

His laptop was brought to him and he quickly made a background check on Irish Levine.

He had seen her once at his model Company and that first time had made him crave to have her, even if it's just one time and when he had approached her for a quickie, she had boldly told him to go to hell with the job that she would never sleep with him.

He could have her to jail at one slip of a hand, he could even make her his sxx toy without any diffculty or stress, but he let her go. Reasons best known to him.

Now to think that same bi*ch he wanted and craved for is under Ethan's roof made him want to go crazy. Ethan is quite smart! To always have a way to grab what's his.

During those past years he wasn't on California, it has been peaceful for him. Now that he's back, Morgan won't let him work with his brain.

"Ohh, her parents lives in Singapore and his father was an ex attendant to the best selling popular jewelry store and the record said he was fired after a Billion worth jewelry was find in his daughter's bag. And the daughter is "Irish".He thought aloud.

Seems he had some history with the downfall of Irish Levine but that's none of his business now.

Ethan know this lady is a Thief!Yet he employed her. Or he trusted her much not to even do a background check on her?

He knows Ethan would never employ an indecent person as his daughter nanny and now he went for a Thief!

What could be his plan? Does he know ?

"Get me a wine" He ordered and a worker who was holding the drink quickly poured some into the glass cup.

He handed it to him, forgetting to bow.

"You're fired" Morgan said simply.

"Please I'm so s..." The girl was pleading.

"Take her out this of my sight and send her luggage after her" He ordered the two bodyguards standing behind him.

They bowed before carrying out his order. He smiled, it feels good to be rich, you can have the power to do exactly what you wants.

He picked his phone and placed a call across Carlos

"Boss" Carlos voice broke through the phone.

"My miserable brother is back in time, you know what that means"

"Yes boss.

"Find a way to get a spy under his roof, either a maid or a guard or a driver. And yes! I know we have been trying but try harder this time".

"Okay boss, i'll make sure i fill you in once it's done.

"Okay, Bye.

Morgan got on his feet and turned to one of his bodyguards.

"Call the bar and inform Madam Mor that I'll be coming tonight" Morgan said and grabbed his drink before heading upstairs.


"How dare you do such a cruel thing Ethan" Catherine yelled barging into Ethan's living room even when the guards tried to stop her.

"The only cruel thing in this room is you. What the hell are you doing in my house and how dare you yell at me at my own house!" Ethan asked, equally pissed.

"How dare you try to employ a thief and a slut as my daughter's nanny!"

"Should that bother you? A slut gave birth to her remember" Ethan taunted.

Catherine swallowed hard, the words pricing through her heart.

"Oh please spare me that Ethan! No matter what might have happened between us, Arin is my daughter and I have every right to decide who will be in her life and who shouldn't! How can you pick up a random street girl you knew nothing about to be my daughter's Nanny.! What good morals will she teach and provide for her?"

"Perhaps if your mum had taught you morals,you won't have ended up in my brother's house" Ethan said, sipping his drink.

"Are you crazy?Don't drag my mum into this sh*t Ethan!" Catherine asked angrily.

"I'm not but i think you sound like the crazy one" Ethan said.

"Arinna is my daughter Ethan! I don't care what you think or say, I carried her in my womb and I did the pushing not you! I decide what happens in her life and as I said, that girl is not going to be my daughter's nanny! I'll employ the nanny myself and if you drag it with me I promise to take this to court" Catherine threatened and Ethan laughed loud.

"Court? Have you forgotten you lost the right over Arin six years ago. Do you even care about her? Remember you chose money and man over her in court. You chose $50.6 million dollars and my brother over your daughter Catherine are you even a mother? And you came here to drag having morals or not with me"Ethan said,still angered over the past incident.

Catherine swallowed hard again, glaring at Ethan. He looked so much better than he was five years ago before they both separated.

She won't deny the fact that she still loves him.

He keeps growing handsome each passing day.

She missed him and she suddenly feel like hugging him.

She missed his hug.

She missed being in his arms.

She missed having him rid her.

But she needed money, No one could have resisted.

"I'm ready if you want to take it to court but you know I'll always win ,you'll only stain your reputation" Ethan said.

"Ethan yo..." Catherine was saying.

"Leave my house this minute, i don't want to see you in my house except on your visitation days, which is only on Saturdays okay?" Ethan said clearly.

"Should i order my bodyguards to push you out the way you ordered your bodyguards to push me and your daughter out five years ago ?" Ethan asked.

Catherine took one last glance at him before slowly walking out of the house but Ethan stopped her.

"Do say hi to my brother,Morgan your husband".

Catherine rolled her eyes and walked out of the house.


"Dad" Arin called loudly from upstairs.

"Yes princess" Ethan replied quickly pouring the wine in his glass cup on the floor.

"What's with the shout? And why won't the maids let me out a minutes ago" She whined.

"I'm sorry, it was a maid who accidentally poured my wine off" Ethan said and sighed knowing Arin is coming to bombard him with questions.

Arin stared at her father suspectively but didn't say any more word.

**Next morning.

Irish was putting on a simple blue shirt tucked into a black pencil skirt, with blue flip flops, she had seen the outfit on her closet and loved it.

Her hair was packed in her favorite style, a simple ponytail with tendrils framing her face.

She had woke up with a start, Her boss Ethan as while as the maids hadn't disturbed her for once yesterday. And like Ethan had told her,

Her jobs starts today....


Irish find her way down the stairs where she met Ethan and his daughter's gaze fixed on the wall clock.

"Good morning" She said about to bow but quickly got hold of her head.

"Dad! She's Here, Look who finally decided to climb down" Arin smiled, happily sliding her feet into her bunny footwear.

"Ohh ... Good morning" Ethan replied.

"We thought you left yesterday but Dad said you didn't, I wanted to come spend some time with you in your room before you can be my nanny, but Dad insist I let you be" Arin said, her tongue moving faster than people's of her age.

"Oh... I'm sorry about that, I just don't know what to be doing if I walk out of my room". Irish smiled.

"It's fine" Ethan said .

"Have you gone through my rules booklet? It wasn't really much right?" Arin blinked waiting eagerly for one word she wished to hear.

"Yes,I did. Yesterday night" Irish said.

"And?" She asked eagerly.

"Uhmmm, The rules are not hard and I think I can cope" Irish said..

"So does that make you now my Nanny? Officially?" Arin asked expectantly and Irish nodded.

"Yay!" Arin giggled and Irish smiled and didn't notice how Ethan's face had lightened up.

She really like the kid.

"Welcome to my world Irish" Arin said excitedly.

"Thank you" Irish smiled.

"So you're now officially My daughter's Nanny,what I'm about to say is already in Arin's booklet but I'll say it anyways ... You're not allowed to yell at her,hit her or make her cry. Once you do any of that,just know you're fired" Ethan said.

"I won't do that" Irish said.

"Okay. And please try as much as possible to keep to her rules, she doesn't like her rules being disregarded, You are also allowed to go on week breaks, like visit home" Ethan said.

"Okay" Irish said and forced her self not to wear a pale face about the last word "Visiting home" she wished she had a home to visit, oh yeah! She had a home... A home she can't Visit.

"And i don't think there'll be problem between you two, you seem to like each other already"Ethan said.

His daughter had never been this excited when a new nanny resumes, or is it because it's been long she had a nanny?

She had been talking about Irish since yesterday and kept insisting on going to her room, but Ethan doesn't want her to disturb Irish. She hadn't started the work yet so she should get some rest and time to decide if she can do it or not.

The lady is beautiful plus she dresses nicely and decently too and she speaks fluently.

"So, I'll be in my room now" Ethan said, picking his phone, he walked over to Arin and pecked her.

He got on his feet and was about heading to his room when one of his female workers walked in, stopping him.

"What?" Ethan asked.

"Mrs Catherine is here" The worker said.

"What the fvck! Tell the guards to fvcking throw her out this minute!" The tone of Ethan's voice suddenly changed from being calm to what Irish couldn't tell.

Irish blinked severally in confusion as how Ethan's voice can change in a sec, Irish bent to console Arin when she saw the little girl had started crying.

Ethan cursed at Catherine before walking out of the room, not sparing any gaze at Irish not Arin. His expression was ... Mvd!

Arin cry grew louder and the confused Irish bent over to console her. She remembered the first rule.

*Don't use swearing words on me*

Damn! Irish became more confused, Is she crying because her father used the swearing words near her? Or because of the name Catherine?

Arghhh! First day isn't going well*.

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