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C7 Did he lied?

Arin's cries grew louder, and the confused Irish bent over to console her. She remembered the first rule.

*Don't use swearing words on me*

Damn! Irish became more confused, Is she crying because her father used the swearing words near her? Or because of the name Catherine?

Argh! First day isn't going well·.

Irene sighed, confused, looking around.

She doesn't know the best way to console the crying Arin.

The rules didn't say she shouldn't touch Arin, but she doesn't know the best way to do that without Arin feeling offensive. She's her nanny and should do her best to stop her from crying. But then, it was her first day, and she didn't know if it will be okay to pull her over.

She sighed as Arin's cries continued, How much it pierces her heart seeing the once happy Arin in tears. She wanted to hug her and tell her it's okay, even when she doesn't know what's going on. Furthermore, she couldn't resit the urge of hugging the little girl.

Likewise, she pulled the still crying girl into her arms and rocked her back, wishing she'll quiet down soon.

She doesn't like seeing kids cry, it sometimes wants to make her cry too.

Irish gently sat on the couch with Arin in her arms, patting her back and singing quietly to her.

Her cry had quieted down, and she was just sniffing now. Irish praised herself for a job well did.

“Who's Catherine? And why did Arin started crying all of a sudden” Irish thought.

And why did all this had to happen the day she resumed.

Irish glanced at Arin and noticed she had start to doze. She positioned her neck properly and stared admiringly at the little girl.

She was almost tempted to touch her glossy brown hair, but then she remembered her number second rule.

*Do not touch my hair, Only My dad can*

Aaarrgh, so much rules, but she did a good job in memorizing them, she had made sure she memorized the ten rules that seems simple but aren't.

Arin had slept off completely in her arms.

She never knew the smart and talkative Arin could cry that much and easily too. Ethan also looked piss when he walked out of the door.

She hoped something has not gone wrong.


“Shouldn't you be ashamed of yourself, Catherine? What do you want? More money?” Ethan yelled, pissed at Catherine.

“I'm here to see my daughter Ethan! And that worthless thief and slut you employed as a Nanny”.

“I won't tolerate you coming the way from your husband's house to mine and insult my workers! Don't you dare” His tone was something Catherine couldn't recognize, and she knew she had gone off limits?

She hissed loudly, “I don't care, Ethan. I want to see my daughter”

“I won't deny you seeing your daughter, as while I won't allow you to see her when it's not your visiting day. Leave my house, Catherine, and don't return until your visiting days”.

“One thing about you is that you're too proud! No one could have wanted to stay with a man like you. That's why your brother hates you” Catherine yelled back.

“No one will ever like to have you as a Mother! I curse the very day I met you” Ethan banged the door at her, then ordered the guards never to allow her to return expect it's her visiting day.

From inside, he can still hear Catherine's scream”

Ethan walked back into the living room, still looking outraged, he won't deny it that the word Catherine said to him hurts him deeply.

The lady is just a pain in the ass, she pisses him off so much.

His anger melted immediately at the sight in front of him.

Arin was held so perfectly in Irish's arm that he can boldly say after him, this is the next person who holds Arin so perfectly.

Even Catherine doesn't hold her daughter this way. He would go to any limits to provide anything that Arin needs, but one thing he had tried and couldn't provide was Arin having a motherly love and care. How much he wished he could provide her that.

Irish wasn't aware of Ethan's presence, she was still staring admiringly at Arin. In Arin she continues seeing the little her.

Ethan smiled, the anger in him fading away, he was glad he finally has a nanny who loves his daughter genuinely.

He'll make sure he does everything he can to take her family out of the any single problem they're facing.

Irish glanced up nonchalantly and was startled to see Ethan standing before her.


This man is sure creepy.

Ethan cleared his throat, lost for words.

“Uhm mm, Is she okay?” He finally asked.

“Yes, she should be. But too bad she cried to sleep” Irish answered.

“Okay” Ethan simply said.

“I think I should drop her in her room, so she'll be more comfortable” Irish said after a long moment of stealing glances at each other.

“That'll be okay. Come with me” Ethan said.

Irish stood up with Arin in her arms but staggered back over the weight of the little girl.


Ethan quickly took Arin from her.

“I'm so sorry” Irish said.

“Sorry for what? You did nothing. It's normal for you not to be able to carry Arin, Arin has weighed a lot since birth” Ethan said.

“Oh, no wonder my hands were starting to ache” Irish said and wanted to laugh but quickly got hold of herself.

“You're free to laugh, Irish” Ethan said and Irish blushed at how smoothly her name moved out of his mouth. It was the first time he had mentioned her name, and Irish had earlier wondered if he even knows her name.

“Okay, we should drop her in her room. Your hands must be aching” Irish said.

“No, I'm used to it, but I'm just worried” Ethan said.

“Over what?” Irish asked worriedly, noticing the hint of sadness on Ethan's face.

“You said she cried to sleep,, huh?”


“It's not normal for kids to cry to sleep and Arin falls sick whenever she does that., she starts burning up” Ethan said, staring pitifully at his daughter.

“Oh… I'm so sorry about that. What can we do to prevent it?” Irish asked, blinking severally.

She does that whenever she's confused, worried or surprised.

“Nothing, I'll just call the doctor once she wakes up” Ethan said.

“But we can just rub her body with wet cloth, or she should just take a cold bath” Irish wanted to say but couldn't.

Maybe the rich call the doctor for everything.

“Let's take her to her room first for a comfortable sleep” Irish said.

“Oh.yeah” Ethan said and started leading the way.

Ethan placed Arin on her bed and then kissed her forehead.

He pulled her blanket over her and then turned to Irish.

He found her staring all over Arin's room.

Likewise, he isn't surprised because he made his daughter room more like a princess's room.

She's his princess.

“Wow!” Irish finally exclaimed.

The girl's room looks like a queen's, the first time she had entered it with Sarah, she didn't actually have the time to look around.

Pink color dominated the whole room.

Arins shoe rack amazed Irish .the shoes are damn much, and they're all beautiful, her wardrobe size is like an adult's.

There was a giant crystal chandelier hanging from the center of the white painted ceiling.

The room was so wide that it occupied three two-seater couch and a sparkling glass table in the middle.

There was a TV plastered on the wall.

The floor was tiled with sparkling white marble tiles and Irene could see her reflection.

She even had a mini freezer in her room.

If Sarah hadn't said the room belonged to Arin, she would have asked Ethan whose room it was. On the wall, Arin's name was boldly written there.

Irish almost cried at the amount of money that would have been used to set up this room alone. Something she had never had.

“Irish” Ethan called, bringing her back to reality.

“Hu..h?” She stuttered.

“I'm sorry.I was a little lost," She said.

“It's fine, what happened earlier…the lady called Catherine is Arin's mother”Ethan paused.

“Oh” Irish blinked, now getting everything. But why did Arin start crying? Because she doesn't like her mum?

“But we divorced five years ago” Ethan continued.

“I'm so sorry about that" Irish said and Ethan shrugged.

It has been five years, and he got over her already. “Arin cried because I Sweared, she hates that a lot”

Irish nodded.

“I don't allow her in my house except on her visitation days, which is twice a month for 24 hours. She comes every second week of the month to check on Arin and please whenever she's around, do not hesitate to call me immediately because I might be at work and I don't leave her alone with my daughter.” Ethan said.

“Okay” Irish nodded. She had a lot to ask, but she couldn't ever dare open her mouth. Curiosity was getting the best of her.

Arin shifted a bit in her sleep and the blanket fell off her shoulder. Both Irish and Ethan quickly made to draw the blanket back at the same time, Irish reached it first.

She pulled it properly over Arin and then realized she had beaten Ethan to it.

She smiled to herself,, but Ethan caught her.

“Why are you smiling?” He asked.

“I beat you to it” She suddenly laughed.


What did she just do?” She thought.

“I'm sorry. It was not my intention to laugh” She quickly apologized.

“It's fine”Ethan smiled.

He had loved the way she laughed playfully.

This will be the first time he'll see her laugh, and she looked more beautiful at it.

“You don't have to be sorry cause you laughed, you are free to laugh anytime you please, You're not my slave and I can't prevent you from laughing”Ethan said, and she nodded.

“I need to get in my room now and start preparing for work tomorrow, you can go meet Gabrielle, so she'll enlighten you more about the happenings around here but please you need to check on Arin every fifteen minutes”

“Okay, i will do just that” Irish said.


“Do you care for anything?” Ms. Gabrielle asked Irish as she entered the kitchen.

“No, Arin is asleep and Mr. Ethan said I can come spend some time with you” Irish said.

“Oh, you're welcome” Gabrielle smiled, motioning her to sit opposite her.

They both sat on the breakfast bar in the kitchen.

“I'm sure you're enjoying your work?”

“I am” Irish smiled.

“Told you Mr. Ethan is a good man, he treats his workers with all the respect they needed unlike some proud Billionare"

“That's so obvious and Arin is also a nice kid, though her rules are not very nice, I mean isn't she too little to place a rule?” Irish said and Gabrielle laughed.

“Arin can be eccentric at times. But, once she really likes you, she'll be the one to break the rules she made for herself, she's a good kid”Gabrielle said.

“Really?” Irish asked.


“Oh.my, I need to go check on Arin” Irish said glancing at the wall clock.

She stood up and quickly walked out of the kitchen.

Gabrielle smiled, she had actually liked the lady from the first day and had prayed and believed that Mr. Ethan will like her too.

Arin's past nannies were always interested in checking out the whole house, rather than sit and talk with her.

Most of them do ask her what Ethan likes and dislikes, they concentrate more on Ethan than Arin whom they were here for.

But this lady is different.

Anyone can tell she genuinely cares for Arin even if she just resumed today.

Gabrielle had watched her from the kitchen while Arin was still in her arms and she had seen how Irish badly wanted to touch Arin's hair,, but she didn't. Arin was asleep and wouldn't have known if anyone touched her hair,, but Irish didn't use that advantage to disregard her rules. She kept strictly to the rules.

Gabrielle had been impressed and happy they finally had a different nanny.

“She's not awake yet” Irish said, walking back into the kitchen.

“Oh” Gabrielle smiled.

Irish took her seat opposite Gabrielle.

She found the woman interesting, she's sharing so much with her, even if she just resumed today. She had been the only friend she had made.

“Can I ask you something?” Irish asked.


“Does Mr. Ethan pay his workers close to one million dollars a week?” Irish asked that one question in her mind.

“One million dollars a week?” Gabrielle nearly screamed.

Irish nodded and Ms. Gabrielle blinked her eyes in shock.

"Hell No!'.

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